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MLB DFS Top Stacks for Thursday 8-4-23

mlb dfs top stacks

Welcome to our MLB DFS Top Stacks article for Thursday 8-3-23. When it comes to MLB DFS, constructing a winning lineup is all about finding the perfect combination of players. One strategy that has proven to be effective is stacking players from the same team, leveraging their collective strengths to maximize scoring potential. In this article, we’ll explore some of the top MLB DFS stacks for Thursday, August 3, 2023, featuring the most promising matchups and players to target. Let’s dive in!

Cincinnati Reds

The Cincinnati Reds may not boast impressive full-season numbers against right-handed pitchers, but their lineup has seen an infusion of young talent throughout the season. This mix of high-end hitters and depth makes them a fascinating stack option. With seven projected starters sporting at least a 102 wRC+ against righties and five of them surpassing a 115 wRC+, they pose a considerable threat to any pitcher they face.

On Thursday, the Reds are set to square off against Jameson Taillon of the Cubs. While Taillon has showcased a 1.78 ERA in his previous four starts, a closer look at his 4.46 xFIP during that span suggests that he may not be as dominant as his ERA suggests. This matchup provides a fantastic opportunity for gamers to capitalize on the Reds’ hitting prowess.

Top Players to Target for the Reds Stack: Joey Votto – Will Benson – Jake Fraley 

Taillon has shown some vulnerability against left-handed hitters, allowing a .388 wOBA against them this season. This bodes well for the Reds stack, especially when facing Taillon’s kryptonite—lefties have accounted for 11 out of the 14 home runs he’s surrendered this year. Fraley, who already achieved a career-high with 15 home runs, will be a significant threat to Taillon’s pitching.

Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs have been on fire, averaging 7.9 runs per game over their last 12 outings. Luke Weaver, the starting pitcher for the Reds in this matchup, holds a concerning 6.80 ERA this season, making the Cubs an even more enticing stack option. Moreover, Weaver’s 1.60 WHIP indicates that he’s been far from dominant, and the Cubs lineup has the potential to capitalize on this.

Top Players to Target for the Cubs Stack: Dansby Swanson – Cody Bellinger – Ian Happ 

Bellinger has spearheaded the Cubs’ offensive surge, boasting a formidable 141 wRC+, his best mark in years. Swanson, who has been on fire since returning from injury, has already slammed 16 home runs this season, while Happ and Bellinger both provide excellent options against Weaver’s pitching.

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Athletics

JP Sears of the Athletics is set to face the formidable Los Angeles Dodgers lineup. Sears has shown some vulnerabilities in his first full season as a starter, with a 5.19 FIP and a low 27.0% groundball percentage. His tendency to give up homers (1.93 per nine innings) makes him susceptible to the power-hitting Dodgers.

Top Players to Target for the Dodgers Stack: Freddie Freeman – Will Smith – Tyler Outman

Sears has struggled against left-handed hitters, allowing a .300 average against them. This sets up a prime opportunity for Freeman, who is having an MVP-caliber season, and Smith, a formidable catcher with a strong slash line. Outman, though experiencing some fluctuations in form, has a favorable matchup against Sears and shouldn’t be overlooked in this Dodgers stack.

Other Stacks to Consider

Pittsburgh Pirates
The Pirates may not be the most exciting stack, but they present a contrarian option with potential upside. Adrian Houser, the opposing pitcher, has shown vulnerability in recent starts, and the Pirates’ lefties and righties can exploit this matchup.

Minnesota Twins vs. Matthew Liberatore
Liberatore’s last major league appearance was less than stellar, and the Twins lineup, despite their propensity for strikeouts, has some powerful bats that can make an impact. Righties like Max Kepler and Edouard Julien could be excellent choices in this stack.

New York Yankees vs. Cristian Javier
Javier’s performance has dipped this year, making the Yankees lineup, with power hitters like Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton, an appealing stack option.

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FAQ – MLB DFS Top Stacks for Thursday 8-3-23

1. What are MLB DFS Top Stacks, and how can they benefit my lineup? MLB DFS Top Stacks refer to selecting multiple players from the same team in your fantasy lineup. By stacking players from a team that has a favorable matchup against a vulnerable pitcher, you increase the chances of scoring big points. Stacks capitalize on the collective strength of a team’s hitters, enhancing the potential for high-scoring performances in your DFS contests.

2. Why should I consider the Cincinnati Reds as a top stack for Thursday’s MLB DFS contests? The Cincinnati Reds have seen an infusion of young talent, making them an intriguing stack option. With a mix of high-end hitters and depth in their lineup, the Reds possess considerable offensive firepower. Moreover, facing Jameson Taillon, who has shown vulnerabilities despite a seemingly impressive ERA, presents a favorable matchup for the Reds stack.

3. Which players should I target for the Chicago Cubs stack in Thursday’s DFS slate? The Chicago Cubs have been on a hot streak, making them an appealing stack option. Dansby Swanson, Cody Bellinger, and Ian Happ stand out as top players to target for this stack. Bellinger’s resurgent campaign and Swanson’s hot streak since returning from injury make them potent threats against Luke Weaver, who has struggled this season.

4. Why are the Los Angeles Dodgers a top stack against Athletics’ pitcher JP Sears? JP Sears has shown vulnerabilities in his first full season as a starter, particularly against left-handed hitters. With a low groundball percentage and a propensity for giving up home runs, Sears faces a tough challenge against the powerful Los Angeles Dodgers lineup. Freddie Freeman, Will Smith, and Tyler Outman are key players to target in this stack.

5. Are there any other viable stacks to consider for Thursday’s MLB DFS contests? Aside from the highlighted stacks, other options include the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Minnesota Twins. The Pirates could provide a contrarian approach with a good matchup against Adrian Houser. Meanwhile, the Twins, despite their tendency to strike out, have some impactful bats that could exploit the matchup against Matthew Liberatore. The New York Yankees, with Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton, are also worth considering given Cristian Javier’s struggles this season.

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