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NBA Tiered Rankings and Player Notes 12/22

As it is the first day of the NBA season and we have plenty of new members, my teacher side is going to show. I wanted to highlight how I perceive the best way of approaching our content on the website and what I’d probably do as a first time user.

  • Dive into Discord and see what has been posted in the #content-is-posted channel and chat with members about the slate or ask coaches questions
  • Check out the Tiered Rankings and Player Notes for both DraftKings and FanDuel which is live! I went over my favorite targets on both sites and ranked the entire pool for both cash games and GPP’s. I then posted notes for each player to help with decision making.
  • From here, I would take a peek at the Study Hub, which is free today, and start to compare ratings and projections and of course, ownerships. Don’t forget, the NBA STUDY HUB IS FREE TODAY!
  • Then I would head over to the NBA Building Blocks before the lock and check out the CORE PICKS for every single coach in what amounts to a CORE CONSENSUS!
  • In between that time, browse Scrosby’s Cash Game Picks, Pool, and Player Notes
  • Then take a peek at TMay’s Single Entry Picks and Pool as well as his Priority Targets to take down a tournament
  • Lastly, see where the MME Wizard himself, CeeGee, is trying to leverage the field
  • If you have extra time, take a look at our Core Creator Tool (BETA) which takes our models and spits out the top CORE COMBINATIONS based on Projections, Ratings, and Value

Our subscription is an all-access pass for all-sports for just $29.99 per month (Ronin). It also includes a $20 voucher to use on our partner, Fantasy Cruncher, every single month you are a Ronin member.

We hope we end up being your affordable edge and help you LEARN – BUILD – WIN!

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