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MLB DFS Top Plays for Tuesday 8-15-23

MLB DFS Top Plays

Welcome to a deep dive into the MLB DFS scene for Tuesday, August 15th, 2023. If you’re looking for those winning picks to elevate your DFS game, you’re in the right place. We’ll be analyzing key players and matchups to help you build a winning lineup that maximizes your chances of success. Let’s jump right in and explore the top picks for the day!

Christian Walker – 1B, ARZ vs. Ty Blach ($5,400 DK, $4,000 FD)

When it comes to MLB DFS, the matchup is everything, and Christian Walker seems to have hit the jackpot for tonight’s game. Picture this: Coors Field, facing a left-handed pitcher. That’s the recipe for success, and Walker has been capitalizing on it post-break with a stellar 235 wRC+, a staggering .526 wOBA, and a solid .500 SLG against southpaw hurlers. Even though Ty Blach has shown surprising solidity for the Rockies this season, Walker’s elite matchup cannot be ignored.

Strategy Tip: While Coors Field tends to be chalky, Walker could make for a great mini-stack with Lewis, offering potential differentiation while leveraging the favorable conditions.

Matt Olson – 1B, OAK vs. Righties

Matt Olson has been a force to reckon with against right-handed pitchers this season. With an impressive 34 home runs, a robust .401 OBP, a jaw-dropping .362 ISO, and a 171 wRC+, Olson has been delivering exceptional performance. He’s a consistent performer who deserves a serious look for your lineup.

Strategy Tip: Don’t miss the chance to include Olson in your lineup when he’s up against right-handed pitching.

Michael Harris II – OF, ATL vs. Severino

Michael Harris II is a name that’s been gaining traction, and for good reason. Elevated to the two-hole due to Albies’ absence, Harris finds himself in a prime position to shine. His recent stats speak volumes – a stellar 138 wRC+, a solid .380 wOBA, and an impressive .478 SLG since the All-Star break. Severino’s vulnerabilities against lefties only add to Harris’s appeal. The Braves might be a promising choice tonight, but Harris stands out among them.

Strategy Tip: With Harris sandwiched between Acuna, Riley, and Olson, his potential for racking up points is undeniable.

Brandon Drury – 3B, Home vs. Lefties

When it comes to facing left-handed pitchers, Brandon Drury has shown he’s got the right stuff. With a commendable .325 OBP, a substantial .277 ISO, and a solid 142 wRC+, Drury has consistently made his presence felt. If the matchup involves a lefty on the mound, Drury is a compelling option to consider.

Strategy Tip: Drury’s proficiency against lefties makes him a smart addition to your lineup when the situation calls for it.

Jake Rogers – C, DET vs. Bailey Ober ($3,100 DK, $2,500 FD)

In DFS, there are times when embracing the unattractive matchups pays off, and this is one of them. Bailey Ober has been facing difficulties, especially against right-handed hitters, as indicated by his high .419 wOBA, a worrying .333 ISO, and a concerning 56.4% hard hit rate. Jake Rogers, on the other hand, has been showing promise post-break with a 119 wRC+, a respectable .341 wOBA, and an appealing .472 SLG against right-handers. The Tigers might not be the popular choice tonight, but sometimes that’s where the gold lies.

Strategy Tip: Don’t shy away from unconventional picks like the Tigers when the statistics suggest hidden potential.

Luis Robert Jr. – OF, CWS vs. Kyle Hendricks ($5,300 DK, $3,900 FD)

Luis Robert Jr. is a name that sparks excitement, but keep an eye on his availability due to a recent pinky sprain. Assuming he’s good to go, Robert Jr. is a standout choice against Kyle Hendricks. The latter has shown vulnerability to right-hand batters recently, allowing a .375 wOBA, a .233 ISO, and a concerning 46.2% hard-hit rate. Robert Jr. has been shining in the second half of the season with a 151 wRC+, a robust .389 wOBA, and a commanding .617 SLG. His ability to counter Hendricks’s ground ball dominance with his air-ball prowess adds to his appeal.

Strategy Tip: If Robert Jr. gets the green light, he’s a prime candidate for your lineup, and even a dinger bet on FanDuel.

Lars Nootbaar – OF, STL vs. Spenser Watkins ($4,500 DK, $3,200 FD)

Spenser Watkins’s return to the big leagues has been far from smooth, with a troubling 8.00 ERA in Triple-A this season. This sets the stage for Lars Nootbaar to capitalize, especially considering his impressive post-break stats – a scorching 183 wRC+, an enticing .438 wOBA, and a powerful .616 SLG against right-hand pitching. Nootbaar’s leadoff position further enhances his potential, making him a strong contender for your lineup.

Strategy Tip: Nootbaar’s ability to exploit Watkins’s struggles makes him a valuable asset, particularly when facing a right-handed pitcher.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our MLB DFS Picks FAQ section! Here, we address common questions and provide valuable insights to enhance your understanding of MLB DFS picks. If you’re new to daily fantasy sports or a seasoned player looking for some guidance, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive into the FAQs:

Q1: What are MLB DFS Picks?

A: MLB DFS Picks refer to the specific players that you select for your daily fantasy baseball lineup. These picks are chosen based on a combination of player performance, matchup analysis, and other relevant factors to maximize your chances of scoring points in your DFS contests.

Q2: How do I make MLB DFS Picks for Today’s Games?

A: To make effective MLB DFS picks for today’s games, you’ll need to research player statistics, recent performance, matchup data, and other relevant information. Analyzing factors like a player’s recent form, the opposing pitcher’s strengths and weaknesses, ballpark factors, and recent trends can help you make informed decisions.

Q3: Where can I find MLB Fantasy Picks for Today?

A: You can find MLB fantasy picks for today on various sports websites, fantasy sports platforms, and DFS content providers. These sources often offer expert analysis and recommendations for players to consider in their lineups for the day’s games.

Q4: What is the Difference Between MLB DraftKings Picks and MLB FanDuel Lineup?

A: MLB DraftKings Picks and MLB FanDuel Lineup both refer to players you select for DFS, but they are tailored for different DFS platforms. DraftKings and FanDuel have slightly different scoring systems and lineup requirements, which can influence the types of players you prioritize in your selections.

Q5: How Can I Improve My MLB DFS Picks Today?

A: Improving your MLB DFS picks involves a combination of research, analysis, and strategy. Pay attention to player stats, recent performance trends, injuries, and matchups. Diversify your lineup, consider player pricing, and look for value picks that can outperform their cost.

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