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NBA DFS Playoff Preview Lakers vs Grizzlies Game 4

NBA DFS Playoff Preview Grizzlies vs Lakers Gam 4

Welcome to our NBA DFS Playoff Preview for Game 4 of the Western Conference First-Round Playoffs featuring the Memphis Grizzlies against the Los Angeles Lakers at the Crypto.com Arena. As the series shifts back to LA, the Lakers will look to extend their 2-1 lead against the Grizzlies in what promises to be another intense battle on the court.

Lakers Aim to Take Commanding Lead in Game 4 Against the Grizzlies

The Los Angeles Lakers will take on the Memphis Grizzlies in Game 4 of the Western Conference First-Round Playoffs, and the hosts will look to keep their momentum going at Crypto.com Arena on Monday. After a rocky start to the series, the Lakers have picked up their play in the last two games, earning a crucial Game 1 win on the road and a dominant Game 3 win at home.

In Game 3, the Lakers jumped out to a commanding lead, and although the Grizzlies fought hard to come back, it wasn’t enough to stop the Lakers from taking a 2-1 series lead. Led by Anthony Davis, who put up 31 points, 17 rebounds, two assists, three blocks, and two steals, and LeBron James, who contributed 25 points, nine rebounds, five assists, a steal, and a block, the Lakers dominated the Grizzlies. D’Angelo Russell also played a key role, adding 17 points, four rebounds, seven assists, and a steal.

The Grizzlies were led by Ja Morant, who exploded for 45 points, nine rebounds, and 13 assists, while Desmond Bane added 18 points and Jaren Jackson chipped in 13. Despite their impressive performance, it was not enough to overcome the Lakers’ dominant showing.

With a chance to take a commanding 3-1 series lead, the Lakers will aim to keep their momentum going at home, where they had a 23-18 record during the regular season. The Grizzlies, on the other hand, were 16-25 on the road, making it all the more difficult for them to pull off an upset in Game 4.

As both teams prepare for this crucial matchup, the Lakers will look to continue their dominance, while the Grizzlies will be determined to even the series. The stakes are high, and fans can expect an intense battle between two talented teams.

High-Priced Players:

Anthony Davis: Davis has been a dominant force for the Lakers this season and is projected to have a significant impact on the outcome of this game. Although he comes with a high price tag of $10,000, his production potential is well worth the investment. His projected 51.75 points and target score of 60.00 make him an excellent option for your lineup.

LeBron James: King James is another high-priced player who can deliver big fantasy points. With a price tag of $10,200, James has a projected score of 51.07 and a target score of 61.00. He is a triple-double threat and should be a valuable addition to any lineup.

Ja Morant: Morant is the Grizzlies’ leading scorer and is projected to be a significant contributor in this game. He has a price tag of $9,600, and his projected score is 48.08, with a target score of 58.00. Morant’s ability to get to the rim and distribute the ball makes him a viable option for your lineup.

Value Players

Jaren Jackson Jr.: At $8,200, Jackson Jr. is a solid value option with a projected score of 40.45. The versatile big man can score from both the perimeter and inside the paint, making him a valuable asset to any DFS lineup.

Desmond Bane: Bane comes in at a great value of $7,800 with a projected score of 36.34. He is a sharpshooter from beyond the arc and also has the ability to contribute with rebounds and assists, making him an excellent option for those looking to save some salary.

D’Angelo Russell: At only $5,800, Russell is a steal with a projected score of 29.64. He is a talented scorer who can contribute from beyond the arc, making him a valuable addition to any DFS lineup looking for a budget-friendly option.

As we look ahead to Game 4 of the Lakers vs Grizzlies playoff series, the stakes are higher than ever. With both teams fighting for a chance to advance to the next round, every possession counts. Whether you’re considering high-priced players like LeBron James and Ja Morant or value options like Desmond Bane and D’Angelo Russell, the key is to find the right balance for your lineup. With the information we’ve provided, you’re equipped to make informed decisions that could lead to a winning DFS lineup. As always, keep an eye on the latest injury reports and updates leading up to game time. Good luck and happy DFS hunting!

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