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MLB DFS Top Plays for Wednesday 7-26-23

MLB DFS Top Plays

MLB DFS Top Plays for Wednesday 7-26-23

Welcome to our MLB DFS Top Plays article for Wednesday 7-26-23. We understand the significance of finding those hidden gems that can make all the difference in securing a winning lineup. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the players who hold the key to DFS success on this exciting Wednesday.

Cody Bellinger: A DFS Heaven Awaits

When it comes to MLB DFS, few matchups seem as promising as Cody Bellinger taking on Lance Lynn. The numbers speak for themselves: In 189 plate appearances against righties this year, Bellinger boasts seven homers, four stolen bases, a .349 OBP, .189 ISO, and a remarkable 123 wRC+. On the flip side, Lynn has struggled against lefties, conceding a dismal .402 OBP, .653 SLG, and a woeful .441 wOBA to 244 southpaws in 2023.

Bellinger’s resurgence has been nothing short of spectacular, bringing both counting stats (14 homers, 12 stolen bases) and a stellar .314 batting average and .363 OBP. Wednesday presents an ideal matchup for the lefty slugger, with Lynn sporting a troublesome 6.18 ERA primarily due to his struggles against left-handed batters. Southpaws have teed off against him, registering a .338 batting average and 18 home runs.

DFS players looking to stack against Lynn should keep Bellinger as their top choice. He has hit safely in 23 of his last 26 games, recording seven homers and 14 multi-hit efforts during that impressive span. With a formidable slash line of .314/.363/.540 and 14 homers, coupled with 12 stolen bases this season, Bellinger is an undeniably attractive pick for today’s slate.

Chas McCormick: A Hidden DFS Gem

While not a name that jumps off the page at first glance, Chas McCormick is proving to be a DFS revelation. With a .282/.369/.531 slash line, 13 homers, and 11 stolen bases, McCormick’s contributions should not be overlooked. His prowess against left-handed pitching is particularly noteworthy, boasting a staggering .683 slugging percentage against southpaws this season and an impressive .574 for his career.

Pitching against McCormick today is Andrew Heaney, who hasn’t quite found his groove away from Chavez Ravine. With a 5.09 FIP this season, Heaney has allowed right-handed hitters to knock 17 of the 18 homers he’s given up. McCormick, riding a hot streak, has hit safely in 10 of his last 12 games, including five home runs in his last 10 appearances.

Consider McCormick as a valuable addition to their lineup, especially with his remarkable numbers against lefties and Heaney’s struggles against right-handed hitters.

Kyle Tucker: A Lefty-Slayer

Kyle Tucker‘s dominance against left-handed pitching is undeniable. In 559 plate appearances against lefties since 2021, Tucker has posted a .332 OBP, .253 ISO, and a superb 137 wRC+. Today, he faces Andrew Heaney, who has shown vulnerabilities against left-handed batters, allowing a .324 wOBA to them this season.

For DFS players, Tucker presents an attractive option, particularly when facing a pitcher whose Achilles’ heel lies in handling left-handed hitters. With Tucker’s impressive track record against lefties, he becomes an alluring choice to stack up against Heaney and his struggles.

Matt Olson: A Powerhouse Performer

As the National League home run leader, Matt Olson is a no-brainer for any DFS lineup. His .253/.360/.571 slash line this season is backed by formidable underlying metrics, including a .561 xSLG, .380 xwOBA, 56.8% hard-hit rate, 18.5% barrel rate, and an impressive 94.7 mph average exit velocity.

Facing Brayan Bello, who has recently been plagued by the long ball, Olson should be salivating at the opportunity to add to his home run tally. Bello has given up six home runs in his last three outings, suggesting his surface numbers might be deceiving. Left-handed hitters, in particular, have fared well against Bello, slugging .460 with a .354 wOBA.

For DFS players seeking a formidable slugger with immense power potential, Olson stands tall as a top choice.

Jose Abreu: A Reawakened Force

After a tough start to the season, Jose Abreu has found his footing. In 184 plate appearances since June 1, Abreu has recorded seven homers, a .321 OBP, .178 ISO, and an encouraging 113 wRC+. Against lefties since 2021, Abreu holds a .353 OBP, .207 ISO, and 131 wRC+, reinforcing his ability to deliver when it matters most.

Going up against a struggling Carlos Rodon, Abreu could capitalize on the pitcher’s recent struggles. Rodon has posted a 5.78 xERA and 6.28 xFIP through three outings this season, indicating a potential vulnerability for hitters. DFS players looking for a revitalized and productive bat should consider Abreu for today’s slate.

