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MLB DFS Top Stacks for Monday 8-7-23

mlb dfs top stacks

Welcome to our MLB DFS Top Stacks article for Monday 8-7-23. When it comes to MLB DFS, identifying the top stacks is crucial for maximizing your chances of success. In this article, we’ll explore three compelling stack options for Monday, August 7, 2023, featuring some of the hottest hitters in the league and their favorable matchups.

Texas Rangers at Oakland Athletics (Ken Waldichuk)

Overview: The Texas Rangers boast a top-shelf offense, making them an attractive choice for your DFS lineup. Facing off against left-handed pitcher Ken Waldichuk of the Oakland Athletics, the Rangers have an excellent opportunity to light up the scoreboard. Let’s take a closer look at why this stack is a must-consider for Monday’s slate.

Rangers’ Dominance Against Lefties: In the 2023 season, the Rangers rank second in wRC+ (weighted runs created plus) with an impressive score of 129 against left-handed pitchers. Over the past 30 days, they have maintained their offensive prowess, sitting third in wRC+ at 125. Additionally, their performance on the road has been commendable, ranking sixth in wRC+ at 106.

Ken Waldichuk’s Struggles: Waldichuk has struggled on the mound, evident from his 6.11 ERA and 4.59 xFIP in his last five appearances, three of which were starts. His performance has been particularly vulnerable against right-handed hitters, making the Rangers’ predominantly right-handed lineup well-suited to exploit his weaknesses.

Exploiting Oakland’s Bullpen: The Athletics’ bullpen has been a weak point this year, holding the dubious honor of having the highest bullpen ERA at 5.53. This further enhances the Rangers’ potential to pile on runs after Waldichuk’s departure.

Key Players in the Stack:

  • Corey Seager ($4,300): A powerful hitter with a .409 wOBA against lefties and a .512 ISO since the All-Star break.
  • Adolis Garcia ($3,700): A formidable slugger with a .390 wOBA and impressive performance against sliders.
  • Marcus Semien ($3,600): In great form, boasting an 1.028 OPS over the last three weeks.
  • Mitch Garver ($2,900): With an .867 OPS against left-handed pitchers since 2021, Garver is a solid option.

Summary: Though the late-night first pitch might deter some, the Texas Rangers’ stack offers a compelling combination of offensive prowess and a favorable matchup against Ken Waldichuk and the Athletics’ struggling bullpen. Consider loading up on Rangers hitters for a strong showing in your DFS lineup.

New York Yankees

Overview: The New York Yankees’ offense hasn’t been firing on all cylinders this season, but they could provide value in DFS contests given the circumstances of their opponent’s recent performance. On Monday, they’ll face off against an opposing pitcher coming off a disastrous outing, making them an enticing GPP stack.

Exploiting an Opponent’s Weakness: The key to this stack lies in capitalizing on the struggles of the opposing pitcher, who recently coughed up a significant number of runs in a short span. While the Yankees’ offense may not be the most potent, they have the potential to take advantage of a pitcher who could be mentally and physically impacted by their previous outing.

Targeting GPPs: For GPPs, taking calculated risks can lead to significant rewards. The Yankees’ stack offers an opportunity to differentiate your lineup from the pack by banking on the potential vulnerability of the opposing pitcher.

Atlanta Braves at Pittsburgh Pirates (Osvaldo Bido)

Overview: The Atlanta Braves have been one of the top-scoring offenses since the All-Star break, making them an excellent choice for DFS on Monday. They’ll face off against Pittsburgh Pirates’ pitcher Osvaldo Bido, who has had a challenging rookie campaign.

Bido’s Struggles Against Lefties: Bido’s 5.18 ERA and susceptibility to left-handed hitters, who have averaged .308 against him, present a golden opportunity for the Braves’ lefty-heavy lineup to exploit his weaknesses.

Braves’ Impressive Offense: Since the All-Star break, the Braves have averaged an impressive 6.0 runs per game. Furthermore, they excel against right-handed pitchers, boasting a league-leading .354 wOBA against them.

