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MLB DFS Top Stacks for Wednesday 7-26-23

mlb dfs top stacks

Welcome to our MLB DFS Top Stacks article for Wednesday 7-26-23. We’ve meticulously analyzed the upcoming matchups to bring you the most compelling stack opportunities that could propel your fantasy team to victory. So let’s dive in and explore the potential stacks for today’s games.

Houston Astros – A Stellar Opportunity Against Heaney

The Houston Astros, despite an overall underwhelming offensive season, have a prime opportunity to shine today. They are tied for 10th in weighted Runs Created Plus (wRC+) with an impressive 109 against left-handed pitchers in 2023. Facing the struggling Andrew Heaney, who has a disappointing 6.38 ERA and 4.91 xFIP over his last five starts, the Astros are poised to unleash their offensive prowess.

Heaney’s recent struggles include a concerning 2.25 home runs per nine innings, making him vulnerable to the Astros’ lineup. Even without Jose Altuve and Yordan Alvarez, the potential returns of whom would further bolster the lineup, Houston’s hitters, especially Chas McCormick, Alex Bregman, and Kyle Tucker, have been surging lately.

Key Choice: Chas McCormick
Keep an eye on McCormick, who boasts an impressive .364 batting average with six home runs and four doubles over his last 19 games.

Atlanta Braves vs. Brayan Bello – A Powerhouse Lineup

The Atlanta Braves have been on fire, scoring an astonishing 5.6 runs per game throughout the season. Their league-best .809 OPS against right-handed pitching, coupled with a 115 wRC+ and .347 wOBA, makes them an enticing stack option.

Though Brayan Bello has shown some promise in 2023, he has struggled with surrendering home runs recently. Having allowed six home runs over his past three outings, he faces a formidable task against the Braves’ potent lineup.

Notable Picks: Matt Olson and Ronald Acuna Jr.
Olson’s powerful hitting and impressive .997 OPS against righties make him a prime choice. Acuna Jr. also stands out with his 23 homers and .899 OPS on the road.

Chicago Cubs vs. Lance Lynn – Capitalizing on Vulnerabilities

Lance Lynn‘s recent struggles, especially his last outing where he gave up nine runs and four home runs, provide a golden opportunity for the Chicago Cubs stack. Lynn has already conceded 28 home runs over 115 innings, making him susceptible to the Cubs’ hitters.

Key Player: Cody Bellinger
Bellinger’s hot streak, going 41-for-98 (.418) with a .684 slugging percentage over his last 26 games, makes him a must-have player for this stack.

Oakland Athletics – Unlocking Value with Punt Hitters

The Oakland Athletics may not be the most enticing offense to fully stack, but incorporating a few punt hitters from their lineup can free up valuable cap space for other stacks. With Alex Wood‘s vulnerability against righties, these budget-friendly picks could prove crucial to building a winning team.

Mets at Yankees (Carlos Rodon) – The Road Advantage

The New York Mets might have had a disappointing season, but their matchup against Carlos Rodon, who has been struggling since returning from injury, opens up a viable stacking situation. Rodon’s 7.16 FIP and 2.45 home runs per nine innings make the Mets’ hitters a tantalizing choice.

Players to Consider: Pete Alonso and Francisco Lindor
Alonso’s road power, evidenced by his .921 OPS in away games, makes him an attractive pick. Lindor, with his even performance against lefties and righties, can also make a significant impact.

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FAQ Section:

Q1: What is stacking in MLB DFS, and why is it important? A1: Stacking in MLB DFS refers to selecting multiple players from the same team in your fantasy lineup. It’s crucial because when a team’s hitters perform well collectively, it amplifies the potential for scoring fantasy points. Stacking increases your chances of hitting home runs and driving in runs, as players benefit from each other’s success.

Q2: How do I decide which team stacks to choose for my lineup? A2: When selecting team stacks, consider the matchups, pitcher’s weaknesses, and the team’s performance against specific pitcher-handedness. Look for teams with high wRC+ or OPS against the opposing pitcher’s handedness. Additionally, consider individual player hot streaks or road performance, as they can influence your choices.

Q3: Should I always go for a full stack, or is a mini-stack enough? A3: The decision between a full stack or a mini-stack depends on the slate and the specific teams playing. A full stack gives you more players to benefit from a big inning, while a mini-stack is a cost-effective way to target specific key hitters from a strong lineup. Evaluate the matchups and pricing to determine the optimal approach.

Q4: Can I mix players from different team stacks in my lineup? A4: Absolutely! Mixing players from different team stacks, known as a “contrarian” or “hybrid” approach, can be an effective strategy. It allows you to diversify your lineup and take advantage of various favorable matchups. Be mindful of salary cap limitations while building a well-rounded team.

Q5: How do I track player updates and late changes to finalize my lineup? A5: Staying informed is crucial in DFS. Follow reliable sources like team beat writers, MLB news outlets, and official team accounts on social media. Additionally, use DFS platforms that provide real-time updates on player status and lineup changes before the games start.

Remember, MLB DFS is a combination of skill, research, and a little luck. Continuously refining your strategy and adapting to changing player performances will help you gain a competitive edge in your fantasy contests. Happy stacking and good luck in your games!

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Thank you for checking out the article, I hope I was able to provide you with some value as you begin to build your DFS lineups for today’s contests.

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