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MLB DFS Top Plays for Wednesday 8-23-23

MLB DFS Top Plays

Welcome to this comprehensive breakdown of the top hitters for your MLB DFS lineup on Wednesday, August 23, 2023. We’ve scoured the statistics and analyzed the matchups to bring you the most compelling choices for your DraftKings and FanDuel lineups. Let’s dive in and explore the standout players who are poised to deliver big points and help you dominate your DFS contests tonight.

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Austin Riley: Dominating Lefties

One name that stands out in the realm of DFS top hitters is Austin Riley. His prowess against left-handed pitchers is undeniable. Over the span of his last 423 plate appearances since 2021, Riley boasts an impressive .359 On-Base Percentage (OBP), .255 Isolated Power (ISO), and a staggering 142 weighted Runs Created Plus (wRC+). His consistency against southpaws makes him a prime candidate for stacking in your lineup.

Mookie Betts: A Phenomenal Season Unveiled

Undoubtedly, Mookie Betts is a force to be reckoned with. His outstanding performance this season has been nothing short of exceptional. With a slash line of .300/.397/.598 and a remarkable 165 wRC+, Betts is a DFS top hitter worth considering. His xSLG of .582, a 92.6 MPH average exit velocity, and a 49.7% hard-hit rate only add to his credentials. Keep an eye out for him to break records as he inches closer to his career-high home run mark.

Jose Altuve: Southpaw Specialist

When it comes to facing left-handed pitchers, Jose Altuve is a standout performer. His .374 OBP, .230 ISO, and 151 wRC+ over 442 plate appearances since 2021 underline his effectiveness against southpaws. This makes him a valuable addition to any DFS lineup targeting matchups against left-handed pitching.

Aaron Judge: Power Unleashed

Despite dealing with injuries, Aaron Judge remains a force in the batter’s box. His .276/.407/.617 slash line, accompanied by 24 home runs and a 176 wRC+, showcases his power-packed season. Judge’s impressive xSLG of .746, a 97.4 MPH average exit velocity, and a 28.2% barrel rate indicate his ability to consistently crush the ball. He’s a prime candidate for stacking, especially against pitchers vulnerable to right-handed hitters.

Marcell Ozuna: Finding His Groove

Marcell Ozuna has found his rhythm at the plate, evident from his recent performances. With a .320 ISO and a stellar 166 wRC+ over his last 111 plate appearances, Ozuna is a player to watch. His consistency and ability to drive in runs make him a viable option for stacking.

Justin Turner: Age is Just a Number

Age hasn’t slowed down Justin Turner, who continues to impress at almost 39 years old. His .290/.357/.487 slash line, along with 20 home runs and a 127 wRC+, is a testament to his skill. Turner’s prowess against right-handed pitchers, boasting a .466 slugging percentage, makes him an intriguing option for your DFS lineup.

Lane Thomas: Breakout Season Continues

Lane Thomas is making waves with his breakout season. Slashing .288/.335/.480 with 20 home runs and 15 stolen bases, he’s proving to be a dynamic player. A matchup against vulnerable pitcher Luis Severino only adds to Thomas’s appeal. Severino’s high xERA and susceptibility to hard hits make Thomas an attractive stacking option.

Brandon Belt: Capitalizing on Right-Handed Pitching

Brandon Belt‘s performance against right-handed pitchers in 2023 has been noteworthy. With 13 home runs, a .378 OBP, .229 ISO, and 140 wRC+ over 315 plate appearances, Belt excels against righties. His ability to capitalize on favorable matchups makes him a valuable asset for your DFS lineup.

Vaughn Grissom: Lefty Specialist

Vaughn Grissom has showcased his ability to excel against left-handed pitchers, boasting a 114 wRC+ over 81 plate appearances. This specialized skill could be leveraged for strategic stacking in your lineup.

Yainer Diaz: Riding the Hot Streak

Yainer Diaz‘s recent performance has been nothing short of impressive. With a .337 OBP, .380 ISO, and an outstanding 179 wRC+ over his last 83 plate appearances, Diaz is riding a hot streak that shouldn’t be ignored. His ability to generate offense makes him a worthy addition to any DFS lineup.

Michael Busch: A Punt-Priced Gem

If you’re in search of a budget-friendly option, Michael Busch is an intriguing choice. While his MLB sample size is limited, his Triple-A numbers speak volumes. With a slash line of .323/.432/.615 and 24 home runs over 88 games, Busch’s potential is undeniable. As a top prospect, he offers excellent value for DFS players looking to maximize their lineups.

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