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NFL DFS Perfect Lineup for Fanduel Week 1

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Ever finish a weekend of NFL Fantasy Football and wonder what the perfect lineup would have looked like? Wonder no longer! Here is what Week 1’s perfect NFL DFS lineup was on FanDuel.

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The Winning Lineup

PlayerPositionSalaryFantasy Points (FP)Pass YardsPass TouchdownsRush YardsRush TouchdownsReceptions (Recs)Reception Yards (Rec Yds)Reception Touchdowns
Arizona D/ST (ARI)D$3700180000000
Tua Tagovailoa (MIA)QB$770028.14466350000
Austin Ekeler (LAC)RB$900024.40011714470
Aaron Jones (GB)RB$720025.7004112861
Tyler Allgeier (ATL)RB$540022.9007523190
Hunter Henry (NE)TE$510014.100005561
Tyreek Hill (MIA)WR$8800390000112152
Brandon Aiyuk (SF)WR$660028.9000081292
Jakobi Meyers (LV)WR$570024.600009812

Total Salary: $59,200
Total Fantasy Points: 225.74

Breaking Down the Perfect Lineup

Week 1 of NFL Fantasy Football brought us an exhilarating lineup that proved to be the recipe for success in FanDuel NFL DFS. Let’s dive into the key players and their performances that made this lineup perfect.

Tua Tagovailoa (MIA) – QB – $7700

Tua Tagovailoa had a stellar Week 1, racking up an impressive 28.14 fantasy points. With 466 passing yards and 3 touchdown passes, he was the cornerstone of this lineup. Tagovailoa’s precision passing and ability to find the end zone made him an essential pick for DFS managers.

Austin Ekeler (LAC) – RB – $9000

Austin Ekeler showcased his versatility with 117 rushing yards, 4 receptions for 47 yards, and a rushing touchdown, accumulating 24.4 fantasy points. His ability to contribute both in the running and passing game made him a valuable asset in Week 1.

Aaron Jones (GB) – RB – $7200

Aaron Jones lived up to expectations with 25.7 fantasy points. He found the end zone twice, once on the ground with 41 rushing yards and once through the air with 86 receiving yards. Jones’s dual-threat capabilities made him a standout pick for DFS success.

Tyreek Hill (MIA) – WR – $8800

Tyreek Hill was a fantasy football dynamo in Week 1, amassing a whopping 39 fantasy points. He hauled in 11 receptions for an astonishing 215 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns. Hill’s explosive speed and big-play potential were on full display.

Brandon Aiyuk (SF) – WR – $6600

Brandon Aiyuk had a stellar performance with 28.9 fantasy points, thanks to 8 receptions for 129 yards and 2 touchdowns. Aiyuk’s ability to be a reliable target in the passing game made him a valuable asset in this perfect lineup.

Jakobi Meyers (LV) – WR – $5700

Jakobi Meyers contributed significantly with 24.6 fantasy points, catching 9 passes for 81 yards and 2 touchdowns. Meyers’s consistency in finding the end zone and moving the chains was crucial for this lineup’s success.

Hunter Henry (NE) – TE – $5100

Hunter Henry provided solid production at the tight end position with 14.1 fantasy points, including 5 receptions for 56 yards and 1 touchdown. His reliability as a red-zone target added an extra dimension to this lineup.

Arizona D/ST (ARI) – Defense/Special Teams – $3700

Arizona’s defense held its own, contributing 18 fantasy points with a strong performance. While they didn’t record any offensive statistics, their ability to limit their opponent’s scoring opportunities was key to this perfect lineup.

Tyler Allgeier (ATL) – RB – $5400

Tyler Allgeier was a valuable addition to this lineup, scoring 22.9 fantasy points with 75 rushing yards and 2 rushing touchdowns. His ability to find the end zone multiple times made him a noteworthy pick.

Final thoughts

Week 1’s perfect NFL DFS lineup on FanDuel featured a well-rounded selection of players who excelled in their respective roles. Tua Tagovailoa’s outstanding passing, Austin Ekeler’s versatility, and Tyreek Hill’s explosiveness were among the highlights that contributed to the success of this lineup. As we move forward in the NFL Fantasy Football season, keep a close eye on these standout players who could continue to make an impact in DFS contests.

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