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MLB DFS Top Stacks for Monday 8-14-23

mlb dfs top stacks

Welcome to our MLB DFS Top Stacks article for Monday 8-14-23. If you’re diving into the world of MLB DFS for Monday, August 14th, you’ve landed on the right page. We’ve got the lowdown on the most promising stacks that could potentially boost your lineup. Let’s dissect the matchups, strengths, and weaknesses of some top teams to help you make the most informed decisions. Here’s a breakdown of the MLB DFS top stacks for today:

Atlanta Braves: Hitting with Unstoppable Force

The Atlanta Braves have emerged as a consistent powerhouse in the DFS world, and for good reason. Their performance against right-handed pitchers in 2023 has been nothing short of impressive, boasting a first-place ranking in both wRC+ (122) and ISO (.224). What’s more, their domination isn’t limited to the long haul; over the past 30 days, they’ve maintained their first-place wRC+ (138) and ISO (.248).

Even on their home turf, the Braves show no signs of slowing down. They hold the second-highest wRC+ (128) and are perched atop the leaderboard with a first-place ISO (.242) at home this season. While Clarke Schmidt may not be a pushover on the mound, he’s not a top-tier starter that should deter gamers from stacking against him. The Braves are poised to capitalize on this matchup.

Diamondbacks: Coors Field Extravaganza

When a pitcher with a bloated 7.92 ERA steps onto the mound at Coors Field, it’s like an invitation to DFS enthusiasts to stack their lineup. Flexen’s vulnerability against both lefties and righties, with a .356 batting average against lefties and a .336 average against righties, opens the floodgates for stacking potential.

Carroll, a strong contender for NL Rookie of the Year, might have hit a minor slump, but his track record speaks for itself. With 21 homers and 36 stolen bases under his belt, a visit to Coors Field and a matchup against a righty could be just what he needs. The same goes for Marte, who combines speed and power and has impressive OPS numbers against right-handed pitchers and on the road. Walker’s prowess in hitting homers further enhances this stack’s appeal.

St. Louis Cardinals: Capitalizing on a Favorable Matchup

Facing off against lefty JP Sears, the St. Louis Cardinals find themselves in a promising position. Their 11th-place wRC+ (110) against lefties in 2023, combined with their seventh-place wRC+ (120) over the past 30 days, sets the stage for a potentially rewarding stack. Not to mention, they’ve maintained a solid fifth-place wRC+ (118) at home this season.

Sears, on the other hand, has been struggling, with an ERA of 5.19 and 5.28 xFIP in his previous five starts. He’s also given up a concerning 2.08 HR/9 during this stretch. The icing on the cake is the Cardinals’ matchup against Oakland’s bullpen, which boasts the highest ERA (5.50) in 2023. This creates a double whammy of stacking potential for DFS enthusiasts.

Padres: A Mix of Contact and Power

As Rodriguez, a young pitcher, grapples with the challenges of MLB hitters, the Padres see an opportunity to make contact count. With a 5.84 ERA and 1.58 homers allowed per nine innings, Rodriguez’s weaknesses are evident. Lefties hit .288 against him, while righties fare slightly better at .264. This setup aligns with the strengths of the Padres’ hitters.

Soto’s road prowess is notable, but his respectable .832 OPS at Petco Park makes him a contender. More importantly, his impressive 1.001 OPS against righties since 2021 adds a layer of confidence to this stack. Kim, a second baseman with a .381 OBP, 15 homers, and 27 steals, shines brightly in the DFS arena. Bogaerts, although experiencing a dip in performance, still boasts a solid .360 OBP against righties and a .356 OBP at home, making him a valuable addition.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to MLB DFS on Monday, 8-14-23, these top stacks hold immense potential to bolster your lineup. From the relentless force of the Atlanta Braves to the Coors Field advantage with the Diamondbacks, the favorable matchup for the St. Louis Cardinals, and the Padres’ mix of contact and power, the choices are plenty. Consider the strengths, weaknesses, and statistical advantages outlined above as you craft your winning lineup. Good luck, and may your DFS journey be fruitful!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do you stack MLB DFS?
A: Stacking in MLB DFS involves selecting multiple players from the same team’s lineup. This strategy leverages the potential synergy between teammates to maximize point-scoring opportunities. By stacking players who often bat consecutively, you increase the chances of accumulating runs and RBIs in your lineup.

Q: How to win 100k MLB DFS?
A: While winning a substantial prize like $100k in MLB DFS requires a mix of skill, strategy, and a bit of luck, there are a few key pointers to consider. Focusing on matchup analysis, staying updated on player news, diversifying your lineups, and exploring contrarian plays can all contribute to your chances of hitting a big payday.

Q: What are the MLB DFS sites?
A: Several popular platforms offer MLB DFS contests, including FanDuel, DraftKings, and Yahoo Daily Fantasy. These sites provide a variety of contest formats, entry fees, and prize pools, allowing DFS enthusiasts to tailor their experience to their preferences.

Q: What does DFS stand for in MLB?
A: DFS stands for “Daily Fantasy Sports” in the context of MLB. It refers to a type of fantasy sports game where participants draft a virtual lineup of real players for a specific day’s games. Points are awarded based on the players’ real-life performances, and participants compete against each other to achieve the highest score.

Q: Should you always stack in DFS?
A: Stacking in DFS is a viable strategy, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. Stacking can capitalize on favorable matchups and concentrated offensive production, but it’s essential to consider factors like opposing pitchers, player statistics, and game dynamics. Sometimes diversifying your lineup or employing a mini-stack can also be effective.

Q: What is stacking in DFS?
A: Stacking in DFS involves selecting multiple players from the same team in your lineup. The goal is to take advantage of the potential correlation between teammates’ performances. When a team has a strong offensive outing, stacked players can collectively contribute to higher point totals, increasing your chances of success in DFS contests.

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