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MLB DFS Top Stacks for Tuesday 8-15-23

mlb dfs top stacks

Welcome to our latest MLB DFS analysis, where we break down the top stacks to consider for your lineups on Tuesday, August 15th, 2023. In this edition, we’ll delve into the most promising team combinations that could maximize your chances of success, utilizing a careful selection of players that align with optimal strategies. Let’s dive in and explore the potential powerhouses for your DFS picks.

Atlanta Braves: A Potent Offensive Force

Overview: The Atlanta Braves are making waves with their explosive offense, and they’re back in the spotlight after yet another stunning performance. With an impressive wRC+ of 121 and ISO of .223 against right-handed pitchers this season, the Braves are undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with.

Recent Dominance: Their dominance has been consistent, as they top the charts with a wRC+ of 136 and an ISO of .249 over the past 30 days. What’s even more remarkable is their incredible home-field advantage, with a wRC+ of 128 and a league-leading ISO of .242 at home.

Facing Luis Severino: Their upcoming opponent, Luis Severino, has been struggling this season, entering the game with a discouraging 9.43 ERA and conceding 3.00 HR/9 in his last five appearances. His vulnerability against both lefties and righties, with a .475 wOBA for lefties and .376 wOBA for righties, makes the Braves an even more enticing choice for your DFS top stacks.

Key Players: Ronald Acuna ($4,800) and Matt Olson ($4,500) are your go-to choices to lead off your Braves stack. Acuna’s impressive triple-slash line of .337/.423/.572, coupled with Olson’s league-leading 43 home runs and 107 RBIs, make them a win-win combination. If you’re looking to diversify your lineup, options like Austin Riley ($4,000), Sean Murphy ($3,700), Michael Harris II ($3,200), and Marcell Ozuna ($2,700) provide excellent alternatives.

Los Angeles Angels: Reshaping Offense for Success

Overview: The Los Angeles Angels have revamped their offense and, despite some starters being on the Injured List, have managed to maintain a competitive edge. With a wRC+ of 112 against lefties in 2023 and 102 over the past 30 days, they have the firepower to challenge any lucky pitcher.

Strategy Against Jordan Montgomery: Facing Jordan Montgomery, who boasts a 3.90 ERA in his last five starts, stacking the Angels becomes even more intriguing. His underlying data, reflected in a 5.01 xFIP, suggests that his performance might regress, making the Angels a strong candidate for DFS top stacks.

Los Angeles Dodgers: Riding the Winning Streak

Overview: The Los Angeles Dodgers are on fire with an eight-game winning streak, and their momentum is poised to continue against the Milwaukee Brewers. Their lineup, led by Mookie Betts ($4,400), is set to face Adrian Houser, whose 18.1% strikeout rate and mediocre SIERA and FIP indicate a favorable matchup for the Dodgers.

Mookie Betts: A Reliable Leadoff: Betts not only excels in key positions for DFS lineups but also boasts a .406 wOBA and .292 ISO, making him a consistent performer. His 31 home runs and 80 RBIs this season further solidify his role as a top choice for leading off your Dodgers stack.

Diverse Options: The Dodgers’ lineup offers a plethora of options. Max Muncy ($3,600) stands out with his dominant performance against right-handers, highlighted by 20 of his 28 home runs this season and a .371 wOBA. Freddie Freeman ($4,400), Will Smith ($3,600), James Outman ($2,900), and Chris Taylor ($2,600) provide additional avenues to craft a well-rounded Dodgers stack.

Baltimore Orioles: The Contrarian Approach

Overview: The Baltimore Orioles may not have the most formidable stats, but their ability to capitalize on the right opportunity is what makes them intriguing. Despite ranking 14th in wRC+ against righties in 2023 and 10th on the road, they could be poised for a strong performance against Michael Wacha.

Wacha’s Rusty Return: Michael Wacha’s first start in the majors since July 1st might play into the Orioles’ favor. With limited innings in his rehab start, the Orioles could catch him off guard and emerge as a contrarian stack option.

Boston Red Sox: Playoff Aspirations and Offensive Potential

Overview: The Boston Red Sox are hungry to keep their playoff hopes alive, and a showdown with the Washington Nationals presents an ideal opportunity. Josiah Gray’s 3.69 ERA might seem respectable, but his underlying stats paint a different picture, with a 5.01 SIERA and a subpar strikeout rate.

Key Players to Watch: Justin Turner ($3,100) boasts a solid .361 wOBA with 19 home runs and 73 RBIs, making him an essential starting piece. Rafael Devers ($3,500) is the power hitter to anchor your stack with 26 home runs and 79 RBIs. Complement your lineup with Masataka Yoshida ($3,100), Jarren Duran ($3,000), Triston Casas ($3,000), and Alex Verdugo ($2,800) to maximize your Red Sox stack potential.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are MLB DFS Picks and why are they important?

  • Answer: MLB DFS Picks are selections of players from Major League Baseball teams that fantasy players choose for their daily fantasy sports (DFS) lineups. These picks significantly impact your DFS performance as they determine your potential for earning points based on players’ real-life performances.

Q2: Where can I find MLB DFS Picks for today’s games?

  • Answer: You can find MLB DFS Picks for today’s games on various fantasy sports platforms, sports websites, and expert blogs. These picks are curated by analysts who assess player statistics, matchups, and recent performance trends.

Q3: How do experts make their MLB DFS Picks for today?

  • Answer: Experts make MLB DFS Picks by considering player statistics, recent performance, matchups, weather conditions, and other factors. They aim to identify players with a high likelihood of excelling in various categories such as hitting, pitching, and overall contributions to the game.

Q4: What is the difference between MLB DraftKings Picks and MLB FanDuel Lineup?

  • Answer: MLB DraftKings Picks refer to player selections optimized for DraftKings’ DFS platform, which has its scoring system. MLB FanDuel Lineup, on the other hand, pertains to player choices for FanDuel’s DFS platform, which employs a distinct scoring structure. The two platforms have varying strategies and player valuations.

Q5: How can I choose between MLB DraftKings Picks and MLB FanDuel Lineup?

  • Answer: Your choice between MLB DraftKings Picks and MLB FanDuel Lineup should be based on the specific platform you prefer and your understanding of their scoring rules. Some players may perform better on one platform due to scoring differences, so tailor your picks accordingly.

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