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MLB DFS Top Plays for Tuesday 8-22-23

mlb dfs top plays

Welcome to our rundown of the top MLB DFS hitters for the upcoming Tuesday, August 22nd, 2023. As we dive into the matchups and statistics, we’ll identify the standout players who are primed to make a significant impact on your fantasy lineup. Let’s jump right in.

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Matt Olson: A Powerhouse against Righties

Matt Olson has been an undeniable force at the plate this season, particularly when facing right-handed pitchers. With an impressive 34 home runs, a .399 on-base percentage (OBP), a .344 isolated power (ISO), and a stellar 165 weighted runs created plus (wRC+), Olson has consistently proven his dominance. When pitted against righties, his prowess is truly remarkable, making him a strong contender for your DFS lineup.

Ji-Hwan Bae: A Lineup-Driven Punt

Ji-Hwan Bae holds a unique position as a lineup-driven punt player, often leading Pittsburgh’s order. While not boasting the power numbers of some other hitters, Bae’s strategic role in the lineup makes him an intriguing option for DFS players seeking a calculated risk.

Riley Adams: A Rising Star

Catcher Riley Adams is having an exceptional season, making him an appealing choice for your lineup. His recent performance has been outstanding, slashing .400/.478/.600 in his last five games. His impressive numbers against left-handed pitchers, combined with his strong showing since the All-Star break, indicate that Adams is a player on the rise, ready to contribute significantly against Carlos Rodon.

Austin Riley: A Right-Handed Pitching Nightmare

Austin Riley has been a nightmare for right-handed pitchers in the 2023 season. With 22 home runs, a .339 OBP, a .222 ISO, and a 123 wRC+, Riley’s ability to consistently challenge righties makes him an attractive pick. His performance against pitchers who favor their right arm is a testament to his batting prowess.

Bryan Reynolds: A Dual Threat

Bryan Reynolds brings a dual threat to the plate, showcasing both power and speed. With 16 home runs, six stolen bases, a .338 OBP, a .240 ISO, and a 124 wRC+, Reynolds presents a well-rounded skill set that can have a significant impact on your lineup.

Adley Rutschman: The Switch-Hitting Advantage

Switch-hitter Adley Rutschman shines when facing left-handed pitchers. His impressive .297/.408/.484 slash line against lefties underscores his ability to exploit this matchup. Against Yusei Kikuchi, Rutschman’s strengths align well with the Orioles’ overall performance against left-handed pitchers, making him a player to watch.

Jack Suwinski: A Night Game Specialist

Jack Suwinski has demonstrated a knack for excelling in night games. While his recent performance may not be the strongest, his historical data against right-handed pitchers suggests that he can make a comeback against Adam Wainwright. Suwinski’s success under specific conditions, combined with the matchup, positions him as a calculated pick for your lineup.

Lane Thomas: Capitalizing on Opportunities

Lane Thomas steps up against left-handed pitchers, with a strong slash line of .349/.394/.599 against them for the season. His consistency and recent performance make him an appealing choice against Carlos Rodon in a matchup that favors the Nationals.

J.P. Crawford: The Leadoff Punt

J.P. Crawford holds the coveted leadoff spot for the Mariners, offering a prime punt option for DFS players. His ability to get on base, with a .400 OBP against righties, makes him a valuable addition to your lineup, especially considering his role setting the tone for the Mariners’ offense.

DJ Stewart: Heating Up in Atlanta

DJ Stewart enters an anticipated high-scoring game against Bryce Elder and the Braves in Atlanta. With favorable conditions, Stewart’s recent performance, including four home runs and seven RBI in his last five games, positions him as a top choice to capitalize on this matchup.

In conclusion, the MLB DFS landscape for Tuesday, August 22nd, 2023, presents an array of top hitters ready to deliver significant value to your lineup. By strategically assessing player strengths and exploiting favorable matchups, you can craft a winning combination that propels you to DFS success.

Remember, these insights are designed to guide your decisions, but as always, the unpredictable nature of baseball adds an exciting element of uncertainty to the game. Good luck and enjoy the action!

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