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MLB Top Stacks Monday 8-22-22

Top MLB DFS Stacks

Welcome back, everyone! This MLB Top Stacks article will be a daily Article here at Team Rise or Fall, where I will do my best to highlight my favorite stacks of each day for Fanduel and Draftkings. At the end of the article, below my favorite stacks, I will also list our Top Ranked Players at each position from our MLB Rankings Page.

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MLB Top Stacks (Quick Overview)

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Today we’ve got a great mid size 8 game slate to start of the week. This early 7:30am version of the MLB Study Hub has the Braves, and their matchup with Pirates RHP Roasny Contreras. 

The Dodgers, Cardinals and Twins round out the top 4, so we’ll have to keep an eye on starting lineups as they get released today and check back in closer to lock to see where these rankings end up.

Huge Weekend Wins at Rise or Fall!!!

Before we get deeper into today’s top stacks below, I want to give a HUGE shoutout to 2 Rise or Fall members who CRUSHED the Nascar circuit this past weekend.

drobman shipped a cool $46,666 while KeNnYg took down a nice $3,534 over the weekend

Congrats to you both! It makes me so happy to see members having this type of success ❤💯

Braves vs Pirates RHP Roasny Contreras

You saw them listed as the #1 stack above in the stacks overview section, here is a little more info that will tell us why

Pirates RHP Roasny Contreras enters tonight’s matchup with a 5.01 xfip and hasn’t done a very good job of missing bats this year only striking out 19% of lefties and 23% of righties. Contreras throws hard, as his fastball clocks in at 96+ on the regular but, so far this season teams have been teeing off against it to the tune of a 503 xwoba vs lefties and 447 xwoba vs righties.

The Braves lineup is full of guys that do serious damage against fastballs, so I’ll highlight a few of them below (xwOBA / ISO / Hard Contact %)

Ronald Acuna Jr. – 652 / 296 / 49%
Dansby Swanson – 514 / 323 / 51%
Austin Riley – 528 / 254 / 41%
Matt Olson – 408 / 267 / 40%
William Contreras – 499 / 341 / 38%
Michael Harris – 521 / 360 / 47%
Marcell Ozuna – 562 / 220 / 54%

Pick your poison here, stack the Braves any way your heart desires in this matchup tonight

Phillies vs Reds RHP Luis Cessa

Luis Cessa had a good year in 2021 but so far in 2022 he’s struggled a bit. Entering tonight’s game he has a 4.97 xfip while only striking out 17% of hitters he’s faced

Against right handed hitters he has really struggled, allowing a 385 woba 212 iso 39% hard contact rate and only a 15% strikeout rate

Rhys Hoskins is a big time right handed power hitter and this is a prime matchup for him to go deep. Over the last 30 days against righties this season he has a 330 woba 216 iso and 40% hard contact rate

J.T. Realmuto is one of the best hitting catchers in the game today and his matchup tonight is a great one. Over his last 30 days vs right handed pitchers he has a 390 woba 271 iso and 52% hard contact rate

Alec Bohm is another right handed Philly that I have interest in here. He had a monster game yesterday with 2 HR 6 RBI and 39 fantasy points. The matchup here is a good one for him and he should be able to stay hot tonight

Other Phllies I will mix into my stacks, Kyle Schwarber and Nick Castellanos

Are you ready to dominate?

The MLB Study Hub is my #1 source for research every single day and is one of the VIP Only tools our members have access to daily.

Within the Study Hub you will see today’s MLB Projections for every player along with advanced MLB Statistics like wOBA and ISO vs the Handedness of today’s starting pitcher.

Ownership Projections are included, along with a letter grade ranking system for every player on the slate.

