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MLB DFS Top Stacks for Sunday 5/7/23

mlb dfs top stacks

Welcome to our MLB DFS Top Stacks for Sunday, May 7, 2023 article, where we provide analysis and recommendations for building your daily fantasy baseball lineup. In this edition, we will focus on the upcoming games and delve into the matchups, highlighting the teams and players you should consider stacking to maximize your chances of success.

Marlins vs Hayden Wesneski

In today’s MLB DFS slate, the Miami Marlins are an interesting option as a top stack against the Chicago Cubs right-handed pitcher, Hayden Wesneski. The Marlins have several favorable matchups against Wesneski, and their performance against him could lead to a successful DFS lineup. In this analysis, we will discuss why the Marlins are poised to perform well against Wesneski, recommend players within the stack to target, and identify potential low-owned value plays that can differentiate your lineup in tournaments.

Hayden Wesneski, the right-handed pitcher for the Cubs, has a decent performance so far this season with a 2-1 record, a 4.45 ERA, and a 1.30 WHIP. However, the Marlins’ batters have a chance to exploit some weaknesses in Wesneski’s game. Several Marlins hitters have shown success against right-handers who heavily rely on the slider, which is a pitch Wesneski utilizes. 

For example, Jazz Chisholm has been slugging .630 in his last 113 plate appearances against such pitchers over the past two seasons. This suggests that Chisholm could have an advantage against Wesneski’s slider. Luis Arraez has also been performing well, slugging .542 in his last 83 at-bats. These strong performances by Chisholm and Arraez indicate their potential to excel against Wesneski and contribute to the Marlins’ offensive success

Recommended Players within the Stack

Based on the available data, Jazz Chisholm and Luis Arraez stand out as key players to consider targeting within the Marlins stack. Chisholm’s ability to slug against pitchers relying heavily on the slider makes him an enticing option. Arraez’s recent success at the plate further strengthens his case as a valuable player within the stack. Both players have the potential to deliver impactful performances and accumulate fantasy points in today’s game.

Low-Owned Value Plays

To differentiate your lineup in tournaments, it’s important to consider low-owned value plays. These are players who are expected to have low ownership percentages but possess the potential for strong performances. Within the Marlins stack, Jesus Sanchez and Nick Fortes are two players worth considering as low-owned value plays. While matchup data is limited for Sanchez, the available information favors him, indicating the possibility of an under-the-radar performance. Fortes has struggled against right-handers who heavily rely on the slider, but Wesneski’s performance against hitters like Fortes over the past two years suggests a potential for improvement. Both Sanchez and Fortes offer the opportunity to add diversity to your lineup and differentiate it from the more popular choices.

Overall, the Miami Marlins present a compelling option as a top stack against Hayden Wesneski, the Cubs right-handed pitcher. With favorable matchups against Wesneski and the potential for strong performances from players like Jazz Chisholm Jr. and Luis Arraez Jr. the Marlins have the tools to deliver a successful offensive output.

Considering low-owned value plays like Jesus Sanchez and Nick Fortes can help differentiate your lineup and increase your chances of success in tournament play. Keep an eye on these players and their performances as the game unfolds at Wrigley Field

Athletics vs Ryan Yarbrough

the Oakland Athletics are facing Ryan Yarbrough, a left-handed pitcher for the Kansas City Royals. Here is an analysis of the Athletics’ performance against Yarbrough and the recommended players to target in the stack:

  • Esteury Ruiz (OF, $3,200 DK Salary): Ruiz performs well in several matchup categories against Yarbrough
  • Brent Rooker (OF, $3,800 DK Salary): Rooker has a strong batting average when hitting on the road over the last year
  • Ramon Laureano (OF, $3,500 DK Salary): Laureano’s batting average against left-handers with similar flyball rates to Yarbrough is relatively low3.
  • Shea Langeliers (C, $3,400 DK Salary): Matchup data is limited but favors Yarbrough against Langeliers
  • Jesus Aguilar (1B, $2,400 DK Salary): Aguilar has a low batting average against left-handers with similar flyball rates to Yarbrough over the last two seasons
  • Kevin Smith (SS, $2,300 DK Salary): Smith has a high slugging percentage in his last 40 plate appearances against soft-throwing left-handed pitchers like Yarbrough over the last two seasons
  • Tony Kemp (2B/OF, $2,900 DK Salary): Kemp has a good OPS in his plate appearances against left-handers with low strikeout rates over the last two seasons
  • Carlos Perez (C, $2,000 DK Salary): Perez has a decent OPS in his plate appearances this season

Regarding Yarbrough, his recent performance has been inconsistent. He has given up multiple runs in his last few outings and has an ERA of 12.27 over the past month10. However, it should be noted that Yarbrough has been projected to have an ERA of 4.97 against pitchers with similar repertoires to him over the last year

Overall, while the Athletics have shown favorable matchup data against pitchers similar to Yarbrough, it’s important to consider that Yarbrough has had some success against them in the past. It’s also worth noting that the Kansas City Royals are given a 51% chance of winning the game according to DimersBOT’s predictive analytics model. Therefore, while the Athletics could still perform well against Yarbrough, it’s important to approach the matchup with caution.

As for low-owned value plays that could differentiate your lineup in tournaments, considering the recent performance and projections, Carlos Perez ($2,000 DK Salary) and Jordan Diaz ($2,200 DK Salary) could be potential low-owned value plays worth considering. 

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Phillies vs Tanner Houck

The Philadelphia Phillies are set to face off against right-handed pitcher Tanner Houck of the Boston Red Sox in their upcoming game. Let’s analyze why the Phillies may perform well against Houck and provide recommendations on players to target within the Phillies’ stack. 

Bryce Harper (OF): Harper has shown a strong track record against right-handers who heavily rely on sliders, similar to Houck’s pitching style. In his last 162 plate appearances against pitchers like Houck, Harper has an impressive slugging percentage of .860.

Kyle Schwarber (OF): Schwarber has been productive when facing right-handers with high groundball rates, which aligns with Houck’s pitching tendencies. Over his last 234 plate appearances against pitchers with similar profiles to Houck, Schwarber boasts a slugging percentage of .557. 

Trea Turner (SS): Turner has been performing well recently, demonstrating solid form at the plate. In his last 18 at-bats over the past five days, Turner has recorded an OPS of 1.038. 

Nick Castellanos (OF): Castellanos has struggled against right-handers with high strikeout rates, similar to the way Houck pitches. In his last 232 plate appearances against pitchers like Houck, Castellanos has a batting average of just .216.

Harper and Schwarber are recommended targets within the Phillies’ stack due to their success against pitchers with profiles similar to Houck. Turner could also be a strong option given his recent performance. However, Castellanos may not be the ideal choice considering his historical struggles against pitchers like Houck.

Recommended Low-Owned Value Plays

In addition to the recommended targets, it’s worth considering low-owned value plays to differentiate your lineup in tournaments. Here are a few options:

Brandon Marsh (OF): Marsh may not have had a strong performance recently, but he could be a valuable low-owned play if he breaks out of his slump.
Bryson Stott (2B): Stott has faced some struggles over the past five days, but if he can turn things around, he could provide value as a low-owned option.
Edmundo Sosa (3B): Sosa has a low weighted on-base average (wOBA) in his last 122 plate appearances against right-handers with high strikeout rates, similar to Houck’s style. However, if Sosa has a productive game, he could serve as a low-owned value play.

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