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MLB DFS Top Plays for Friday 9/1/23

mlb dfs top plays

Welcome to our MLB DFS Top Plays article for Friday 9/1/23. In this article we’ll highlight some of the top hitters on Friday’s massive 14 game slate. Let’s jump right in and analyze the key players who could make a real difference in your lineup.

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Davis Schneider: A Rookie Sensation with Immense Potential

In the realm of DFS top hitters, Davis Schneider has been making waves with his remarkable performance in his rookie campaign. Against right-handed pitchers, Schneider has demonstrated his prowess with an impressive .567 on-base percentage (OBP), .261 isolated power (ISO), and a staggering 249 weighted runs created plus (wRC+) in 30 plate appearances. He’s shown his ability to deliver under pressure, hitting 21 homers and stealing nine bases while maintaining a .416 OBP, .278 ISO, and a commendable 140 wRC+ in 392 plate appearances in Triple-A this season. Schneider is undoubtedly a player to keep an eye on as he continues to shine.

Gleyber Torres: The Yankee Dynamo

Gleyber Torres is set to ignite the field as the New York Yankees take on Jason Verlander in Houston. While Verlander has displayed a solid 2.79 ERA in his last five starts, Torres has been on a tear with a .333/.455/.944 slash line in his recent games. Moreover, his performance against Houston this year has been nothing short of spectacular. With a batting average of .571/.667/.1.71 in four games against Houston, including eight hits, two home runs, and three RBI, Torres has consistently proved his mettle. The Yankees’ recent success, coupled with Torres’ exceptional form, positions him as a compelling choice for your DFS lineup.

Brandon Belt: Seizing the Coors Advantage

As the Toronto Blue Jays gear up for action, Brandon Belt’s prowess against right-handed pitchers comes into the spotlight. With an impressive 15 homers, a .378 OBP, .235 ISO, and a solid 140 wRC+ in 339 plate appearances against righties this year, Belt possesses the tools to make a significant impact. The Blue Jays are expected to thrive against righty Chris Flexen, with an impressive implied total of 6.78. This Coors Field advantage, combined with Belt’s consistent performance, positions him as a strong contender for your DFS lineup, offering great potential for a successful Friday outing.

Rafael Devers: Unleashing Power against Jordan Lyles

Rafael Devers has consistently demonstrated his prowess against right-handed pitchers, making him an ideal pick for your lineup. Devers’ statistics speak for themselves: a .297/.377/.534 slash line post All-Star break, and an impressive .269/.352/.504 against righties. Facing Jordan Lyles presents a golden opportunity for Devers to shine even brighter. Lyles’ struggles with a 5.22 SIERA and a 16.0% strikeout rate make Devers a prime candidate to capitalize. With a juicy batted-ball profile and a solid expected wOBA, Devers’ potential to elevate Boston’s offense is undeniable. Consider Devers a core piece for your DFS lineup, especially within the context of the Red Sox’s promising implied total.

Luis Robert: Dominating Lefties

Luis Robert’s prowess against left-handed pitchers is a compelling reason to consider him for your DFS lineup. With 16 homers, a .404 OBP, .276 ISO, and an impressive 183 wRC+ in 266 plate appearances against lefties since 2021, Robert’s ability to dominate this matchup is crystal clear. His consistent performance against lefties sets the stage for a potentially rewarding DFS selection.

Isaac Paredes: A Reverse Splits Gem

Isaac Paredes’ performance against right-handed pitchers, especially in reverse splits situations, presents an intriguing opportunity. With a .256/.356/.531 slash line against righties, Paredes has showcased his potential to deliver. The matchup against Cal Quantrill provides a favorable context, as Quantrill’s struggles open the door for Paredes to make his mark. Considering Paredes’ performance with runners in scoring position and his ability to excel on the road, he emerges as a valuable addition to your Rays stacks for the evening.

Evan Longoria: A Lefty Specialist

Evan Longoria’s mastery against left-handed pitchers positions him as a strong contender for your DFS lineup. With 17 home runs, a .361 OBP, .243 ISO, and a commendable 139 wRC+ in 305 plate appearances against lefties since 2021, Longoria’s consistency is his hallmark. His proficiency against left-handed pitchers could play a pivotal role in enhancing your lineup’s potential for success.

Chas McCormick: A Lefty-Thriving Dynamo

Chas McCormick’s prowess against left-handed pitchers is an asset you shouldn’t overlook. With an impressive .356/.420/.663 slash line against lefties this season, including eight home runs and 20 RBI, McCormick is poised to deliver against the lefty Rodon. The Astros’ strong batting performance, coupled with McCormick’s consistency, presents a compelling case for his inclusion in your DFS lineup.

Tim Anderson: A Versatile Performer

Tim Anderson’s versatility and proficiency against lefties make him an appealing choice for your DFS lineup. With a .359 OBP and a solid 128 wRC+ in 312 plate appearances against lefties since 2021, Anderson’s ability to adapt to different situations is a valuable asset. His potential to contribute meaningfully to your lineup’s success should not be underestimated.

Matt Wallner: Rising to the Challenge

Matt Wallner’s performance against right-handed pitchers has been noteworthy, especially considering the challenge posed by Max Scherzer. With a .230/.348/.504 slash line for the season and a formidable .250/.386/.537 line against righties, Wallner has demonstrated his ability to rise to the occasion. While Scherzer presents a tough opponent, Wallner’s consistency against right-handed pitchers positions him as a key player in your tournament stacks.

Gabriel Moreno: A Lefty Powerhouse

Gabriel Moreno’s proficiency against left-handed pitchers makes him an intriguing option for your DFS lineup. With a .368 OBP and an impressive 134 wRC+ in 117 plate appearances against lefties, Moreno’s performance is indicative of his potential to shine in this matchup. His ability to deliver solid results against lefties enhances his appeal for your DFS selections.

Ryan O’Hearn: Capitalizing on Opportunities

Ryan O’Hearn’s ability to capitalize on opportunities against right-handed pitchers is a factor to consider in your DFS lineup. With a .300/.332/.477 slash line against righties, including nine home runs and 43 RBI, O’Hearn has demonstrated his prowess at the plate. Facing Zach Davies presents a promising opportunity, as Davies’ struggles open the door for O’Hearn to make his mark. Baltimore’s potential to emerge as a top stack further bolsters O’Hearn’s appeal for your lineup.

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