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Nascar DFS Cheat Sheet for the NC Education Lottery 200

Nascar DFS Cheat Shee Trucks

This Nascar DFS cheat sheet is intended to provide a foundation for Nascar DFS research, primarily based on our Draftkings rating system found on the Nascar Study Hub and Projections page. The Nascar DFS Cheat Sheet is updated throughout the day as news breaks.

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Our discord community is totally FREE if you wanna jump in and chop it up with fellow DFS players throughout the day

šŸNASCAR Study Hub

The NASCAR Study Hub is where I go to research, strategize, and navigate the NASCAR DFS landscape every week. The NASCAR DFS Cheat Sheet above is just the tip of the iceberg. The NASCAR Study Hub includes NASCAR DFS Projections, NASCAR DFS Driver Ratings, NASCAR DFS Ownership Projections, NASCAR DFS Trending Data, and much more for DraftKings and Fanduel.

šŸNASCAR Ownership Projections

Having good NASCAR DFS projections is only half the battle in today’s NASCAR DFS landscape. Use our NASCAR DFS Ownership Projections, to get an edge on the field by quickly identifying which players are over, or under-owned each slate.

šŸNASCAR Player Ratings

Our NASCAR DFS Player Ratings, in our NASCAR DFS Study Hub, help you quickly identify the top players on the slate. The NASCAR Ratings incorporate everything you see on the NASCAR Study and more. If you chose to load the NASCAR Ratings into Fantasy Cruncher and Optimize around the ratings, you can get a truly unique roster construction only available to Rise or Fall members

šŸNASCAR Core Builds

OurĀ NASCARĀ Coaches, assemble their top 4 or 5 Drivers to build around on each slate. These drivers can be used in cash games, tournaments, or a mixture of both. If you lock in our Building Blocks and then crunch the rest of your lineup with ourĀ NASCARĀ Projections orĀ NASCARĀ Ratings you can gain a big edge vs the field.