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NBA DFS Projections and Study Hub are LIVE for Saturday 01/14/23

Rise or Fall NBA DFS Study Hub featuring projections, player ratings, ownership projections, and more

Unlock the full potential of your NBA DFS strategy with our live projections now available. Access them in our NBA Study Hub and on our NBA Projections page.

Upgrade your game even further with our premium tools on the NBA Home Page, including Tiered Rankings, Simulation Model, Trends Tracker, GPP Core Plays, and Cash Core Plays updated daily during the NBA Season. For even more free content, subscribe to our YouTube page and join our daily FREE DFS Strategy Streams

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Unlock your potential and elevate your DFS game with our membership. Save $20 every month on Fantasy Cruncher, the industry-leading lineup optimizer. Utilize the NBA DFS Projections and Ratings from our Study Hub in Fantasy Cruncher to dominate in DraftKings, Fanduel, and SuperDraft tournaments

DraftKings NBA DFS Cheat Sheet NBA DFS Projections uploaded to Fantasy Cruncher

Rise or Fall NBA Tools

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Our discord community is totally FREE if you wanna jump in and chop it up with fellow DFS players throughout the day

🏀 NBA Study Hub

Maximize your NBA DFS potential by utilizing the ultimate research and strategy tool – With access to NBA DFS Projections, Player Ratings, Ownership Projections, Trending Data, and much more for DraftKings, FanDuel, and SuperDraft. Make it your daily go-to destination for navigating the NBA DFS landscape.

🏀 NBA Ownership Projections

“Don’t settle for just average projections, take your NBA DFS strategy to the next level with our NBA DFS Ownership Projections. Gain a competitive advantage by quickly identifying over and under-owned players each slate and make smarter lineup decisions

🏀 NBA Player Ratings

Elevate your lineup construction with our NBA DFS Player Ratings in the NBA Study Hub. These ratings incorporate all the information you need and more to quickly identify the top players on the slate. By loading the ratings into Fantasy Cruncher and optimizing around them, Rise or Fall members can gain access to unique roster construction.

🏀 NBA Sim Model

Unlock the power of game simulation to optimize your NBA DFS lineups. By simulating every game on each slate, we determine the players with the highest probability of reaching a specific value multiplier, giving you the edge in constructing safe cash game lineups or high-upside tournament lineups

🏀 NBA Building Blocks

Gain an edge over the competition with our expertly curated NBA Building Blocks. Our coaches select the top 4-5 players to construct your lineups around each slate, suitable for both cash games and tournaments. By using our Building Blocks in combination with our NBA Projections or NBA Ratings, you can create a powerful and unique lineup that stands out from the field

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