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MLB DFS Top Stacks for Saturday 9/2/23

mlb dfs top stacks

Welcome to this comprehensive guide where we break down the top MLB DFS stacks for the upcoming Saturday, September 2nd, 2023. If you’re looking to dominate your DraftKings and FanDuel contests, you’re in the right place. We’ll analyze the matchups, players’ strengths, and potential pitfalls to help you make informed decisions and maximize your chances of success.

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Texas Rangers: Taking Aim at Dallas Keuchel

The Texas Rangers are stepping up to the plate against Dallas Keuchel, and this time, they’re geared up for success. After a challenging outing last week, the Rangers are ready to showcase their offensive prowess. Ranking third in OBP and runs scored, the Rangers have been consistently delivering double-digit runs, making them a formidable force. This spells trouble for Keuchel, who’s been grappling with a lackluster 6.13 ERA and 1.66 WHIP over the past three years.

However, let’s acknowledge the challenges. While the Rangers have been a bit cold recently, the top lineup salaries remain steady. Yet, Keuchel’s vulnerabilities come to light here. With a mere 7.8 K% and BB%, along with a 5.59 SIERA, he’s been an easy target for opposing hitters. Although he’s kept homers at bay, the Rangers possess the firepower to change that narrative. Expect the Rangers to capitalize on Keuchel’s weaknesses and put on a run-scoring spectacle.

Blue Jays at Rockies: Coors Field Boost

When the Blue Jays visit Coors Field to take on Ty Blach and the Rockies, fantasy points are practically guaranteed. Blach’s lackluster 4.67 FIP and paltry 4.88 strikeouts per nine innings paint a vivid picture of his vulnerabilities. Leveraging the Coors Field advantage, the Blue Jays have a golden opportunity to shine.

In this lineup, the righties stand out. With Springer’s balanced play, Guerrero’s power, and Merrifield’s average-stealing combo, the Blue Jays boast a versatile lineup. Coors Field’s reputation for favoring doubles hitters aligns perfectly with this stack’s strengths. Considering Blach’s 12.5 percent strikeout rate and a disappointing 5.20 SIERA, the Blue Jays are set to make the most of this favorable matchup.

Atlanta Braves: Ready to Dominate Emmet Sheehan

The Atlanta Braves are back in action, this time against Emmet Sheehan of the Los Angeles Dodgers. While Sheehan had an impressive debut, his performance has been less stellar lately. The Braves, known for their offensive prowess, have been consistent in delivering high-scoring games. Having secured victories in the first two games against the Dodgers, the trend is likely to continue.

Astros vs. Yankees: Severino’s Struggles

Luis Severino takes the mound for the Yankees against the Astros. Despite a couple of decent starts, Severino’s woes continue. His 6.64 ERA overall and an even higher 8.09 on the road highlight his vulnerabilities. Southpaw Severino’s struggles against lefties are an opportunity the Astros can’t afford to miss.

In this stack, Alvarez’s powerful left-handed slugging and Tucker’s all-around performance stand out. With Severino allowing 2.21 homers per nine innings this season, Bregman’s right-handed prowess is also set to shine. Despite Severino’s somewhat better performance against righties, his .273 allowed to them isn’t exactly a seal of quality.

Los Angeles Dodgers: Challenging Bryce Elder

Bryce Elder of the Atlanta Braves faces a tough challenge against the surging Los Angeles Dodgers. While Elder had a promising start, recent performances have seen his ERA rise to 5.79 across his last nine starts. This doesn’t bode well against the Dodgers, who have been setting the league ablaze with their run-scoring spree. If not for the Braves, the Dodgers would be leading the league in OBP and runs scored.

Toronto Blue Jays: Coors Field Redemption

The Toronto Blue Jays are ready to rebound at Coors Field, aiming to capitalize on the most hitter-friendly environment in baseball. After an underwhelming performance, the Blue Jays are projected to put up a strong offensive show against Ty Blach and the Rockies. Blach’s lackluster 6.49 ERA and 1.62 WHIP since 2019 provide the perfect opportunity for the Blue Jays to shine once again.

Final Thoughts

As we gear up for another exciting MLB DFS weekend, these top stacks stand out as prime opportunities for maximizing fantasy points. From the explosive Texas Rangers to the Coors Field advantage for the Blue Jays and beyond, each matchup brings its own potential for triumph. Keep a close eye on player stats, recent performances, and matchup dynamics to make informed decisions that will put you at the top of your DFS game. Good luck and may your stacks bring you success!

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