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MLB DFS Top Plays for Monday 8-21-23

MLB DFS Top Plays

Welcome to our MLB DFS Top Plays article for Monday 8-21-23. In this article we delve into the game’s most explosive hitters, ready to make waves in the daily fantasy sports arena. From the towering home runs to the clutch base steals, we’ve got your winning lineup covered. Let’s dive in!

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Austin Riley: The Platoon Advantage Dynamo

If power were a currency, Austin Riley would be the undisputed king. This season, he’s been hammering away at Truist Park with the platoon advantage, sending lefties into a frenzy. In his 187 plate appearances against southpaws since 2021, Riley’s showcased a remarkable 369 OBP, a thunderous .267 ISO, and a mind-boggling 149 wRC+. Buckle up, because Riley is here to shake the ground beneath his opponents’ feet.

Rafael Devers: Unleashing the Righty Nightmare

Prepare for fireworks as Rafael Devers takes center stage. With a jaw-dropping 29 homers already under his belt, he’s hurtling towards yet another 30-homer season. Devers’ prowess against righties is nothing short of legendary. Since 2021, he’s displayed a formidable .929 OPS, leaving rival pitchers in sheer disbelief. And as the Astros reel from the woes of Cristian Javier‘s collapse, Devers stands poised to deliver a knockout blow. Righties beware!

Andrew McCutchen: Lefty Taming Maestro

When lefties step up, Andrew McCutchen steps in to dominate. With 496 plate appearances against southpaws since 2021, McCutchen boasts an impressive .359 OBP, a tantalizing .244 ISO, and a rock-solid 132 wRC+. He’s the lefty tamer your DFS lineup desperately needs. Get ready to watch McCutchen weave his magic and carve his name into the annals of DFS greatness.

Julio Rodriguez: The Explosive Road Warrior

Meet the dynamo that is Julio Rodriguez. Over the past three weeks, his bat has been scorching hot, sizzling with an astonishing 1.065 OPS. With 21 homers and 33 stolen bases to his name, Rodriguez is a force to be reckoned with. While he’s been exchanging homer power for doubles, his road game is on another level, boasting an .855 OPS. As Touki Toussaint‘s struggles continue, Rodriguez could be the game-changing steal your lineup craves.

Tommy Edman: The All-Rounder

Tommy Edman is the embodiment of versatility and consistency. In his recent 68 plate appearances, he’s showcased his power with four homers and a stolen base, all while maintaining a solid .324 OBP, a formidable .266 ISO, and an impressive 135 wRC+. Against lefties since 2021, Edman has thrived with a reliable 116 wRC+, making him a dependable anchor for your DFS lineup.

Chas McCormick: The Rising Star

Prepare for a name that’s been making waves this season – Chas McCormick. With a slash line of .284/.373/.525, 17 homers, and 13 stolen bases, McCormick is the embodiment of DFS gold. His mastery against lefties, boasting an eye-popping 1.056 OPS, and his comfort at home with a .955 OPS, set the stage for fireworks. With lefty James Paxton on the mound, McCormick’s star is set to shine even brighter in Houston.

Tyler O’Neill: Unleashing the Lefty Fury

Tyler O’Neill is a lefty’s worst nightmare. Against left-handed pitchers since 2021, O’Neill has flexed his muscles with a commanding .379 OBP, a thunderous .273 ISO, and an awe-inspiring 154 wRC+. With a total of five homers and two stolen bases in his recent 95 plate appearances, O’Neill is a true DFS juggernaut, poised to wreak havoc on the field.

Brandon Drury: The Power-Packed Phenom

Meet Brandon Drury, the embodiment of raw power. With a staggering 17 homers in just 90 games, Drury’s slugging prowess is unparalleled. His affinity for touching all bases while staggering his walk rate is a boon for DFS players. Drury’s new home ballpark has only fueled his fire, boasting an impressive .936 OPS. As Graham Ashcraft‘s consistency wavers, Drury stands ready to make his mark.

Willson Contreras: Lefty’s Nightmare Unleashed

When lefties take the mound, Willson Contreras comes alive. Since 2021, he’s showcased a remarkable .344 OBP, a formidable .269 ISO, and an enticing 137 wRC+ against southpaws. Contreras is the batter that southpaw pitchers dread facing, as he consistently delivers the knockout blows that DFS players crave.

Connor Joe: The Consistent Contender

In the realm of consistency, Connor Joe reigns supreme. Against lefties since 2021, he’s displayed a reliable .362 OBP, a solid .175 ISO, and a steady 114 wRC+. Joe may not make headlines with flashy numbers, but his dependable performance makes him a key player to consider when constructing your DFS lineup.

That’s all I’ve got for today 🤟❤💯

Thank you for checking out the article, I hope I was able to provide you with some value as you begin to build your DFS lineups for today’s contests.

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