Francisco Lindor: A Dynamic Shortstop

Though Francisco Lindor hasn’t met all expectations this season, he remains a formidable producer on the field. Carrying a .466 xSLG, 45.2% hard-hit rate, .347 xwOBA, 91.6 mph average exit velocity, and an impressive 11.7% barrel rate, Lindor has the tools to make an impact.

His proficiency against left-handed pitching is evident, slugging .491 with a .264 ISO. Despite Carlos Rodon‘s past accomplishments, he has struggled this season, posting a 5.38 xERA and a 5.41 xFIP. Right-handed hitters have particularly troubled Rodon, slugging .488 against him.

DFS players in need of an exciting shortstop with the potential to deliver big numbers should strongly consider Lindor for today’s lineup.

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Zack Gelof: A Promising Prospect

For those seeking a punt-level pricing option with promising potential, Zack Gelof fits the bill. His impressive OPS in Double-A and Triple-A last year, coupled with a strong OPS against lefties in Triple-A this season, make him an intriguing prospect.

Wilmer Flores: Riding the Hot Streak

Wilmer Flores is currently on a hot streak, hitting safely in 13 of his last 14 games, including five home runs. His overall slash line of .292/.355/.534, along with 13 home runs, showcases his offensive prowess.

Hogan Harris will be facing Flores today, and though Harris has not been dreadful, his numbers suggest vulnerability. With a 6.11 ERA, a 4.37 xERA, and a 5.10 xFIP, Harris might provide opportunities for hitters. Flores, in particular, boasts a .223 ISO against left-handed pitchers this season, making him a compelling pick for today’s slate.

Aledmys Diaz: A Suitable Option

Aledmys Diaz presents a decent lineup option today, enjoying the platoon advantage against his opposition. His 98 wRC+ against lefties since 2021 might not be eye-popping, but considering the slate’s limited options, Diaz offers a serviceable choice for filling out your roster.

Ramon Laureano: A Cost-Effective Power Bat

Ramon Laureano emerges as a viable dirt-cheap option for those looking to fill a roster spot without breaking the bank. With a .458 slugging percentage against southpaws this season and a solid .446 for his entire career, Laureano brings a 120 wRC+ to the table. His opponent, Alex Wood, is having a subpar season, and his metrics indicate he could be prone to giving up big hits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is MLB DFS, and how does it work? A: MLB DFS stands for Major League Baseball Daily Fantasy Sports. It’s a fantasy sports game where participants create virtual lineups of real-life MLB players and earn points based on their performance in actual games. The goal is to assemble the most productive lineup within a budget to outscore other participants and win cash prizes.

Q: When should I set my MLB DFS lineup for today’s slate? A: It’s crucial to stay updated with the latest news and player updates leading up to game time. Keep an eye on any last-minute injuries or lineup changes that could affect your selections. It’s generally advisable to set your lineup as close to game time as possible to ensure you have the most current information.

Q: How can I maximize my chances of winning in MLB DFS? A: Building a winning MLB DFS lineup requires a combination of research, analysis, and a bit of luck. Pay attention to player matchups, recent performance, and underlying metrics. Look for players facing favorable pitchers or those with a history of success against specific types of pitchers. Diversify your lineup, consider stacking players from high-scoring teams, and stay disciplined with your budget.

Q: Should I focus on star players or seek out value plays in MLB DFS? A: A balanced approach is often the key to success in MLB DFS. While star players can deliver big points, finding value plays (underrated or cheaper players with favorable matchups) can also be crucial. A roster mix of both star power and value picks can give you an edge and help you stay within your budget.

Q: What are the key stats I should look for when selecting MLB DFS players? A: When evaluating players, focus on stats like OBP (On-Base Percentage), SLG (Slugging Percentage), ISO (Isolated Power), wRC+ (Weighted Runs Created Plus), and xSLG (Expected Slugging Percentage). These metrics provide valuable insights into a player’s offensive capabilities and potential for scoring points in DFS.

Q: Is it better to stack hitters from the same team in my MLB DFS lineup? A: Stacking hitters from the same team can be an effective strategy, especially if the team has a high-scoring offense. When multiple hitters from the same team have a strong game, your lineup can earn points in bunches. However, always consider player matchups and ensure that the players you stack have a history of success against the opposing pitcher.

Q: Can I participate in MLB DFS contests if I’m new to fantasy sports? A: Absolutely! MLB DFS is accessible to players of all experience levels. Many platforms offer beginner-friendly contests with lower entry fees and softer competition. Take advantage of these opportunities to get familiar with the game, learn strategies, and have fun without breaking the bank. As you gain experience and confidence, you can gradually move up to more competitive contests.

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