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NBA DFS Top Plays for Friday April 7

DraftKings NBA DFS Top Plays for your nba draftkings lineup

Ah, the wonderful world of NBA TOP DFS Plays. Nothing quite like spending hours poring over stats and matchups to come up with the perfect lineup, only to have it blown to bits by an unexpected injury or some benchwarmer going off for 50 points or entire teams just deciding today is the day we tank or even don’t care about the playoff seeding (Looking at you Mavs and Heat). But fear not, dear readers, for I am here to guide you through the treacherous waters of daily fantasy basketball.

Luka Doncic

Let’s start with the obvious choice: Luka Doncic. At a mere $12,400, he’s practically a steal! Sure, he’s playing against the tough Chicago Bulls defense, but that won’t stop him from dropping 50 points, 10 rebounds, and 15 assists. I mean, he’s basically a one-man team, right? Who needs other players when you have Luka? Guess he really is tonight, since the Mavs have ruled out Kyrie, Wood, THJ and others tonight. 

Brandon Ingram

Moving on to Brandon Ingram, who is only slightly less expensive at $10,000. I mean, why not spend a third of your salary cap on one player? It’s not like you have to fill out an entire lineup or anything. Plus, he’s going up against the formidable New York Knicks, who are definitely not a pushover but without Randle, Mitch Rob, Barrett (Currently Questionable), and Brunson have not been playing much defense. But hey, Ingram is an All-Star, right? He’s got this. 

Trae Young

Trae Young is up next, and at $8,900, he’s a bargain compared to Doncic and Ingram. Sure, he’s facing off against the Philadelphia 76ers, who have one of the best defenses in the league, but that won’t stop him from going off for 40 points and 20 assists especially with the Sixers sitting everyone tonight. I mean, he’s Trae Young, the human highlight reel! Who cares if he’s shooting 40% from the field this season?

Immanuel Quickley

Last but not least is Immanuel Quickley, who is  $9,000 But hey, he’s going to be the entire Knicks offense with everyone sitting again tonight. So he’s basically a lock for 30 points and 10 assists. I mean, he’s Immanuel Quickley, the future of the Knicks franchise! Who cares if he’s shooting just 40% from the field this season?

That’s all I’ve got for today 🤟❤💯

Thank you for checking out the article, I hope I was able to provide you with some value as you begin to build your DFS lineups for today’s contests.

Be sure to hit me up in Discord if you have questions. If you would prefer to reach out to me on Twitter @CeeGeeDFS that works too 🤟

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