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NFL DFS Week 8 Study Hub Running Back Breakdown

nfl dfs

Tony Pollard is grading out as a must-have Running Back in NFL DFS this week.

But why? 

Let’s dive into the top Running Backs of the week!

Tony Pollard

Tony Pollard ranks tenth in ratings on DraftKings, ninth in ratings on FanDuel, and fourth in projections on both sites! Ezekiel Elliot looks to be trending towards out this week which gives Pollard a huge bum in workload. Pollard is projected for 18.14 rushing attempts, 85.54 rushing yards, 2.8 receptions, 22.26 receiving yards, and 2.17 total touchdowns.

In the Range of Outcomes tab, Pollard has a 6.3% Rise% on DraftKings and a 2.3% Rise% on FanDuel. Look for the Rise% numbers to rise in an update! Assuming Elliot is out, Pollard will be a cash lock and the top mid-range option at his position.

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Derrick Henry

Derrick Henry ranks first in ratings and second in projections on both sites. Henry faces a Texans defense that allows 164.7 rushing yards per game. Henry is projected for 25.39 rushing attempts, 106.2 rushing yards, 2.57 receptions, 20.86 receiving yards, and 0.84 total touchdowns.

In the Range or Outcomes tab, Henry has a Rise% of 21.7% on DraftKings and a Rise% of 28.4% on FanDuel. Henry is easily the top notion on DraftKings at $8,400 and is a great option if you can get up to $10,000 on FanDuel. 

Good luck on Sunday! 

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