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MLB DFS Top Plays for Thursday 8/31/23

MLB DFS Top Plays

When it comes to MLB DFS, the quest for the perfect lineup revolves around identifying the top hitters that can deliver those crucial points. In this edition, we’ll break down the standout players who are poised to make a difference on Thursday, August 31, 2023. From seasoned power hitters to emerging stars, let’s dive into the world of MLB DFS and explore the potential game-changers.

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Michael Harris – The Righty’s Nightmare

Stats: 9 HR, 15 SB, .341 OBP, .170 ISO, 114 wRC+ against righties in 2023

Key Insights: Michael Harris has showcased his dominance against right-handed pitchers this season. With an impressive 9 home runs, 15 stolen bases, and a .341 on-base percentage, he’s a force to be reckoned with. His 114 wRC+ underscores his consistency in making an impact at the plate. On the flip side, Lance Lynn has struggled against lefties, giving up 19 home runs and displaying vulnerabilities. His .372 OBP, .571 slugging, and .398 wOBA against left-handed hitters make him a prime target for MLB DFS enthusiasts.

Freddie Freeman – The Resurgent Slugger

Position: 1B, Team: LAD, Opponent: ATL
Draftkings Price: $6,200, Fanduel Price: $4,200

Recent Surge: After hitting .255 in June, Freeman has been on a tear. He’s smashed his way to a .359 batting average in July and an even more robust .375 in August. The statistics tell the tale of a player in top form, ready to capitalize on favorable matchups. Facing Spencer Strider, whose career struggles against the Dodgers include a .273 batting average, Freeman’s .377 since the break makes him a potent DFS pick. The odds are in Freeman’s favor, and it’s advantage: Freeman.

Eddie Rosario – Power and Consistency

Stats: 17 HR, .310 OBP, .226 ISO, 109 wRC+ against righties in 2023
Second Half Performance: 124 wRC+

Player Profile: Eddie Rosario’s prowess against right-handed pitchers is undeniable. With 17 home runs, a .310 on-base percentage, and a solid 109 wRC+, Rosario offers a balanced mix of power and consistency. Notably, his second-half performance has seen a notable uptick, with a 124 wRC+ signaling his adaptability and reliability in crucial moments.

Mookie Betts – The Unstoppable Force

Position: 2B/OF, Team: LAD, Opponent: ATL
Draftkings Price: $6,500, Fanduel Price: $4,500

August Dominance: Mookie Betts has unleashed a reign of terror on opposing pitchers in August. A staggering .454 batting average, coupled with nine home runs, 26 RBI, 32 runs scored, and three steals in just 27 games, paints the picture of an unstoppable force. The choice between Betts and Freeman is a tough one, but with Betts’ current momentum, he’s poised to make an explosive impact that’s hard to ignore.

Thairo Estrada – Emerging Star

Stats: 9 HR, 14 SB, .318 OBP, .167 ISO, 108 wRC+ against righties in 2023

Rising Talent: Thairo Estrada has been quietly making waves with his performances against right-handed pitchers this season. His nine home runs, 14 stolen bases, and a .318 on-base percentage underline his potential to influence the game. The 108 wRC+ showcases his ability to contribute meaningfully, making him a player to watch out for in MLB DFS.

Carter Kieboom – Value Pick with Upside

Position: 3B, Team: WAS, Opponent: MIA
Draftkings Price: $3,100, Fanduel Price: $2,900

Emergence: Carter Kieboom has reemerged in the majors, making an immediate impact with three home runs in just seven games. Among them was a shot against Braxton Garrett, proving his ability to take advantage of favorable matchups. At his price point, Kieboom offers a valuable opportunity to secure those crucial points while freeing up budget for other star players.

Joc Pederson – Road Warrior

Stats: 7 HR, .391 OBP, .217 ISO, 138 wRC+ against righties on the road in 2023

Road Dominance: Joc Pederson has shown his affinity for performing on the road against right-handed pitchers this season. With seven home runs, a .391 on-base percentage, and an impressive 138 wRC+, Pederson’s ability to thrive in away games makes him an intriguing pick for MLB DFS enthusiasts.

Jorge Soler – The Powerhouse

Position: OF, Team: MIA, Opponent: WAS
Draftkings Price: $5,300, Fanduel Price: $3,300

Recent Surge: Jorge Soler’s recent streak of five home runs in the last 10 games has put him on the radar. His ability to consistently deliver power makes him a tantalizing option, particularly for those hunting for home runs. While his price is more appealing on Fanduel, Soler’s ability to provide the fireworks you’re looking for could be worth the investment.

LaMonte Wade – On the Road

Stats: 6 HR, .412 OBP, .146 ISO, 136 wRC+ against righties on the road in 2023

Away Advantage: LaMonte Wade has displayed his prowess on the road against right-handed pitchers this year. With six home runs, a .412 on-base percentage, and a 136 wRC+, Wade has proven his ability to make an impact in away games. His statistics make him a strong contender for your MLB DFS lineup.

Mike Yastrzemski – A Welcome Return

Position: OF, Team: SF, Opponent: SD
Draftkings Price: $3,100, Fanduel Price: $2,700

Comeback Story: Mike Yastrzemski’s return from injury might have started modestly with a couple of walks, but his presence is a boon for the Giants. While Alejandro Avila remains a recommended option, Yastrzemski offers a way to differentiate your lineup and gain an edge against the field.

Wilmer Flores – Offensive Dynamo

Stats: 10 HR, .407 OBP, .350 ISO, 187 wRC+ against righties on the road in 2023

Road Brilliance: Wilmer Flores’ offensive prowess against right-handed pitchers on the road has been a highlight of the season. With 10 home runs, a .407 on-base percentage, and a staggering 187 wRC+, Flores has consistently delivered excellence. His ability to capitalize on road games makes him a potent addition to your MLB DFS lineup.

Jason Heyward – Riding the Momentum

Position: OF, Team: LAD, Opponent: ATL
Draftkings Price: $2,700, Fanduel Price: $2,400

Momentum Shift: Jason Heyward’s recent standout performance against Arizona, including two home runs, demonstrates his current form. With a veteran’s experience and a red-hot streak, Heyward offers a compelling option at his price point. Considering the matchup against Spencer Strider, Heyward’s potential to deliver is worth a shot.

In the realm of MLB DFS, the lineup is a canvas, and each player is a brushstroke that contributes to the masterpiece. The top hitters highlighted here present diverse opportunities to craft a winning lineup. Whether you’re drawn to the power of Freeman, the consistency of Rosario, or the explosive potential of Betts, your choices can shape the outcome of your MLB DFS journey. So, gear up, make your selections, and get ready for an exhilarating ride through the world of fantasy baseball.

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