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NFL DFS Week 7 Study Hub Running Back Breakdown

nfl dfs

Josh Jacobs is stands out this week in NFL DFS. 

But why? 

Let’s dive into the top Running Backs of the week!

Josh Jacobs

Josh Jacobs ranks second in ratings and third in projections on both sites! The Raiders face the Texans who are allowing 164.8 rushing yards per game. Jacobs is projected for 20.51 rushing attempts, 94.83 rushing yards, 3.02 receptions, 21.82 receiving yards, and 0.92 total touchdowns.

In the Range of Outcomes tab, Jacobs has a 5.9% Rise% on DraftKings and a 20.2% Rise% on FanDuel. If you’re looking for a back in the mid-range, Josh Jacobs is the top option for cash games.

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Austin Ekeler

Austin Ekeler ranks third in ratings and first in projections on both sites. The Chargers face a Seahawks defense that gives up 165.8 rushing yards per game and 20.18 fantasy points per game to running backs.  Ekeler is projected for 14.64 rushing attempts, 62.85 rushing yards, 5.51 receptions, 44.92 receiving yards, and 1.00 total touchdowns.

In the Range or Outcomes tab, Ekeler has a Rise% of 17.4% on DraftKings and a Rise% of 24.1% on FanDuel. I’d be open to stacking Ekeler with Justin Herbert since he is active in the passing game!

Good luck on Sunday! 

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