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MLB DFS Top Plays for Tuesday 8/29/23

mlb dfs top plays

Welcome to our MLB DFS Top Plays article for Tuesday 8-29-23. Let’s delve into the stats and strategies that will guide us toward the most formidable hitters for your fantasy lineup. Our seasoned analysis will unearth the gems that could potentially drive your success in DraftKings and FanDuel contests. So, without further ado, let’s explore the MLB DFS Top Hitters for Tuesday, August 29, 2023.

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Matt Olson – 1B, OAK vs. Righties

Dominating the Diamond

Our first contender, Matt Olson, has been an absolute powerhouse against right-handed pitchers this season. With an impressive 34 homers, a commanding .400 OBP, and a scorching .341 ISO in 437 plate appearances, Olson’s prowess is undeniable. His 166 wRC+ further solidifies his stature as one of the DFS top hitters. His ability to capitalize on righties makes him a prime choice for your DFS roster.

Jose Altuve – 2B, HOU vs. Brayan Bello

Astros’ Batting Dynamo

Jose Altuve’s prowess at the plate has been a driving force for the Houston Astros. Going head-to-head against Brayan Bello, Altuve’s strategic finesse is expected to shine through. The Astros’ impressive batting stats, boasting a .257/.330/.427 slash line for the season, firmly establish their batting might. With a .217 ISO and a 149 wRC+, Altuve and the Astros are poised to make a mark against Bello and the Red Sox. The potential for another explosive performance is undoubtedly on the cards.

Kyle Tucker – OF, HOU vs. David Peterson

Thriving on the Road

Kyle Tucker’s ability to deliver when it matters most is evident in his performance on the road this year. With a commendable 12 homers, a remarkable .403 OBP, and a solid .284 ISO in 194 plate appearances against righties, Tucker has consistently proven his mettle. The Astros’ resilience in high-stakes situations bodes well for Tucker’s chances to leave a significant impact on today’s contest.

Sean Murphy – C, ATL vs. David Peterson

Coors Field Advantage

A trip to Coors Field undoubtedly places Sean Murphy at an advantage. His outstanding .636/.636/1.00 slash line in three games against Colorado this year demonstrates his comfort in this environment. The Braves’ recent performance, with a 0.235 ISO and a 141 wRC+ in the last 30 days, adds to Murphy’s potential to deliver big for your DFS lineup. Whether stacking up in cash games or seeking strategic differentiators in tournaments, Murphy’s prowess cannot be ignored.

Marcell Ozuna – OF, ATL vs. Gavin Williams

Power Unleashed

Marcell Ozuna’s recent record of 10 homers, a staggering .439 OBP, and an impressive .386 ISO in the last 30 days speaks volumes about his current form. Facing off against Gavin Williams and the Guardians, Ozuna’s power-hitting capabilities could prove pivotal. Williams’ metrics suggest an opportunity for Ozuna to capitalize, making him a compelling choice for your DFS lineup.

Matt Wallner – OF, MIN vs. Ken Waldichuk

Home Advantage

Matt Wallner’s proficiency against righties at home is a remarkable asset. With seven homers, a commanding .427 OBP, and a solid .350 ISO in 96 plate appearances, Wallner’s prowess is undeniable. The Mariners’ performance against lefties, with a .262/.333/.422 slash line, positions Wallner as a prime candidate for exploitation. With Seattle’s resurgence, Wallner’s potential to contribute significantly to your DFS roster is on the rise.

Alex Verdugo – OF, BOS vs. J.P. France

Lefty Powerhouse

Alex Verdugo’s consistency against right-handed pitchers has been a notable asset for the Boston Red Sox. Sporting a robust .294/.349/.490 slash line against righties this season, Verdugo’s proficiency is unquestionable. His recent accomplishments against Houston and his sizzling form add to his appeal. Verdugo’s performance could serve as a cornerstone for your DFS lineup, delivering consistent points without overthinking the decision.

Nolan Jones – OF, COL vs. Charlie Morton

Rockies’ Rising Star

Nolan Jones’ standout performance this season showcases his capability to deliver under pressure. With a .275/.354/.494 slash line for the season and a recent .278/.350/500 performance, Jones is on the rise. Although the Rockies’ overall metrics have slid in the last 30 days, Jones’ individual performance remains a bright spot. While considering your DFS lineup, keep a keen eye on Jones, who’s poised to make a substantial impact against Charlie Morton and the Braves.

Ezequiel Duran – 2B, NYY vs. Lefties

Dynamic Against Southpaws

Ezequiel Duran’s prowess against left-handed pitchers has been nothing short of spectacular. With eight homers, a solid .339 OBP, and a formidable .258 ISO in 165 plate appearances against lefties, Duran is a force to be reckoned with. His proficiency against this subset of pitchers makes him a valuable asset for your fantasy lineup.

Conclusion: Crafting Your Winning Lineup

As we navigate the intricate landscape of MLB DFS, each player’s strengths and recent performances stand as crucial indicators. The selection process involves a blend of statistics, strategic insight, and intuition. Whether you’re targeting the formidable power of Matt Olson, the consistency of Alex Verdugo, or the rising star Nolan Jones, remember that crafting a winning DFS lineup requires a well-rounded approach. So, take these insights, infuse them with your strategic brilliance, and get ready for an exhilarating day of Major League Baseball action.

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