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NFL DFS Lineup Study: Week 12


It’s time to for the Team Rise or Fall NFL DFS Lineup Study for Week 12. I’ll breakdown the Milly Maker on DraftKings and the $1.5M NFL Sunday Million on FanDuel. Week 11 was a disaster and Week 12 turned out to be kind of contrarian. The good news is some of our favorite trends are back and it might be time to let go of some others.

If you find yourself using the tools but still unable to put together a decent showing then go ahead and reach out to our coaches. Use everything that we have to offer and you should see improvement in your play. I say this because it’s worked for me since the launch of the site. We can’t win every time we play but we can definitely put ourselves in the best position to be successful. So let’s get to it!

The information below comes via Fantasy Cruncher. Thanks Fantasy Cruncher! Their Lineup Study feature allows you to look back through years of contests on DraftKings and FanDuel, and the Lineup Rewind feature lets you practice different lineup building strategies without burning through your bankroll with trial and error. The site provides these services for the NFL and nearly all the other sports that DK and FD offer.

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NFL DFS Lineup DraftKings Milly Maker Week 12 Winner

Here’s the winning lineup for the $20 Milly Maker:

DK Milly Maker Advice and Tips for NFL DFS Lineups

Shoutout to Tommymac84 for taking down the Week 12 DraftKings Milly Maker. They used a Los Angeles Rams stack of Stafford+Odell+Henderson.  That’s a QB+RB+WR stack and there was no run back with a Green Bay player. Tmac didn’t stop there when it came to stacking. They added two Bucs (Fournette and Gronkowski) and two Dolphins (Waddle and DST).

What really stands out to me about the lineup is the ownership. Or the lack thereof. Only one player in the lineup had ownership above 20%, and only three players had ownership above 10%. Meanwhile four of the nine players had ownership below 4%. I mentioned it was a kind of contrarian weekend and this was why.

The Los Angeles Rams and Matthew Stafford were within the Top 5 for implied game totals in their game against the Green Bay Packers. That could’ve made them a popular pick based on the Top 5 trend. The Rams had an implied total of 23 points, which was the 3rd lowest of all teams within the Top 5 for implied game total, which probably led to their lower ownership. Great job by Tommymac84.

Check out this huge win from Team Rise or Fall coach SCrosby12:

Team Rise or Fall DFS Winning Content

NFL DFS Lineup Study for the Week 12 FanDuel $1.5M NFL Sunday Million ($300K to 1st)

Let’s take a quick look at how things played out on FanDuel

Well so much for all that stuff I said about the Top 5 trend holding up in Week 12. What’s funny about Tyrod Taylor is that he and the Houston Texans had a higher implied team total than Matthew Stafford and the Rams (24 to 23) despite an implied game total that was three points lower (44.5).

User Nateski29 used a naked Tyrod Taylor, a Buccaneers two-man stack, a Vikings-Niners mini stack, and the rest was filler. The ownership was slightly different on FanDuel but this could still be considered a contrarian lineup. Four players had ownership of 10% or more, with Deebo Samuel being the only player in the lineup above 20%. This is a really solid lineup and I have to admit I’m a little jealous I didn’t build something like this. Not because of the money, but because rolling the dice on Tyrod Taylor is something that I don’t really consider because I think his ceiling is too low. That didn’t matter one bit. Something to keep in mind.

That’s all for me. As always, feel free to hit me up on Twitter @eagsixcards. Good luck to everyone this weekend!

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