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NBA Weekly DFS Lineup Report for DraftKings 2/2

Winning Lineup Information for DraftKings

It’s time for the NBA Weekly DFS Lineup Report for Draftkings. I’ll be focusing on the Draftkings main contest on the main slate every day from the previous week. The “main contest” is the $15 unless DK switches things up and offers a $20 contest or maybe even a special lower priced event like an $8 contest.

All of the information presented below comes via Fantasy Cruncher Pro and their Lineup Study and Rewind features. This is a must have tool if you’re being serious about DFS. You’ll have the ability to go back through years worth of data and analyze great players, or like I’ll be doing, specific contests. I really can’t recommend FC Pro enough.

DraftKings Winning Lineups Building Blocks

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January 26, 2021

Here’s the 1st place entry in the $15 NBA $500K Fadeaway:

DraftKings Winning Lineup for 1-26

This was a three-game slate that could also be called DeMarcus Cousins chalk night. He was projected to be owned (pOwn) 87.7% and came in at a huge 79.2%. We can expect ownership to skew high with a small slate.

There were four players in the lineup with a pOwn of greater than 20%. The lineup also featured one player above 9k in price, and two players projected to score (pFPS) 40+ fantasy points.

January 27, 2021

Here’s the 1st place entry in the $12 NBA $500K Finger Roll:

Winning Lineup for Draftkings 1-27

This slate featured 12 games, and only two players pOwn at 20% or more. This is sort of the reverse of what happened on the 26th. With so many games on the slate the ownership is going to be spread out between more players. It would take an extreme value situation to push a player above 35% ownership, and you can see that’s what Joe Ingles was on the 27th.

There were three players in the lineup pFPS greater than 40 points. There was one player with a salary above 9k.

January 28, 2021

Here’s the first place entry in the $15 NBA $500K Fadeaway:

Winning DraftKings Lineup for 1-28

This was a four-game slate that featured three players pFPS of 40+ and four players pOwn 20% or more.

Damian Lillard technically didn’t perform up to his price tag but he still helped win $100,000. That can happen when you have a 3k Frank Kaminsky go off for 44.25 fantasy points, and a 3.1k Gabe Vincent go for 32 fantasy points.

There were two players that cost 9k+ in this lineup. In fact they were both over 10k and again this can be chalked up to the Kaminsky/Vincent effect.

January 29, 2021

Here’s the 1st place entry in the $15 NBA $500K Fadeaway:

Winning Lineup for DraftKings 1-29

This was an 10-game slate that featured three players pFPS 40+. This was another lineup that featured two players in the 3k range that had really decent nights. If you can find low owned, low priced players with big upside, well you are in what we call “The Mix.”

The ownership was spread out due to there being 10 games on the slate. There was only one player pOwn greater than 20%. After the final ownership came out we saw no players above 20% in ownership in the winning lineup.

January 30, 2021

Here’s the 1st place entry in the $15 NBA $500K Fadeaway:

Winning DK Lineup for 1-30

This was a eight-game slate and the winner had one player projected for more than 40 fantasy points. Giannis met and surpassed his projection with 72 fantasy points.

The mega-chalk on the slate was Xavier Tillman. He had a pOwn of 48.5% and came in at nearly 68% ownership when the games locked.

Interesting to note that in this lineup Jaylen Brown and Thad Young were both projected to be owned less than 10%. Brown underperformed his salary, but Young and Cody Zeller picked up the slack.

January 31, 2021

Here’s the 1st place entry in the $15 NBA $500K Fadeaway:

DK Winning Lineup for 1-31

This was a four-game slate that featured FOUR players pFPS of 40+, and SIX players pOwn of 20% or more. We’ve seen six chalky players in a lineup before but this is the first time that four players projected for 40+ points were in the same lineup.

There were two players priced at 9k and three players priced below 4k in the lineup as well. Jeff Green’s low ownership and big production really helped put this lineup over the top.

February 1, 2021

Here’s the 1st place entry in the $8 NBA $500K Excellent 8’s:

Winning DK Lineups for 2-1

This was a 10-game slate, and the winning lineup featured three players pFPS of 40+ points. There was only one player pOwn above 10% in this lineup, the chalk Jarrett Allen. Man that was some good chalk coming in at 10x value. We see in the final ownership only three players were owned more than 10%.

There was only player priced at 9k+, and only two players priced below 5k.


DraftKings Stats for Winning LineupsSubscribe to Team Rise or Fall

*Every winning lineup except for one featured at least two teammates. Two out of seven lineups featured three teammates.

*Every lineup this week featured game stacks. The 2-1 stack (Two teammates and one opposing player) is the most popular stack main stack. The 1-1 stack is the most popular secondary stack type.

*The winning lineup had a salary of $50,000 four times and $49,900 three times.


This is the fifth week of this series and I’d say the main takeaway so far is that slate size should guide your lineup construction. I’d say you’re doing it wrong if you’re using a lot of highly owned players on a slate with 8-12 games. On the flip side I’d say for the smaller slates (3-5 games) it’s ok to load up on chalk and try to nail a few lower owned plays.

You have to remember that these are my opinions and views and not a set in stone “YOU MUST DO THIS” type of article. So for me I’ve been locking my DraftKings lineups at $49,800 minimum salary. I’ve analyzed 35 slates now and the 1st place lineup’s salary has been below $49,800 only four times (11%).

That’s all from me for now. I’ll see you all in a week. Until then, LET’S GET THIS MONEY!

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