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NFL DFS Content for Week 1 on DraftKings and FanDuel

We have so much DraftKings and FanDuel content planned for Week 1 of the NFL DFS season. It’s going to be sharp strategies, clear information, and actionable content. No fluff just to complete a boring industry-standard checklist. In addition to multiple DraftKings and FanDuel NFL articles posting weekly on the website, there will be the following exclusive content for members only.

NFL Study Hub

This is the best place to start each week, including in Week 1. Playing DFS for NFL is very unique. It is much less statistics-driven than a sport like MLB or even the NBA. Its focus is mostly on projections, upside of those projected players, and the ownership levels that they’re at. The NFL Study Hub will have the important stuff to start for Week 1. As we progress through the season, we will add certain pieces to the Study Hub that will include recent trends, actionable statistics and data, and fine-tune things as we go week to week. Similar to how the MLB Study Hub continued to progress and grow, as we added a batter trends tab and started focusing in on .400/.200 wOBA/ISO split combos, we will do the same for NFL. Progress, improve, and never be complacent.

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NFL Cash Picks, Pool, Building Blocks, and Notes

Hedging your weekly investment in NFL DFS with cash games (we are all going to be hammering GPP’s, don’t lie!) is crucial when trying to protect your bankroll. The types of contests are very important, too. This will be something that we discuss early and often in our Discord chat. We have an abundance of cash game content to help you.

There will be the Building Blocks (half-built lineups) content piece that we will post weekly. This will give you a strong foundation to build your lineup around using the rest of our content, projections, and Discord. You will also receive a cash game player pool that will be personally used by someone playing thousands of dollars in cash games every single week. Who he’s targeting, you’ll have in front of you.

Along with the building blocks and actual player pool, there will be player notes for selected players to help you see the slate with more clarity. This will be very helpful when it comes to deciding between Player A vs. Player B.

NFL GPP Picks, Pool, and Notes

There will be a position by position player pool for GPP’s, just like the cash game pool. In addition, there will be player notes next to all of these picks so that you are armed to the teeth with reasoning for why each player is selected for the GPP pool. Once you’ve browsed both the Cash Games and GPP Picks content, dive into Discord and start discussing with coaches and members.

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NFL Tiered Rankings

The next few content pieces are exclusive to Ronin members, just like the $20 monthly free credit they get to Fantasy Cruncher. The Tiered Rankings will help you decipher what the best overall plays are on each site and at each position. These are perfect if you’re trying to create a player pool for a SE lineup or for cash games.

NFL MME Exposures

The MME wizard and Study Hub creator himself, CeeGee, will be showcasing his exposures and leverage sheet for members. That way you’ll know precisely the direction CeeGee is heading and how he plans to get there. Very useful as a reference point to see if you’re on the right track.

NFL Strategy Notes

The final piece to the puzzle is the Strategy Notes. This will be a VIP article that sometimes will come out as a podcast or video, too. Whatever form that it is published in, it will be on the website and only accessible to Ronin tier members. This will be a roadmap to victory and highlight the ins and outs of SE, MME, Cash Games, and focus on Stacks and game theory.

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