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MLB DFS Top Stacks for Saturday 8-12-23

mlb dfs top stacks

When it comes to MLB DFS, strategically assembling your lineup is a dance of statistics, matchups, and gut instincts. In this edition, we delve into the enticing top stacks for Saturday’s games, leveraging the power of data and analysis to guide you towards optimal choices that could pave the way for DFS victory. Let’s explore the potent stacks that could make your weekend in the virtual baseball realm a triumphant one.

Los Angeles Dodgers: A Cheat Code Against the Rockies

Opponent: Colorado Rockies
Projected Runs: 5+ per game

The Los Angeles Dodgers are akin to a well-calibrated war machine when they face off against the Colorado Rockies. This matchup is a DFS goldmine, and here’s why: The Rockies languish at 29th place in both ERA and WHIP, setting the stage for the Dodgers to wreak havoc. The anticipation of over five runs per game from the Dodgers is more than justified given their Top 3 rankings in homers, runs scored, and OBP. Facing Colorado Rockies’ starter Peter Lambert, who carries a less-than-stellar 5.57 ERA in 53 1/3 innings this season, the Dodgers are poised for a fireworks display.

Against right-handed pitching, the Dodgers boast enviable stats: the second-highest walk rate, OBP, and ISO, along with the third-highest SLG, OPS, and wOBA. Riding a six-game winning streak, the Dodgers are a force to be reckoned with, and Lambert’s unlikely to halt their momentum. Even at Dodger Stadium, this stack is one of the day’s most appealing options.

Lambert’s career ERA might have been more forgiving if not for the thin air of Coors Field, but his 15.7 percent career strikeout rate is less than impressive. Despite his slight improvement this season, with a 20.3 percent strikeout rate and a 5.57 ERA, his record as a starter remains a question mark. Load up your lineup with top Dodgers bats, with the potential need to allocate funds judiciously for a strong pitching lineup.

Houston Astros: Facing Tyler Anderson’s Challenges

Opponent: Tyler Anderson
ERA: 4.92, WHIP: 1.50

Tyler Anderson’s season has been a struggle, carrying over from his time in Colorado. This lefty pitcher faces an uphill battle against the Houston Astros, a righty-heavy lineup that could exploit his vulnerabilities. In his last three encounters with the Astros, Anderson’s ERA exceeded 5.00, and his WHIP flirted with 2.00. The signs are clear: it’s prime time for an Astros stack.

Comparing his performance to his surprising success with the Dodgers last year, Anderson’s ERA has nearly doubled, a red flag for any pitcher. His increased walk rate and diminished groundball rate spell trouble, setting the stage for the Astros’ big hitters to shine. While Anderson doesn’t exhibit substantial splits, the trio of Yordan Alvarez, Kyle Tucker, and other right-handed Astros can be counted on to deliver against him.

Tucker leads the pack with impressive stats, boasting a .415 wOBA, 170 wRC+, and .245 ISO against lefties, making him a strong inclusion. Alvarez, with a .398 wOBA, 158 wRC+, and .292 ISO, adds firepower to the lineup. Even Bregman, who hasn’t fared well against lefties this year, presents an opportunity to put balls in play and make his presence felt. With the Astros’ prowess against lefties, this stack is a beacon of potential points.

Diamondbacks: Rekindling Offensive Flames

Opponent: Rich Hill
Recent Runs Allowed: 8 in 8 innings

The Arizona Diamondbacks might have faced a recent dip in offensive performance, but this slump has rendered their prices appealing for DFS enthusiasts. Facing Rich Hill, who has allowed a concerning eight runs over his last eight innings, Arizona’s bats have a chance to reignite.

Christian Walker and Ketel Marte are standout choices for this stack. Walker boasts a .381 wOBA and a .309 ISO against lefties, while Marte brings a .378 wOBA to the table. The third player, likely to be Yuli Gurriel, contributes a solid .332 wOBA and a 106 wRC+. If Carson Kelly joins the lineup, his minimal price tag could provide value, although his appearance isn’t guaranteed after a previous night’s game.

Seattle Mariners: Capitalizing on Cole Irvin’s Vulnerabilities

Opponent: Cole Irvin
ERA: 5.44, WHIP: 1.50

The Seattle Mariners’ offensive performance this season might have fallen short of expectations, but a matchup against Cole Irvin of the Baltimore Orioles could be the catalyst they need. Irvin, with a 5.44 ERA and 1.50 WHIP this year, is a prime target for the Mariners’ right-handed hitters.

The Orioles lefty’s struggles align with his career averages, signaling a potential boon for Seattle’s potent right-side bats. As the Mariners look to exploit Irvin’s weaknesses, keep an eye on how their lineup shapes up against this opportune matchup.

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FAQs About MLB DFS Top Stacks

1. What exactly is a “stack” in MLB DFS?

A stack in MLB DFS refers to selecting multiple players from the same team’s lineup. By doing so, you capitalize on the synergy between these players when they’re up against a pitcher with vulnerabilities that suit their strengths. Stacking increases the chances of your lineup accumulating points when those players contribute to runs, hits, and other key statistical categories.

2. Why are the Los Angeles Dodgers a popular stacking choice?

The Los Angeles Dodgers consistently showcase a formidable lineup, making them a popular stacking choice. When facing teams with weaker pitching, like the Colorado Rockies in this case, the Dodgers’ powerful hitters have a high chance of driving in runs and producing valuable DFS points. Their strong performance across multiple statistical categories further cements their appeal as a reliable stacking option.

3. How can I maximize value with the Houston Astros stack?

The Houston Astros possess a righty-heavy lineup that excels against left-handed pitchers. When Tyler Anderson, a left-handed pitcher with vulnerabilities, is on the mound, the Astros’ hitters have an opportunity to exploit his weaknesses. Focusing on players like Yordan Alvarez, Kyle Tucker, and others who perform exceptionally well against lefties can help you maximize value within this stack.

4. Why consider the Diamondbacks stack despite recent offensive struggles?

Despite recent offensive struggles, the Arizona Diamondbacks’ lower prices provide an attractive option for DFS enthusiasts. Rich Hill’s recent performance, allowing eight runs in eight innings, offers an opening for the Diamondbacks to rebound. Players like Christian Walker and Ketel Marte, who excel against lefties, along with the potential inclusion of Yuli Gurriel, can make this stack a valuable choice for accumulating points.

5. What makes the Seattle Mariners stack intriguing against Cole Irvin?

The Seattle Mariners may have underperformed offensively, but facing Cole Irvin of the Baltimore Orioles presents an intriguing opportunity. Irvin’s struggles against right-handed hitters align with the Mariners’ lineup composition, which is predominantly right-handed. This alignment sets the stage for the Mariners’ hitters to exploit Irvin’s vulnerabilities and potentially rack up points in your DFS lineup.

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