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NFL DFS DraftKings and FanDuel Studs for Week 4


Welcome to the Week 4 edition of the NFL DFS DraftKings and FanDuel Studs. I give a breakdown of last week’s results before diving into Week 4. Overall I’d say Week 3 went pretty well although you’re going to see some duds in my picks. It happens. No excuses.

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NFL DFS DraftKings Studs for Cash Games Week 3 Results

Teddy Bridgewater – QB – Denver Broncos – $5.8k

Bridgewater put up 11.8 DK points which isn’t good enough no matter his salary. He wasn’t asked to do much as the Broncos manhandled the New York Jets in Denver. I thought the game would go that way, but I also believed Teddy would play a bigger role in the scoring. Nope.

Chris Carson – RB – Seattle Seahawks – $6.4k

The good news is Chris Carson scored 16.2 DK points which was higher than his 14 DK point season average. The bad news is Carson tied for 17th in scoring at the running back position. At least he didn’t wreck you if you rostered him, but I definitely could’ve done better here.

NFL DFS FanDuel Studs for Cash Games Week 3 Results

Ryan Tannehill– QB – Tennessee Titans – $7k

Tannehill finished as the 7th overall quarterback on the slate for FanDuel scoring. That was despite A.J. Brown being injured and whatever was going on with Julio Jones. Ryan’s 7k salary was cheaper than any of the quarterbacks that finished above him in scoring. That’s a solid but not outstanding performance.

Saquon Barkley – RB – New York Giants – $6k

I loved Barkley in this spot last week and actually thought he’d do a lot better than 18.4 FD points. He finished 9th on the week at the running back position and was within 6.1 FD points of 1st on the week. 3x value is really solid but like I said I was expecting more.

NFL DFS DraftKings Studs for Tournaments Week 3 Results

Justin Herbert – QB – Los Angeles Chargers – $6.5k

Herbert closed out Week 3 as the 4th highest scoring quarterback on the slate with 30.84 DK points. I’d love to pat myself on the back but this is Justin Herbert. You can throw him in the category of “must play” when building your QB stacks.

A.J. Brown – WR – Tennessee Titans – $6.5k

I mentioned above that A.J. Brown got injured during the game. He finished with .3 FD points. That is not a typo. Point three fantasy points. I gotta take the L on this one even though I have no control over the Injury Gods.

NFL DFS FanDuel Studs for Tournaments Week 3 Results

Lamar Jackson – QB – Baltimore Ravens – $8.4k

Lamar finished as the 11th overall QB on the FanDuel slate. He could’ve scored much higher if Hollywood Brown wore his football catching hands instead of his football dropping hands, but that’s the game. The Detroit Lions did a decent job of keeping the Ravens offense in check outside of letting Brown run free for potential touchdowns. I have to count this one as a busted play.

DK Metcalf – WR – Seattle Seahawks – $7.2k

Metcalf finished the week as the 6th overall wide receiver on FanDuel. He posted 19.7 FD points in a breakout game, and closes out last week as a solid play.

NFL DFS DraftKings Studs for Cash Games for Week 4

Dak Prescott – QB – Dallas Cowboys – $6.7k

Dak is the 3rd highest value at the quarterback position in the Team Rise or Fall NFL DFS Study Hub for DraftKings. He’s averaging 20.3 DK points on the early season and I’m looking for him to have a good game in a slugfest with Carolina.

Sony Michel – RB – Los Angeles Rams – $5.2k

For all of the dazzling plays that the Rams have, they are truly a running team at heart. And it looks like Sony Michel is going to be the main back so he’s the man by default. The Rams face the Arizona Cardinals and their 26th ranked defense against the running back position. Man, why did they make NFL DFS so easy?

NFL DFS FanDuel Studs for Cash Games for Week 4

Josh Allen – QB – Buffalo Bills – $8.5k

Josh Allen is another player that’s in the “Must Play” group. He’s capable of being the highest scoring player on the slate because of his ability to throw and run for touchdowns. This week he faces off against a Houston Texans team that ranks 30th against the QB position. No need to say more.

Sony Michel – RB – Los Angeles Rams – $5.8k

A little bit of cheating here by me by using a player that I’ve already written about. The thing is, I think this is a really good week to roster Michel. I already mentioned that the Rams like to run. They’re playing in a game with a 54.5 implied total, at home against a division rival. I can see the Rams milking a late lead with Michel gaining some late points.

NFL DFS DraftKings Studs for Tournaments for Week 4

Patrick Mahomes – QB – Kansas City Chiefs – $8.1k

Patrick Mahomes in a kind of must win game, on the road, against a really bad opponent. I’m trying to tell y’all this NFL DFS stuff is too easy. Seriously though, the game against the Philadelphia Eagles should be a display of the Chiefs offense. Get all parts of this game (As will everyone) and get creative in your other roster spots.

Cooper Kupp – WR – Los Angeles Rams – $7.8k

Kupp is averaging 11 targets and 32.4 DraftKings points per game through the first three weeks of the 2021 season. He’s been an absolute stud all season and I see no reason for that to stop this week. In a game with a 54.5 implied total I have to believe that Cooper Kupp plays a big role in the scoring.

NFL DFS FanDuel Studs for Tournaments for Week 4

Matthew Stafford – QB – Los Angeles Rams – $7.8k

The change of scenery has been huge so far for Matthew Stafford. This week he and the Rams take on the Arizona Cardinals in a game that’s tied for the highest implied total on the slate. Stafford has plenty of weapons on offense so you can go onslaught with him or mix and match different combos.

Stefon Diggs – WR – Buffalo Bills – $8k

Diggs and the Bills host the Houston Texans this week in a game with a 48 point implied total. I already wrote about Josh Allen being a must play quarterback week in and week out. If he’s throwing the ball there’s an excellent chance that Diggs is on the receiving end. The Bills do have other receiving options in Emmanuel Sanders, Cole Beasley, and Dawson Knox but Diggs is the big dog. I think he’s positioned for a huge game against Houston.

Alright folks that’s it for Week 4! Hit me up on Twitter if you want to talk some DFS. Good luck to everyone!


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