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MLB DFS Top Stacks for Saturday 8-5-23

mlb dfs top stacks

Welcome to our MLB DFS Top Stacks article for Saturday 8-5-23. When it comes to MLB DFS, finding the right stacks can make all the difference in your success. In this article, we’ll delve into the most promising stacks that offer both high potential and favorable opportunities to boost your DFS picks.

St. Louis Cardinals (vs. Ty Blach)

One team that stands out with an excellent stacking potential is the St. Louis Cardinals, as they face the struggling Ty Blach of the Colorado Rockies. Blach has had a rough time on the mound, posting an alarming 7.28 ERA and a 1.69 WHIP over the last four years. While he may not be the worst pitcher out there, he certainly leaves room for the Cardinals’ potent lineup to exploit.

The Rockies’ pitching staff, especially with Blach in the mix, has been a nightmare with their 29th-ranked ERA and WHIP. The Cardinals hitters are poised to take advantage of this opportunity, boasting the highest walk rate and the eighth-highest HR/FB rate against left-handed pitching at home.

Players to Consider:

  • Lars Nootbaar ($4,400)
  • Paul Goldschmidt ($5,800)
  • Nolan Gorman ($3,900)

Despite some recent changes to their roster, the Cardinals still offer a cost-effective stack option by stacking the top-three hitters in the order. Blach’s limited strikeout potential plays to the Cardinals’ advantage, and they have the hitters to capitalize on his weaknesses.

Orioles vs. Tylor Megill

Finding strong stack options on this slate was a challenge, but the Baltimore Orioles present a compelling case against Tylor Megill of the New York Mets. Megill has struggled on the road with a 7.99 ERA and an unfavorable .388 wOBA and .870 OPS allowed to left-handed hitters.

The Orioles’ lineup is deep, and their potential stack is versatile. Keep an eye on their batting order to optimize your picks, as their offensive production can come from various positions. Among the standout players are:

Players to Consider:

  • Ryan Mountcastle
  • Anthony Santander
  • Ryan O’Hearn

Mountcastle and Santander have been in excellent form lately, producing impressive numbers, making them solid choices for your DFS stack. O’Hearn provides a budget-friendly option while still boasting solid numbers against right-handed pitchers.

Seattle Mariners (vs. Tyler Anderson)

The Seattle Mariners find themselves in a promising matchup against the Los Angeles Angels’ left-hander, Tyler Anderson. Despite a solid season last year, Anderson has struggled in 2023, carrying a 4.98 ERA and a 1.53 WHIP. This bodes well for the right-handed heavy Mariners lineup, especially considering Anderson’s recent shaky performance at Safeco Field.

While the Mariners may not be the most popular stack choice, they can offer significant upside, especially with their right-handed hitters stepping up to the plate.

San Francisco Giants (vs. Paul Blackburn)

The San Francisco Giants have been flying under the radar but have been quietly one of the best teams in baseball over the last two months. They face the Oakland Athletics, who rank last in both ERA and WHIP, making this a prime opportunity to stack some Giants hitters.

Paul Blackburn hasn’t provided much relief to the struggling A’s pitching staff, holding a 4.83 ERA and a 1.57 WHIP. The Giants’ lineup might not be the most star-studded, but they have proven their offensive prowess and ability to produce consistently.

Padres vs. Dodgers (Ryan Yarbrough)

Lastly, consider the San Diego Padres stack against Ryan Yarbrough of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Yarbrough’s inability to generate strikeouts could play right into the hands of the Padres’ talented lineup, capable of capitalizing on any pitching mistakes.

Though the Padres’ offense has shown some inconsistency, they still offer high-quality hitters who can create plenty of scoring opportunities. While stacking the Padres’ top of the order might come with a higher cost, it’s a worthwhile investment given their potential to explode against Yarbrough.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is MLB DFS Top Stacks? A: MLB DFS Top Stacks is a comprehensive analysis of the most promising stack options for daily fantasy baseball players. We carefully assess upcoming matchups and player performances to identify the best teams and lineups to stack, maximizing your chances of success in DFS contests.

Q: How do I use the Top Stacks information in my DFS lineup? A: Incorporating our MLB DFS Top Stacks insights into your lineup building process can greatly enhance your chances of winning. After reviewing the article, select players from the highlighted teams based on their matchups and recent performance. Consider the suggested players within each stack, as they are likely to deliver strong performances in their respective games.

Q: Why are stacks important in MLB DFS? A: Stacking in MLB DFS involves selecting multiple players from the same team, typically from the same batting order, to maximize potential scoring opportunities. When a team’s lineup collectively performs well, it can lead to a higher volume of runs and fantasy points. Stacking strategically can give you a competitive edge in DFS contests.

Q: Are these MLB DFS Top Stacks guaranteed to succeed? A: While our Top Stacks selections are carefully researched and backed by data, success in DFS is never guaranteed. Baseball can be unpredictable, and individual player performances may vary. It’s essential to consider other factors, such as player injuries, weather conditions, and late lineup changes, while constructing your DFS lineup.

Q: How often are MLB DFS Top Stacks articles published? A: We aim to provide MLB DFS Top Stacks articles regularly to help you stay up-to-date with the latest insights and opportunities. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to receive notifications whenever a new article is published.

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