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MLB DFS Top Stacks for Monday 8/28/23

mlb dfs top stacks

When it comes to the thrilling world of MLB DFS, optimizing your lineup with top stacks can be the game-changer you need for a victorious run. As we delve into the matchups for Monday, August 28th, 2023, let’s dissect the prime choices that are poised to rake in those precious points. From the scorching offense of the Atlanta Braves to the calculated prowess of the Seattle Mariners, we’ve got the inside scoop on the MLB DFS top stacks that should be on your radar.

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Atlanta Braves: Lighting Up the Scoreboard

Prepare for fireworks as the Atlanta Braves step onto the diamond. This MLB powerhouse boasts the best offense, and they’re set to face off against Austin Gomber. With a 5.48 ERA and a tendency to surrender home runs (1.65 HR/9), Gomber seems tailor-made for the Braves’ explosive lineup.

Dominance in All Arenas
The Braves shine across the board. They lead in wRC+ (135) and ISO (.235) against lefties this season, with even more impressive stats in the last 30 days (wRC+ 142, ISO .238). Their road performance doesn’t lag either, with a wRC+ of 121 and ISO of .215. The middle and lower order, while being budget-friendly, are more than capable of inflicting damage.

Coors Field Magic
As if the Braves needed an advantage, they get to flex their muscles at Coors Field. This hitter’s paradise could amplify their onslaught. Gomber’s dismal 7.06 ERA at home and his underwhelming strikeout rate could spell disaster for him against this formidable lineup.

Key Players to Watch

  • Ronald Acuna, Austin Riley, and Matt Olson form a dream trio if your budget permits.
  • Austin Riley‘s consistent performance against lefties with a .916 OPS adds to the power.
  • Ozuna’s .629 slugging percentage against southpaws and recent hot streak makes him a force to reckon with.

Seattle Mariners: Scorching the Bases

The Seattle Mariners, though lacking the luxury of Coors Field, are bringing the heat on this slate. With a sizzling .370 wOBA in the last 30 days, they’re a formidable stack option.

Value and Power Blend
While their stack might be a tad expensive, savvy mid-tier pitching options balance the equation. Their lineup, in sync and on fire, promises substantial returns.

Texas Rangers: Capitalizing on Megill’s Vulnerabilities

The Texas Rangers set their sights on Megill, whose inconsistencies between home and away games, along with a subpar ERA, present a prime stacking opportunity.

Megill’s Achilles’ Heel
Megill’s 6.06 ERA on the road and susceptibility to lefties (a .308 batting average against) create an opening for a potent lefty stack.

Players to Keep an Eye On

  • Kyle Seager‘s impressive OPS over 1.000 and consistent performance against righties make him a key asset.
  • Lowe’s solid OBP, doubles count, and .884 OPS against right-handed pitchers position him as a strong contributor.
  • Jankowski’s base-stealing prowess and decent averages offer a well-rounded option for your stack.

San Diego Padres: Capitalizing on Wainwright’s Struggles

The San Diego Padres get a chance to exploit Adam Wainwright‘s recent struggles. With a 12.19 ERA and a vulnerability to both lefties and righties, Wainwright might be the gift they’ve been waiting for.

Wainwright’s Woes
Wainwright’s dismal performances open the door for the Padres to stack their lineup with confidence.

Batters Ready to Shine

  • Machado’s history of performing against righties, combined with his recent home run spree, make him a prime candidate.
  • Soto’s OPS against righties and road games, coupled with his recent homer, suggest he’s primed for a solid showing.
  • Bogaerts, despite some struggles, remains a substantial contributor with his homers and stolen bases.

In the Quest for Victory: Choosing the Perfect Stack

As you gear up for the MLB DFS action on Monday, August 28th, 2023, remember that selecting the right stacks can make all the difference. From the Atlanta Braves’ explosive Coors Field visit to the Seattle Mariners’ red-hot momentum, and the Texas Rangers and San Diego Padres seizing the chance to exploit struggling pitchers, the field is ripe with opportunities. 

Maximize your potential by aligning your lineup with these expertly picked top stacks, and let the points flow. Happy DFS gaming!

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