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MLB DFS Top Plays for Monday 8-7-23

MLB DFS Top Plays

Welcome to another exciting edition of MLB DFS Top Plays, where we dive deep into the world of Daily Fantasy Sports to uncover the most promising picks for Monday, August 7th, 2023. Whether you’re a seasoned DFS veteran or just getting started, our expert analysis and insights will help you assemble a winning lineup. Today, we focus on key players who have been on fire and those with favorable matchups to maximize your fantasy points.

Top Hitters

1. Marcus Semien – 2B – $6,100 – $3,600

Marcus Semien has been a force to reckon with at the plate. Over the last 30 days, his performance has been nothing short of impressive, boasting six homers, 22 runs, 14 RBIs, a .396 OBP, .256 ISO, and a remarkable 163 wRC+. With such outstanding numbers, Semien is undoubtedly one of the top picks for your DFS lineup.

2. Christian Yelich – OF – $3,600

Yelich’s prowess against right-handed pitchers has been a key factor in his success, evidenced by an impressive .931 OPS against them. He has already notched 16 homers and 23 stolen bases, making him a valuable asset for your DFS roster. Facing Peter Lambert, who has struggled on the mound, should give Yelich a prime opportunity to shine.

3. Corey Seager – SS – $6,300 – $4,300

Corey Seager has been white-hot, and his proficiency against lefties is a notable advantage. Since 2021, he holds an impressive .329 OBP, .245 ISO, and 134 wRC+ in 444 plate appearances against left-handed pitchers. His opponent, Waldichuk, has shown vulnerability against left-handed batters, providing Seager with an excellent opportunity to thrive.

4. Rafael Devers – 3B – $3,400

Devers has been exceptional at Fenway Park, posting a formidable .902 OPS since 2021. This season, he has surprisingly performed exceptionally well against southpaws, with a .907 OPS. Facing Cole Ragans, who has struggled with a career 4.66 ERA, should give Devers the edge to deliver a strong DFS performance.

5. Mitch Garver – C – $3,500 – $2,900

Against left-handed pitchers, Garver has been on a tear, sporting a .355 OBP, .250 ISO, and 140 wRC+ in 211 plate appearances since 2021. His consistent performance makes him a reliable option for your DFS lineup, especially when facing an opponent like Alex Wood, who has struggled this season.

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6. Hunter Renfroe – OF – $2,800

Renfroe’s power numbers might be slightly down this season, but he has still managed to hit 17 homers and 26 doubles. Additionally, he has posted an impressive .870 OPS in home games. Going against Alex Wood, who has a 5.08 FIP and struggles against right-handed hitters, should give Renfroe a chance to rack up some fantasy points.

7. Jake Bauers – 1B/OF – $2,600 – $2,900

Bauers has been a solid performer, especially when hitting leadoff. With a .322 OBP, .298 ISO, and 133 wRC+ in 171 plate appearances against righties this year, he becomes an attractive DFS option, considering his affordable price and potential to deliver a strong performance.

8. Brayan Rocchio – SS – $2,000

A rising star, Brayan Rocchio, has been called up to play shortstop for the Guardians. Though he’s off to a slow start, Rocchio has shown promise against left-handed pitchers, and his .382 OBP in Triple-A this year is impressive. Facing Hyun Jin Ryu, who hasn’t been at his best this season, could give Rocchio the opportunity to showcase his skills and reward DFS managers with significant points.

9. Ezequiel Duran – 2B/SS/OF – $3,700 – $2,900

Duran has proven to be a formidable hitter against lefties since joining the league in 2022. With a .340 OBP, .269 ISO, and 143 wRC+ in 147 plate appearances, he’s an excellent pick for your DFS lineup, particularly when facing a left-handed pitcher.

10. Mark Vientos – 1B/3B – $2,300 – $2,400

While Vientos hasn’t fully translated his minor-league success to the majors yet, he has shown prowess against southpaws in the minors. Taking a chance on Vientos as a value pick might pay off, as he faces a left-handed pitcher and has displayed the ability to perform well in such situations.

With these top hitters in mind, you have a solid foundation to build a formidable DFS lineup for Monday’s games. Remember to factor in other crucial elements like player news, recent form, and lineup positions to optimize your selections and increase your chances of dominating the competition. Good luck, and may your MLB DFS journey be filled with success!

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