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MLB DFS Top Stacks for Friday 8-11-23

mlb dfs top stacks

Welcome to our MLB DFS Top Stacks article for Friday 8-11-23. In this edition, we delve into the optimal stacking choices for the upcoming Friday games, ensuring you’re armed with the insights you need to triumph in the daily fantasy arena. Let’s dive right in and explore the top MLB DFS picks for the day!

Atlanta Braves: Reigning Offense Juggernaut

The Atlanta Braves stand tall as a force to be reckoned with in tonight’s matchup. Armed with staggering statistics, they lead the charge in critical metrics. With a wRC+ of 121 and an ISO of .223 against right-handed opponents in 2023, the Braves exhibit their mettle. Their performance over the last 30 days is nothing short of extraordinary, ranking second in wRC+ at 133 and claiming the top spot in ISO at .246. Even on the road, the Braves maintain their dominance with a wRC+ of 118 and an ISO of .211.

Capitalizing on a prime matchup against the struggling Tylor Megill, whose 5.45 ERA, 6.38 xERA, and 5.17 xFIP reflect vulnerability, the Braves are poised to shine. Megill’s woes extend to both lefties and righties, surrendering a .362 wOBA to left-handed hitters and a .365 wOBA to their right-handed counterparts. As the game progresses and Megill exits, the Mets’ bullpen, with a 4.19 ERA, paves the way for the Braves’ continued dominance.

Los Angeles Dodgers: The Gomber Conundrum

Amidst the high-stakes clash, the Los Angeles Dodgers step into the spotlight against the enigmatic Austin Gomber. While Gomber has shown promise in recent starts, his overall track record hints at uncertainty. A career 4.85 ERA, coupled with a 5.25 FIP for the current season, raises questions about his sustainability. Even outside the confines of Coors Field, Gomber struggles, boasting a 5.35 ERA on the road since joining the Rockies.

The Dodgers’ lineup, led by the formidable Betts with a 1.087 OPS against lefties, showcases undeniable firepower. Smith’s .277/.383/.467 slash line as a catcher, along with his superior OPS against lefties, establishes his prowess. Outman, despite being a lefty, commands respect with his .766 OPS against southpaws. Against Gomber, the Dodgers’ left-handed hitters wield a .368 batting average, poised to exploit his vulnerabilities.

Philadelphia Phillies: Keuchel’s Vulnerability Exposed

Dallas Keuchel‘s journey back to the majors raises intrigue, but his underlying metrics cast shadows on his performance. Despite a 1.13 ERA in Triple-A, his 4.01 xFIP reveals a more nuanced picture. Keuchel’s struggles against right-handed batters are palpable, yielding a .403 OBP, .596 slugging, and .423 wOBA in 2022. Philadelphia’s right-handed hitters emerge as enticing prospects for DFS stacking against Keuchel.

While Keuchel’s recent outing might have sparked hope, his historical ERA of 6.35 over the previous two seasons evokes skepticism. The Phillies’ trio of Turner, Castellanos, and Bohm emerge as pivotal contributors. Turner’s multifaceted approach, highlighted by 12 homers, four triples, and 22 stolen bases, signals his impact potential. Castellanos, backed by an .889 OPS against lefties, and Bohm’s .896 OPS against lefties further bolster the Phillies’ offensive prowess.

Pittsburgh Pirates: Mini-Stacking Bargain Potential

Navigating the realm of DFS involves strategic allocation of resources. While the Pirates’ offense might not be a centerpiece for full stacking, mini-stacking presents an intriguing avenue. Andrew Abbott‘s recent performance showcases volatility, allowing 10 earned runs over two starts. The Pirates, with players like Ke’Brayan Hayes, Bryan Reynolds, Andrew McCutcheon, Connor Joe, and Henry Davis, present an opportunity to free up cap space without compromising on potential.

San Diego Padres: Capitalizing on Home/Road Splits

The San Diego Padres take center stage, and pitcher-specific metrics offer insights. Nelson’s alarming 8.01 ERA at home signifies underlying issues. The Padres’ trio, featuring Soto, Kim, and Grisham, exploits this vulnerability. Soto’s impressive .413 OBP and versatile hitting prowess make him a valuable asset. Kim’s contributions, backed by an .884 OPS on the road, align with his reputation. Grisham, boasting a balanced approach with 11 homers and 11 stolen bases, further compounds Nelson’s challenges.

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FAQ – MLB DFS Top Stacks for Friday 8-11-23

Q1: What does “stacking” mean in MLB DFS?
A1: Stacking refers to selecting multiple players from the same team for your DFS lineup. This strategy capitalizes on offensive synergies within a lineup to maximize potential points. When a team’s hitters collectively perform well, your lineup gains an advantage.

Q2: How do I determine the best teams to stack?
A2: Look for teams with high offensive metrics, such as wRC+ (Weighted Runs Created Plus) and ISO (Isolated Power). Teams with a favorable matchup against struggling pitchers or weak bullpens are also prime stacking candidates. Analyzing recent performance trends and player stats can guide your decision.

Q3: Why are the Atlanta Braves a top stacking choice?
A3: The Braves boast impressive offensive numbers across various splits, making them a force to be reckoned with. Their high wRC+ and ISO against right-handed pitchers, recent strong performance, and favorable matchup against a struggling pitcher make them a prime stacking option.

Q4: How should I approach the Los Angeles Dodgers’ stack against Austin Gomber?
A4: While Gomber has shown promise recently, his overall track record suggests vulnerability. The Dodgers, with their skilled lineup, present an opportunity to exploit Gomber’s weaknesses, especially against left-handed hitters. Focus on players with strong OPS against lefties.

Q5: Why target right-handed hitters against Dallas Keuchel of the Philadelphia Phillies?
A5: Keuchel has historically struggled against right-handed batters, evident from his elevated OBP, slugging, and wOBA against them. To exploit this weakness, stacking right-handed hitters from the Phillies offers significant potential for offensive production.

Q6: What is mini-stacking, and why consider it with the Pittsburgh Pirates?
A6: Mini-stacking involves selecting a few players from a team’s lineup rather than a full-stack. The Pirates might not be a top choice for full stacking, but choosing specific bargain hitters can free up salary cap space to invest in stronger stacks while still capturing potential points.

Q7: Can home/road splits impact stacking decisions?
A7: Yes, home/road splits can provide valuable insights into a player’s performance tendencies. While some noise exists, particularly bad splits can indicate vulnerabilities. It’s wise to consider these splits when constructing your lineup, as they can influence player production.

Q8: How can I utilize the San Diego Padres’ stack effectively against Nelson?
A8: Nelson’s troubling ERA at home suggests susceptibility. The Padres’ lineup, featuring players like Soto, Kim, and Grisham, who excel against righties and on the road, can capitalize on this vulnerability. Emphasize players with strong OPS in these situations.

Q9: Are these stacking choices guaranteed to succeed?
A9: No, DFS outcomes are inherently uncertain. While these stacking choices are based on thorough analysis, various factors can influence player performance in each game. Use this information as a foundation for your lineup decisions, but always exercise caution and consider diversifying your lineup.

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