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MLB DFS Top Plays for Saturday 7-29-23

mlb dfs top plays

Welcome to our MLB DFS Top Plays article for Saturday 7-29-23. We’ve analyzed the stats and matchups to bring you the top plays that will undoubtedly elevate your fantasy game to a whole new level tonight. So, buckle up and get ready for some exhilarating baseball action!

Pete Alonso (NYM) – $4,900 DK, $3,900 FD

A Phenomenal Hitter: Leading off our list is none other than Pete Alonso, the power-hitting machine from the New York Mets. With an astounding OPS above 2.000 over his last six games, Alonso has been proving that he’s back in full swing. Despite a recent hand issue, facing Patrick Corbin seems like a dream come true for Alonso. His BvP history speaks volumes, boasting a .469 OBP, .775 SLG, and a jaw-dropping 1.244 OPS in 49 at-bats against Corbin.

Dominating Performance: As if that’s not enough, Alonso has been on a tear lately, going 14-for-40 (.350) with five homers and an impressive 1.244 OPS off Corbin. Keep an eye on this slugger as he continues to deliver awe-inspiring performances!

Matt McLain – 2B/SS, CIN at Emmet Sheehan ($5,900 DK, $4,000 FD)

A Hidden Gem: Next up is the Cincinnati Reds’ infielder, Matt McLain, who might not have garnered the same attention as some of his teammates but is undoubtedly an excellent hitter. With a slash line of .305/.375/.525, 10 home runs, 35 RBI, and eight stolen bases in 62 games this season, McLain is a true force to be reckoned with.

Righty Slayer: McLain has particularly excelled against right-handed pitchers, boasting a .293 batting average and smacking six of his 10 home runs against them. Facing Emmet Sheehan should be a favorable matchup, and McLain is sure to capitalize on the opportunity.

Freddie Freeman (LAD) – $6,200 DK, $4,500 FD

A Marvelous Acquisition: The Los Angeles Dodgers struck gold with the addition of perennial All-Star, Freddie Freeman. Currently, he’s in the midst of another spectacular season, boasting a .328 AVG, .409 OBP, .582 SLG, and a remarkable .991 OPS. Freeman has been scorching hot recently, tallying an impressive 1.131 OPS over his last 25 games.

Lefty Killer: The matchup against Luke Weaver and his 7.00 ERA looks like a golden opportunity for Freeman to shine. Weaver has struggled against left-handed batters, surrendering a .410 wOBA and .978 OPS to them on the road. With his exceptional skills, Freeman is undoubtedly one to watch in this contest.

Bryce Harper – 1B/OF, PHI at Quinn Priester ($5,400 DK, $3,500 FD)

A Superstar in the Making: Bryce Harper has been one of baseball’s premier hitters since his rookie debut in 2012. Although he recently underwent surgery and temporarily shifted to a DH-only role, he’s now back and ready to make an impact at first base. Harper is a formidable force against right-handed pitching, boasting a .296/.401/.413 slash line this season.

Clashing with Righties: Harper has demonstrated his prowess against righties, launching three of his five home runs and drawing an impressive 32 walks against them. Facing Quinn Priester should provide him with the opportunity to unleash his full offensive potential.

Jose Ramirez (CLE) – $5.800 DK, $4,100 FD

A Fantasy Stud: When it comes to fantasy baseball, Jose Ramirez consistently ranks among the top options. He’s currently on a roll, hitting a scorching .335 with a .406 OBP, .598 SLG, and an astounding 1.004 OPS across his last 41 games. With eight steals in that span, Ramirez is not just a power hitter but also a speed demon on the bases.

Favorable Matchup: Touki Toussaint is the man standing in Ramirez’s way, but the pitcher’s career ERA of 5.14 and WHIP of 1.45 make this a promising encounter for the Cleveland slugger.

Jeimer Candelario – 3B, WSH at Carlos Carrasco ($4,100 DK, $3,000 FD)

A Breakout Season: Jeimer Candelario is making waves with his breakout season, and he’s all set to shine in Saturday’s matchup against veteran Carlos Carrasco. Candelario’s slash line of .253/.333/.479, 16 home runs, and 52 RBI makes him an exciting player to watch.