Check out a sample version of our MLB Study Hub here

Rays vs Angels LHP Tucker Davidson

Angels left hander Tucker Davidson enters tonight’s game with a 7.05 xfip and a miniscule 11% strikeout rate. In his defense he has not pitched a ton this year, only facing 33 lefties and 88 righties to date. However, even with a small sample size I think we can target him tonight in this matchup

Against right handed hitters he has allowed a 359 woba 45% hard contact rate and has only managed a 13% strikeout rate

Yandy Diaz has always been a solid hitter vs left handed pitching and he’s putting up another good year again them in 2022. So far he has a 370 woba 181 iso and 46% hard contact rate and only a 4.7% strikeout rate vs lefties this season

Randy Arozarena has been solid as well, over his last 30 days vs lefties he is slashing a 488 woba 286 iso and 40% hard contact rate. 

Harold Ramirez and Francisco Mejia are two other Rays that I’ll have interest in tonight. They both have woba numbers over 360 and hard contact rates close to 40% vs left handed pitching this season

Dodgers vs Brewers LHP Eric Lauer

Eric Lauer has been a decent pitcher this year, but not great. He brings a 4.80 xfip and 23% strikeout rate into tonights matchup vs the Dodgers. 

Against right handed hitters he’s given up big power numbers this year allowing a 208 iso 46% fly ball rate and 41% hard contact rate vs righties

Former MVP Mookie Betts has a great matchup here, as he has crushed left handed pitching his whole career and 2022 has been no different. This year Betts has a 411 woba 287 iso 48% hard contact rate vs lefties

Trea Turner is in the same boat as Mookie as he has crushed lefties historically. This season Turner has a 397 woba 274 iso and 49% hard contact rate. These two are the clear top two targets in this lineup tonight, but, overall the Dodgers can be targeted as you see fit

Freddie Freeman gets a left vs left matchup here so his ownership could be down because of that. Dating back to the start of the 2021 season however, you will see that Freeman has no problem doing damage vs left handed pitchers. Since 2021 he has a 350 woba 192 iso and 44% hard contact rate

Others you can obviously target, Will Smith (340/186) Justin Turner (323/175) Chris Taylor (358/225) Max Muncy (345/250). Stack up the Dodgers as you see fit tonight in this late night hammer.

Batter Rankings Today

These rankings are not site-specific and are intended to give you a solid pool of players to build your lineups from. I’ll be using the standard positions, Catcher through Outfield in these rankings so be aware of that if you’re constructing teams on Draftkings where some players can play multiple positions.

Something I like to do with this, is to give these players a THUMBS UP or 2, or 3, in Fantasy Cruncher so I can get more exposure to them throughout my lineups


Will Smith – LAD
J.T. Realmuto – PHI
William Contreras – ATL
Gary Sanchez – MIN


Rhys Hoskins – PHI
Matt Olson – ATL
Harold Ramirez – TB
Jesus Aguilar – MIA


Vaughn Grissom – ATL
Jon Berti – MIA
Rodolfo Castro – PIT
Jonathan India – CIN


Yandy Diaz – TB
Austin Riley – ATL
Justin Turner – LAD
Alec Bohm – PHI


Trea Turner – LAD
Dansby Swanson – ATL
Carlos Correa – MIN
Oneil Cruz – PIT


Ronald Acuna Jr. – ATL
Jake Fraley – CIN
Randy Arozarena – TB
Tucupita Marcano – PIT
Byron Buxton – MIN
Kyle Schwarber – PHI
J.J. Bleday – MIA
Mookie Betts – LAD
Chris Taylor – LAD

Rankings Overview

– use this as a guide to help you start your build stacks tonight
– these are stack examples using ONLY the guys in my Top5 above
– generally, if a team has multiple guys ranked at the Top5 in their position, it’s likely they are in a good spot overall

ATL – Contreras, Olson, Grissom, Riley, Swanson, Acuna
CIN – India, Fraley
LAD – Smith, Turner, Betts, Taylor
MIA – Aguilar, Berti, Bleday
MIN – Sanchez, Correa, Buxton
PHI – Realmuto, Hoskins, Bohm, Schwarber
PIT – Castro, Cruz, Marcano
TB – Ramirez, Diaz, Arozarena

That’s all I’ve got for today 🤟❤💯

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