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NFL DFS Week 8 Study Hub Tight End Breakdown

nfl dfs

Tyler Higbee grades out as a must-have Tight End this week in NFL DFS. 

But why? 

Let’s dive into the top Tight Ends of the week!

Tyler Higbee

Tyler Higbee ranks fifth in ratings and first in projections on both sites! Higbee has a grade of A for both projection and value on both sites at $4,200 on DraftKings and $6,000 on FanDuel. Higbee is projected for 8.7 targets, 50.79 receiving yards, and 0.27 receiving touchdowns.

In the Range of Outcomes tab, Higbee has an 18% Rise% on DraftKings and a 29.7% Rise% on FanDuel. Higbee will be a priority for me on both sites, especially on DraftKings!

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George Kittle

George Kittle ranks second in ratings and fourth in projections on both sites. Kittle has a projection grade of A and is under 10% owned on both sites. Kittle is projected for 7.3 targets, 52.52 receiving yards, and 0.29 receiving touchdowns.

In the Range or Outcomes tab, Kittle has a Rise% of 29.5% on DraftKings and a Rise% of 34.1% on FanDuel. Kittle grades out as a top tournament option at the Tight End position this week!

Good luck on Sunday! 

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