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MLB DFS Top Plays for Tuesday 8-1-23

MLB DFS Top Plays

Welcome to our MLB DFS Top Plays article for Tuesday 8-1-23. As avid fans and seasoned analysts, we’ve studied the statistics, performance history, and matchups to present you with the most promising individual hitters for your fantasy lineups. Let’s dive right in!

1. OF Luis Robert – ($6,000 DK, $3,900 FD)

Luis Robert boasts an impressive track record against lefties since 2021, with a .411 OBP, .274 ISO, and an outstanding 187 wRC+. Facing a favorable matchup, Robert promises to be a cornerstone player for your DFS lineup today.

2. 1B Yandy Diaz – ($4,500 DK, $3,300 FD)

Yandy Diaz has proven to be a reliable and consistent performer throughout the season. With a slash line of .318/.401/.503 and an even more impressive .333/.421/.467 over his last five games, Diaz is set to shine against Carlos Rodon. The latter has been struggling against left-handed hitters, holding a concerning 7.36 ERA. Expect Diaz to capitalize on Rodon’s vulnerabilities and deliver a strong performance in the Bronx.

3. 3B Austin Riley – ($6,100 DK, $3,900 FD)

In 407 plate appearances against lefties since 2021, Austin Riley has demonstrated his prowess with a .361 OBP, .265 ISO, and a solid 146 wRC+. The stage is set for Riley to unleash his batting prowess and elevate your DFS roster to new heights.

4. C Sean Murphy – ($5,500 DK, $3,600 FD)

Despite a brief slump in his last five games, Sean Murphy’s overall season performance speaks volumes. With a slash line of .278/.376/.533 and an impressive .328/.426/.569 against lefty pitchers, Murphy is poised for a bounce-back game against Patrick Sandoval. Positive regression is on the cards, making him a prime candidate for your fantasy lineup.

5. 2B/3B Jake Burger – ($4,000 DK, $3,200 FD)

Jake Burger has proven his mettle against left-handed pitchers with a .333 OBP, .331 ISO, and a noteworthy 149 wRC+ in 150 plate appearances since 2021. His affordable price tag and potential to deliver big points make him an excellent value pick for your DFS lineup.

6. 1B Ryan Mountcastle – ($3,600 DK, $3,000 FD)

Ryan Mountcastle, facing lefty Hyun Jin Ryu, has an impressive .319/.356/.659 batting line in 46 games against southpaws. Ryu, making his first start since his injury, might face a formidable challenge from Mountcastle, who has been on fire lately with a .400/.474/.733 slash line in his last five games. Expect fireworks from Mountcastle in Toronto tonight.

7. OF Matt Wallner – ($2,400 DK, $3,000 FD)

For an affordable price, Matt Wallner brings excellent potential to your DFS lineup. In his 113 plate appearances since his debut last year, Wallner has already showcased his prowess with six homers and an impressive .398 OBP, .234 ISO, and a stellar 158 wRC+. Don’t overlook this hidden gem for your roster.

8. OF Ronald Acuña Jr. – (DK, FD)

Ronald Acuña Jr. is a must-have pick for today’s DFS slate. With a scintillating .438/.591/.625 slash line in his last five games and a strong .333/.415/.573 for the season, Acuña is a fantasy powerhouse. Pair that with Atlanta’s stellar performance against left-handed pitchers, boasting a 135 wRC+, and Acuña becomes a no-brainer choice to lead your team to success.

9. OF Mickey Moniak – ($5,400 DK, $3,300 FD)

Mickey Moniak’s outstanding performance against right-handed pitchers, slashing .343/.373/.639 with 11 homers and 33 RBI, positions him as a force to be reckoned with. Facing Spencer Strider and his challenging pitching, Moniak’s impressive numbers and consistency make him a strong addition to your DFS roster.

10. SS Tim Anderson – ($3,900 DK, $2,700 FD)

Tim Anderson has demonstrated his proficiency against lefties since 2021, boasting a .370 OBP and a commendable 136 wRC+. A solid pick for your roster, Anderson is primed to contribute significantly to your DFS success.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – MLB DFS Top Plays for Tuesday 8-1-23

1. What does “DFS” stand for in MLB DFS Top Plays? DFS stands for “Daily Fantasy Sports.” In the context of MLB DFS Top Plays, it refers to creating fantasy lineups for daily baseball games, where participants draft virtual teams of real players and earn points based on their performance in real games.

2. How were these MLB DFS Top Plays selected? Our team of seasoned analysts carefully analyzed player statistics, recent performances, and matchups to identify the most promising individual hitters for today’s MLB DFS slate. We considered factors like OBP, ISO, wRC+, and overall consistency to curate this list.

3. Can I use these MLB DFS Top Plays for other days or slates? While the statistics and analysis are based on the specified date (Tuesday 8-1-23), you can certainly refer to this list and the players’ performances as a valuable resource for other games and slates. However, keep in mind that player performances can vary, so additional research for the specific date you intend to play is recommended.

4. Are these MLB DFS Top Plays suitable for cash games or tournaments? The highlighted players in this list have displayed impressive performances and favorable matchups, making them viable options for both cash games and tournaments. In cash games, you may prefer consistent performers, while tournaments may require a mix of high-upside picks to differentiate your lineup from others.

5. Can I adjust my lineup after the article’s publication time? Yes, DFS platforms generally allow you to make adjustments to your lineup until the game’s start time. Stay updated on any last-minute changes to player availability, injuries, or starting lineups to make the most informed decisions.

6. Is it crucial to include all of the MLB DFS Top Plays in my lineup? No, you are not obligated to include all of the players mentioned in the MLB DFS Top Plays. The list serves as a guide to help you identify strong performers for your roster, but you have the flexibility to mix and match players based on your strategy and budget.

7. Should I consider factors beyond the MLB DFS Top Plays when building my lineup? Absolutely. While the MLB DFS Top Plays offer valuable insights, considering additional factors such as pitching matchups, team lineups, ballpark factors, weather conditions, and recent trends can further optimize your DFS roster.

8. Can I use these MLB DFS Top Plays in other fantasy sports platforms? While the players’ performances and statistics are applicable in general, the pricing and scoring system might differ across various fantasy sports platforms. Always double-check player prices and scoring rules to ensure alignment with your chosen platform.

9. Are there any late-breaking news or updates that could affect the MLB DFS Top Plays? Given that player statuses, lineups, and injury updates can change close to game time, it’s essential to monitor reputable news sources and official team announcements for any late-breaking news that could impact player availability and performance.

10. Can I expect guaranteed success using the MLB DFS Top Plays? While the MLB DFS Top Plays feature strong performers, DFS contests involve an element of uncertainty, and success is not guaranteed. Skill, strategy, and a bit of luck play significant roles in DFS outcomes. Use the provided analysis as a foundation for your lineup, but also incorporate your insights to create a well-rounded roster.

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