Key Players in the Stack:

  • Ronald Acuna ($4,700): A high-salaried slugger with a .478 wOBA since the All-Star break and a base-stealing threat against a catcher prone to allowing stolen bases.
  • Matt Olson ($4,500): Another powerful hitter with a .429 wOBA against righties and a standout .373 ISO in that split.
  • Austin Riley ($4,000): In stellar form, Riley owns a .444 wOBA since the All-Star break, making him a reliable option in the middle of the lineup.

Summary: The Atlanta Braves’ stack provides a blend of offensive firepower and a favorable matchup against Osvaldo Bido, making them an excellent choice for DFS on Monday. With key hitters like Acuna and Olson leading the charge, consider investing in the Braves’ potent lineup.

Milwaukee Brewers vs. Colorado Rockies (Peter Lambert)

Overview: While the Milwaukee Brewers may not have the most intimidating lineup, they have an advantageous matchup against Colorado Rockies’ pitcher Peter Lambert. This presents an opportunity for savvy DFS players to capitalize on a potentially underrated stack.

Lambert’s Vulnerability: Lambert’s 4.44 SIERA and inconsistent performances make him susceptible to giving up runs early, leading to an increased likelihood of facing the Rockies’ bullpen, which has struggled this season.

Christian Yelich as a Foundation: Christian Yelich, with his resurgence this season, anchors the Brewers’ lineup. His .394 wOBA against righties and strong form since the All-Star break make him a formidable choice for DFS rosters.

Sneaky Value Options: The Brewers feature several value options, including Sam Frelick and William Contreras, who have displayed solid performances recently. These low-salaried flyers could provide significant returns on your DFS investment.

Summary: The Milwaukee Brewers’ stack offers a combination of potential value plays and a favorable matchup against Peter Lambert and the Rockies’ bullpen. Consider adding Christian Yelich as the foundation of your lineup and rounding it out with promising value options for a sneaky yet compelling stack.

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FAQ – MLB DFS Top Stacks

1. What are MLB DFS Top Stacks? MLB DFS Top Stacks refer to a strategic approach in daily fantasy baseball where players group together hitters from a particular team known for their offensive prowess. These stacks aim to capitalize on favorable matchups against vulnerable pitchers, maximizing scoring potential and increasing the chances of DFS success.

2. Why should I consider stacking the Texas Rangers against Oakland Athletics? The Texas Rangers have an impressive offensive record against left-handed pitchers in the 2023 season, ranking second in wRC+ (weighted runs created plus) with a score of 129. Facing Oakland’s struggling lefty, Ken Waldichuk, and a weak bullpen, the Rangers’ stack presents a favorable opportunity for scoring points in DFS contests.

3. What makes the Atlanta Braves an attractive stack choice? The Atlanta Braves have been one of the highest-scoring offenses since the All-Star break, averaging 6.0 runs per game. Against Pittsburgh Pirates’ pitcher Osvaldo Bido, who has had a challenging rookie campaign and struggles against left-handed hitters, the Braves’ predominantly lefty lineup holds the potential to exploit his weaknesses and deliver big DFS points.

4. Why consider the New York Yankees as a GPP (Guaranteed Prize Pool) stack? While the New York Yankees’ offense may not have been the most potent this season, they face an opposing pitcher coming off a disastrous outing. Taking a calculated risk in GPPs can lead to significant rewards, and the Yankees’ stack presents a chance to leverage their opponent’s recent struggles for DFS success.

5. What makes the Milwaukee Brewers a sneaky yet compelling stack? The Milwaukee Brewers may not boast the most fearsome lineup in the league, but they have a favorable matchup against Colorado Rockies’ pitcher Peter Lambert, who has struggled with a 4.44 SIERA. With Christian Yelich as a reliable foundation and some low-salaried value options showing promise, the Brewers’ stack offers potential upside for savvy DFS players.

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