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MLB DFS Projections for Fanduel, Draftkings and Yahoo

MLB DFS Projections update every 10 minutes throughout the day. Check back regularly for the most up to date projections

Step 1: select the DFS site you are playing on
Step 2: select the Game Type your are playing
Step 3: select the Slate you are playing on

NOTE: If you pick a slate that is not associated with the Site, you will get zero results:

Example if you select “Draftkings” and “Classic” and “Bos vs Was(Showdown) slate, it will show no players since that slate is not mapped to “Classic” but rather it is mapped to “Showdown Captain Mode”

NOTE2: If you see a player listed more than once on Prizepicks it is because there are no specific “Slates” on Prizepicks, so, if that player is on Multiple Slates on the other DFS Sites they may show up more than Once in the table. We’re working on a fix for this but this is just an FYI for now. 

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