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MLB DFS Top Plays for Friday 5/5/23

mlb dfs top plays

Welcome to today’s MLB DFS Top Plays for Friday 5/5/23 article. In this edition, we’ll be highlighting the top individual hitters to target for your daily fantasy baseball lineup. With a deep dive into the matchups and player performances, we’ll guide you through the best high-priced, mid-priced, and low-priced value hitters to help you build a winning lineup. Whether you’re looking for power hitters, consistent performers, or hidden gems, we’ve got you covered. So let’s dive in and discover the top plays that can give you the edge in today’s MLB DFS action.

Best High-Priced Hitters:

Ronald Acuna Jr. (ATL): Acuna is a standout performer with his impressive numbers and a favorable matchup against Dean Kremer. He has the ability to generate power, get on base, and contribute across multiple categories. With his high price tag, Acuna offers the potential for a big game and should be strongly considered for your lineup.

Matt Olson (ATL): Olson has been delivering consistent power and run production for the Atlanta Braves. Facing a struggling pitcher in Dean Kremer, Olson has an excellent opportunity to capitalize on his strong hitting skills. With his ability to hit for both power and average, he is a reliable option among the high-priced hitters.

Salvador Perez (KC): Perez has been a force to be reckoned with this season, showcasing his power and ability to drive in runs. With a favorable matchup against Kyle Muller, Perez has the potential to deliver a big game for the Kansas City Royals. Considering his consistent production, he is a valuable high-priced hitter to target.

Best Mid-Priced Hitters:

Paul Goldschmidt (STL): Goldschmidt stands out as a premier mid-priced option with his impressive track record against left-handed pitching. Matched up against Matt Boyd, who has struggled this season, Goldschmidt has a great chance to excel. His ability to hit for power and get on base makes him an appealing choice for your lineup.

Hunter Dozier (KC): Dozier presents a solid mid-priced option with his power potential and favorable matchup against Kyle Muller. As a part of the Kansas City Royals’ lineup, he has the opportunity to contribute in multiple categories. Considering his affordable price and potential for a breakout performance, Dozier is worth considering for your lineup.

Willson Contreras (STL): Contreras offers a valuable combination of power and hitting ability, making him an intriguing mid-priced option. Facing Matt Boyd, who has struggled against right-handed hitters, Contreras has the potential to produce solid numbers. With his consistent performance and affordable price, he is a strong mid-priced hitter to consider.

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Best Low-Priced Value Hitters:

Edward Olivares (KC): Olivares presents great value with his affordable price tag and the potential for significant production. He has shown flashes of power and speed and could make an impact against a struggling pitcher like Kyle Muller. As a budget-friendly option, Olivares allows you to allocate your budget to other key positions.

Maikel Garcia (KC): Garcia offers excellent value with his low price and potential for a breakout performance. With his power potential and a favorable matchup against Kyle Muller, Garcia could provide significant returns on investment. As a relatively unknown player, he allows you to differentiate your lineup while still having a chance at substantial production.

Tyler O’Neill (STL): O’Neill stands out as a low-priced value hitter with his ability to hit for power and contribute in multiple categories. Matched up against Matt Boyd, O’Neill has the opportunity to deliver a strong performance. Considering his affordable price and potential upside, O’Neill offers great value for your lineup.

As we wrap up today’s MLB DFS Top Plays for Friday 5/5/23 article, we hope you found valuable insights and recommendations for your daily fantasy baseball lineup. Remember, building a winning lineup requires careful consideration of player matchups, recent performances, and pricing. Whether you choose to invest in high-priced stars, target mid-priced hitters with favorable matchups, or find hidden value in low-priced options, make sure to analyze the data and trust your instincts. Stay tuned for more DFS analysis and updates, and may your lineup bring you success on the diamond. Good luck!

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