Historical Success: Candelario has had some success against Carrasco, going 4-for-13 (.308) in their previous encounters. If he continues his impressive form, Candelario might just deliver a memorable performance.

Ronald Acuna (ATL) – $6,600 DK, $4,600 FD

A Future MVP: Ronald Acuna is a true sensation, leading all players with over 12 DraftKings points per game. The talented outfielder is one of the league leaders in batting average, runs scored, and stolen bases, bringing a well-rounded game to the plate.

Prime Opportunity: Acuna faces Julio Teheran, who has struggled lately with a 7.25 ERA across his last four starts. Expect fireworks from Acuna as he looks to exploit this favorable matchup.

Fernando Tatis Jr. – OF, SDP vs. Martin Perez ($6,100 DK, $4,100 FD)

A Rising Star: Fernando Tatis Jr. has been captivating fans since his debut, and he continues to mesmerize with his electric performances. While he hasn’t faced Martin Perez before, Tatis Jr. boasts impressive numbers against left-handed pitching this season, slashing .321/.409/.630 with six home runs.

The Lefty Specialist: Tatis Jr.’s remarkable 11 walks and only 17 strikeouts against lefties this season indicate his ability to handle them with ease. Look out for another standout display from this young phenom.

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FAQ – MLB DFS Top Plays for Saturday 7-29-23

Q1: What is MLB DFS?

A: MLB DFS stands for Major League Baseball Daily Fantasy Sports. It’s a fantasy sports game where participants draft a lineup of real MLB players and earn points based on their real-life performances in specific games.

Q2: How do I play MLB DFS?

A: To play MLB DFS, you need to sign up on a DFS platform, create an account, and deposit funds. Then, you’ll join a contest and draft a lineup of MLB players within a given budget. Each player’s performance in the real MLB games will determine your fantasy score.

Q3: What are “Top Plays” in MLB DFS?

A: “Top Plays” refer to the players considered as the best options for a specific DFS slate. These players have favorable matchups, recent strong performances, and high potential to score significant fantasy points on a given day.

Q4: How are the “Top Plays” selected in this article?

A: Our selection of “Top Plays” is based on extensive analysis of player statistics, recent form, and matchup data. We consider factors like OPS, BvP history, home/away splits, and pitcher’s performance to identify the most promising hitters for the given MLB DFS slate.

Q5: Can I use these “Top Plays” in other DFS platforms?

A: Absolutely! The players listed as “Top Plays” in this article are recommended for their overall strong performances and favorable matchups. You can use them in other DFS platforms to maximize your chances of success.

Q6: Are these picks suitable for both cash games and tournaments?

A: Yes, our “Top Plays” are chosen to be versatile enough to perform well in both cash games (head-to-head and 50/50 contests) and tournaments (GPPs). While some players may carry more risk, their high potential rewards make them attractive options for tournament play.

Q7: Should I consider other factors before finalizing my lineup?

A: Absolutely. While our “Top Plays” are a great starting point, it’s crucial to consider other elements such as weather conditions, lineup changes, injury updates, and last-minute scratches before finalizing your MLB DFS lineup.

Q8: How often is this article updated with new “Top Plays”?

A: Our MLB DFS “Top Plays” article is regularly updated to reflect the latest player performances and upcoming matchups. We strive to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information for our readers.

Q9: Can I mix and match “Top Plays” with other players in my lineup?

A: Yes, you have the flexibility to mix and match our “Top Plays” with other players you believe will perform well. Building a balanced lineup with a combination of high-ceiling stars and value picks is a winning strategy in MLB DFS.

Q10: What is the best approach for success in MLB DFS?

A: Success in MLB DFS requires a combination of thorough research, understanding player stats, keeping up with current news, and employing a balanced lineup strategy. Be disciplined, stay informed, and enjoy the excitement of DFS as you aim for victory!

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