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MLB DFS Top Plays for Friday 8-11-23

MLB DFS Top Plays

Welcome to our MLB DFS Top Plays article for Friday 8-11-23. In this edition, we’ll dissect the DFS top hitters who are poised to make an impact on your fantasy lineup tonight. So, let’s dive in and uncover the hidden gems that could potentially lead you to DFS victory.

Matt Olson – The Powerhouse Slugger

Position: 1B | DraftKings Price: $6,400 | FanDuel Price: $4,400

Our journey begins with none other than the ardent Matt Olson, a formidable force in MLB DFS. Against right-handed pitchers this season, Olson boasts an impressive repertoire. He’s knocked an impressive 33 homers out of the park, displaying an awe-inspiring .398 OBP, a dominant .364 ISO, and an eye-popping 170 wRC+. It’s safe to say that Olson is a force to be reckoned with and a potential cornerstone for your DFS lineup.

Bobby Witt Jr. – A Rising Star’s Triumph

Position: SS | DraftKings Price: $5,800 | FanDuel Price: $3,900

Bobby Witt Jr. is in scorching form, making him one of the hottest hitters in the game. The stars align for Witt Jr. in this matchup against Cardinals’ veteran pitcher Adam Wainwright, who’s nearing the twilight of his career. Witt Jr. emerges as a top-tier option, especially with the advantageous home-field advantage.

Nick Castellanos – Master of Consistency

Position: OF | DraftKings Price: $4,800 | FanDuel Price: $3,100

Nick Castellanos exudes consistency and power against left-handed pitchers. Over his recent outings, Castellanos has showcased a .350 OBP, an impressive .197 ISO, and a solid 127 wRC+. These numbers are a testament to his prowess against southpaws since 2021, making him a valuable addition to your DFS roster.

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Alec Bohm – Dominating Southpaws

Position: 1B/3B | DraftKings Price: $4,700 | FanDuel Price: $3,200

The duel against left-handed pitchers brings out the best in Alec Bohm. With a remarkable .373 OBP, a potent .197 ISO, and an impressive 142 wRC+, Bohm has demonstrated his capacity to dominate against southpaws since 2021. This matchup offers a tantalizing opportunity for Bohm to capitalize on his strengths and elevate your DFS lineup.

Brice Turang – The Brewer’s Rising Star

Position: 2B/SS | DraftKings Price: $3,000 | FanDuel Price: $2,400

Brice Turang’s ascent from the minors has been nothing short of mesmerizing. In his recent 127 plate appearances, Turang has exhibited an amalgamation of power and speed, boasting three homers, five stolen bases, a commendable .362 OBP, and an impressive 109 wRC+. His dynamic performance makes him a viable option for your DFS roster, particularly in a matchup that aligns with his strengths.

Luis Rengifo – Riding the Hot Streak

Position: 2B/SS/OF (FanDuel) | DraftKings Price: $3,800 | FanDuel Price: $2,600

Luis Rengifo’s recent performances have ignited the fantasy realm. Over the past games, he has treated the audience to a melodic refrain of power, with seven homers, a commanding .385 OBP, a notable .296 ISO, and a stellar 168 wRC+. These numbers are a testament to Rengifo’s form, rendering him an invaluable asset for your DFS lineup.

MJ Melendez – Seizing Momentum

Position: C (FanDuel)/OF | DraftKings Price: $3,300 | FanDuel Price: $2,900

As the second half unfolds, MJ Melendez has emerged as a true force in the batter’s box. His recent performance boasts six homers, an impressive .340 OBP, a commanding .270 ISO, and a noteworthy 137 wRC+. These numbers come to life when juxtaposed with Adam Wainwright’s struggles against lefties. This matchup positions Melendez as a potential game-changer for your DFS lineup.

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Thank you for checking out the article, I hope I was able to provide you with some value as you begin to build your DFS lineups for today’s contests.

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