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MLB DFS Top Stacks for Sunday 8-20-23

mlb dfs top stacks

Welcome to a comprehensive analysis of the most promising MLB DFS top stacks for the upcoming Sunday, August 20, 2023 games. In this breakdown, we’ll delve into the matchups and players that offer the best potential for DFS success. From pitching weaknesses to standout hitters, we’ve got you covered with insights that can give you an edge in your DFS lineup construction.

St. Louis Cardinals: A Chance to Feast

The St. Louis Cardinals are facing a prime opportunity against Cookie Carrasco, who has seen better days on the mound. Carrasco’s current season has been anything but impressive, with a daunting 6.40 ERA and a 1.62 WHIP. Despite his struggles, he’s set to take the mound, making the Cardinals’ lineup an enticing prospect.

Key Players to Watch

  • Paul Goldschmidt: Despite a somewhat down year, Goldschmidt maintains a .273 average with 19 homers and 10 stolen bases. His performance against righties has been solid, boasting an OPS of .826.
  • Nolan Arenado: Arenado has been a consistent force, hitting .283 with 26 homers and 85 RBI. His prowess against righties is evident with an .852 OPS and an impressive .856 at home.
  • Tyler O’Neill: With 11 homers and six stolen bases, O’Neill brings both power and speed to the plate. His .778 OPS against righties makes him a potential contributor.
  • Tommy Edman: Edman’s versatility and speed can’t be overlooked. He has an .818 OPS against righties and can exploit Carrasco’s struggles.

New York Mets: Finding Opportunity

Despite the Mets’ season disappointments, they have some intriguing options against Hudson, who has been inconsistent on the mound.

Players to Consider

  • Pete Alonso: With 38 homers, Alonso’s power potential is palpable. While his average sits at .224, he has an OPS of .921 on the road, making him a candidate for a breakthrough performance.
  • Francisco Lindor: Lindor’s 22 homers and 21 stolen bases showcase his versatility. His .848 OPS on the road adds to his appeal.
  • Daniel Vogelbach: Against righties, Vogelbach has slugged .445 since 2021, accompanied by 36 homers. His limited playtime could yield great returns if he faces a right-handed pitcher.

Chicago Cubs: Capitalizing on a Struggling Lyles

Jordan Lyles’ struggles have been well-documented, and the Chicago Cubs are poised to exploit his woes.

Players Poised for Success

  • Cody Bellinger: With 20 homers and 17 stolen bases, Bellinger’s resurgence is evident. His .326 average and .375 OBP make him a strong contender for DFS lineups.
  • Nico Hoerner: Hoerner’s .283 average and 32 steals demonstrate his impact. His .814 OPS at home is an additional advantage against Lyles.
  • Ian Happ: A switch hitter, Happ boasts a .797 OPS against righties. His 14 homers and 10 steals this season add to his appeal against Lyles.

Texas Rangers: Taking Advantage of Houser’s Struggles

The Texas Rangers are poised to capitalize on a favorable matchup against Houser, who has struggled to keep runs off the board.

Players Set to Shine

  • Marcus Semien: Semien’s .278 average, 30 doubles, four triples, and 12 stolen bases make him a well-rounded contributor. His .836 OPS against righties and .854 OPS at home elevate his potential.
  • Brandon Lowe: Lowe’s .277 average and .382 OBP against righties highlight his consistency. His .878 OPS in the Rangers’ ballpark adds to his allure.
  • Travis Jankowski: Jankowski’s strength lies in his .286 average, .382 OBP, and 16 steals. His style of play aligns well with Houser’s weaknesses.

In conclusion, these MLB DFS top stacks for Sunday, August 20, 2023, offer a range of possibilities for DFS success. From exploitable pitching matchups to standout hitters, consider these insights as you craft your DFS lineup. Stay informed, assess player strengths and weaknesses, and you’ll be poised for a rewarding DFS experience.

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MLB DFS Top Stacks FAQ

Welcome to the MLB DFS Top Stacks FAQ section, where we address common questions and provide insights to help you understand the world of DFS top stacks in Major League Baseball. Whether you’re new to DFS or looking to refine your strategy, we’ve got you covered with answers to frequently asked questions.

What is an MLB DFS Top Stack?

An MLB DFS top stack refers to selecting multiple players from the same team’s batting lineup when building your Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) lineup. This strategy capitalizes on favorable matchups against a specific pitcher or pitching staff to maximize potential scoring opportunities.

Why Should I Consider Using Top Stacks in MLB DFS?

Top stacks offer several advantages in MLB DFS. By focusing on a particular team’s lineup, you increase the chances of benefiting from collective offensive performance. If a team faces a struggling pitcher or plays in a hitter-friendly ballpark, the potential for runs, hits, and RBIs is amplified when you stack their players.

How Do I Identify a Favorable Top Stack?

To identify a favorable top stack, consider factors like the opposing pitcher’s ERA, WHIP, recent performance, and handedness (left- or right-handed). Also, analyze the ballpark factors, such as its dimensions and historical scoring trends. Look for teams with strong hitting stats in categories like on-base percentage (OBP), batting average (BA), and slugging percentage (SLG).

Should I Always Choose the Highest-Scoring Team for a Top Stack?

Not necessarily. While high-scoring teams are appealing, focusing solely on them may result in higher ownership percentages, reducing your lineup’s uniqueness in tournaments. Balance is key. Look for teams with favorable matchups that might be overlooked, as they can offer better value and differentiation.

Is It Wise to Stack Players from the Same Team in Cash Games?

In cash games (head-to-head and 50/50 contests), a more balanced approach is often recommended. While stacking can work well in tournaments, where you’re aiming for higher upside, cash games prioritize consistent scoring. However, strategically pairing a couple of players from a favorable matchup can still be beneficial.

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