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MLB DFS Top Plays for Monday 8/28/23

MLB DFS Top Plays

Welcome to our expert analysis of the best MLB DFS top plays for Monday, August 28th, 2023. We’ve scoured the matchups to bring you a strategic picks that maximizes your chances of success. In this article, we’ll break down each player’s performance, strengths, and potential weaknesses to help you make the most informed decisions for your DraftKings and FanDuel lineups. Let’s dive into the action!

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Top Hitters – Capitalizing on Key Matchups

Austin Riley – 3B, ATL vs. Left-Handed Pitchers ($4,800 DK, $3,900 FD)

When it comes to MLB DFS top plays, Austin Riley is a name that commands attention. His remarkable track record against lefties is hard to ignore. Over 2021 and beyond, Riley has delivered 22 homers, a .364 OBP, a robust .259 ISO, and an impressive 145 wRC+. These numbers speak volumes about his proficiency against southpaw pitchers. He’s a cornerstone player to consider for your lineup.

Brandon Belt – 1B, TOR vs. Josiah Gray ($3,700 DK, $2,800 FD)

If there’s a player poised to exploit an advantageous matchup, it’s Brandon Belt. Left-handed hitters have consistently dominated Josiah Gray in the last 30 days, and this trend isn’t new. Armed with a .442 wOBA, a powerful .357 ISO, and an imposing 70.0% hard-hit rate against lefties, Gray has struggled to contain them. Belt, an accomplished lefty in the Blue Jays lineup, is your go-to player here. His exceptional 218 wRC+, .486 wOBA, and .760 SLG against right-hand pitchers in his recent 30 plate appearances make him a formidable choice.

Juan Soto – OF, Road Dominance ($5,200 DK, $4,600 FD)

Juan Soto’s mastery against righties on the road is indisputable. With 17 homers, a .407 OBP, a .293 ISO, and an impressive 161 wRC+ in 275 plate appearances, he’s a force to be reckoned with. His ability to shine in challenging road environments makes him an exciting pick for this matchup.

Dylan Moore – 2B/SS/OF, ATL vs. David Peterson ($3,300 DK, $2,400 FD)

Dylan Moore enters a promising showdown against Kyle Muller, a pitcher who’s shown vulnerabilities in recent days. Muller’s .380 wOBA, .250 ISO, and a 69.2% hard-hit rate raise opportunities for Moore to shine. Against left-hand pitching post-break, Moore boasts a remarkable 218 wRC+, a commanding .480 wOBA, and an imposing .788 SLG. With the Braves and Padres expected to garner the majority of ownership, the Mariners, with Moore leading the charge, offer a savvy alternative play.

Triston Casas – 1B, Home Field Advantage ($4,200 DK, $3,000 FD)

Triston Casas has been a standout performer at home, especially against right-handed pitchers. With seven homers, a .399 OBP, an impressive .213 ISO, and a solid 141 wRC+ in 164 plate appearances, he’s proven his mettle. Taking advantage of the home field environment, Casas is poised to make a substantial impact in this matchup.

Nathaniel Lowe – 1B, TEX vs. Tylor Megill ($4,600 DK, $3,300 FD)

Nathaniel Lowe’s prowess against left-handed pitchers is undeniable. Megill’s struggles in the last 30 days against lefties open the door for Lowe to shine. Megill’s .493 wOBA, .333 ISO, and a 62.9% hard-hit rate against left-handed batters play to Lowe’s strengths. Armed with a 143 wRC+, a solid .380 wOBA, and a commendable .493 SLG, Lowe is a formidable pick.

Anthony Santander – 1B/OF, BAL vs. Michael Kopech ($4,200 DK, $3,500 FD)

Anthony Santander enters a matchup against Michael Kopech with a fiery performance record. Kopech’s vulnerabilities against left-hand hitters, with a .394 wOBA, .288 ISO, and a 44.2% hard-hit rate over the last 30 days, could play into Santander’s hands. With a 138 wRC+, a .370 wOBA, and an impressive .561 SLG against right-hand pitching post-break, Santander is a red-hot choice.

Alex Verdugo – OF, BOS vs. Cristian Javier ($4,500 DK, $3,300 FD)

Alex Verdugo’s recent shift to the lead-off role has revitalized his performance. Against right-hand pitching, he boasts an impressive 175 wRC+, a robust .433 wOBA, and an eye-catching .638 SLG. His opponent, Cristian Javier, has struggled against lefties, providing Verdugo a prime opportunity. Javier’s .359 wOBA, .204 ISO, and a 40.3% hard-hit rate against the split this season make Verdugo an appealing choice, especially if Devers is back in the lineup.

Marcell Ozuna – OF, ATL vs. Austin Gomber ($5,100 DK, $3,700 FD)

Coors Field games always raise intriguing possibilities, and Marcell Ozuna is a standout option for this game. His dominance against left-hand pitching post-break, with a 213 wRC+, a potent .490 wOBA, and a commanding .769 SLG, positions him well for success. Gomber’s .365 wOBA, .173 ISO, and a 50.7% hard-hit rate against right-hand hitters make Ozuna an exciting choice, even in a potentially high-chalk environment.

Crafting Your Winning Lineup

When assembling your MLB DFS lineup, a thoughtful selection of players is essential. Assessing each player’s recent performances, strengths, and their matchups is key to making informed decisions. Whether it’s the explosive power of Austin Riley, the strategic advantages of Brandon Belt against a struggling pitcher, or the road dominance of Juan Soto, each player brings a unique advantage to your lineup.

Consider your options carefully, weigh the pros and cons of each matchup, and leverage these insights to build a winning lineup that capitalizes on the strengths of these DFS top plays. Remember, the art of MLB DFS is a blend of strategy and intuition – harness both to craft a roster that propels you to victory. Good luck and happy gaming!

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