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NFL Showdown Slate for DraftKings and FanDuel 9/10

This NFL Showdown Slate for DraftKings and FanDuel was written without edits and hastily by Scrosby because he wanted to give you all some of his showdown knowledge. He’s long been known for his showdown prowess so I’m listening intently here. I will show how to execute a bit of what he is saying tonight via the Twitch stream at 7:50 PM EST when we give away our 2nd entry into a high-dollar contest on FanDuel and then have our DFS Sweat Show together as we all watch NFL Thursday Night football and hangout on Twitch!!!

Thursday Night Football


So on FD, Touchdowns are king and you need raw points. So with that in mind for this game, Mahomes/Watson will be the highest owned in the MVP spot. 40% of the time last year the optimal lineup on FD had a QB in the MVP spot. If you want to get different in GPPs you go with their receivers but with how much those two could spread the ball out and even possibly run in a TD they are most likely to score the most points tonight. For cash just start with those two and move on. For GPP, this is where the storytelling will come into play and how you think the game flow will go. Its a 54 point total so the expectation is Tyrek is expensive and extremely volatile for his ownership.  Kelce is much safer and only 500 more. I am probably full fading CEH as who knows what his workload will be due to there being no preseason and this will be his first real NFL action. I like Darrell Williams a lot and will have a lot of him as I think he will out touch CEH tonight. Could it bite me? Yes, but CEH has a carry prop of 12 and the under is the favorite. I will take my chances. Watkins/Hardman/Pringle (Dart) are in play for MME with the Chiefs too. You could make a case that Mahomes will spread the ball out so much that you could run him naked too.

For the Texans, Hopkins is gone so Fuller and bionic ligaments are now the number 1 receiver and should see 9-12 targets. I like Stills a lot for GPP. Cooks is questionable, was limited in practice, or held out completely. He may not play and if he does could be limited as they ease him into the offense. If he plays I will have some exposure but not a lot. Was reading they will be running a lot of two-back sets with David and Duke Johnson so both are in play but for game theory, I don’t see the Texans getting a lead early and running David Johnson a lot. So GPP only there for me. His TEs are GPP only but Atkins is the better play as Fells only pass-catching happens in the red zone. Which is great but if he doesn’t score a TD he will probably score a zero tonight. A new addition to the offense is Randall Cobb. How much I will have exposure will depend on Cook’s status. Still like him if he plays as he should be in the slot a lot but remains to be seen how much he is targeted.


Pricing is so much different and QBs in the CPT usually don’t work unless their name is Lamar Jackson and they run 20 times and throw another 30 and account for all TDs. The same plays apply here except at CPT I won’t be targeting Mahomes/Watson as they are just too expensive and I don’t want to have to play that many darts. I will be looking at WR the most Fuller/Kelce will probably be the safest due to their target volume. I like Watkins/Stills/Cobb/Hardman/Tyrek too but they are all volatile especially Tyrek at his price point. I don’t target kickers or Defensives much but in cash, with such a high point total you could go with a kicker since he is cheap in order to get Mahomes/Watson and a WR for both into the lineup. MME only the Chiefs backup TE listed on the depth chart is Nick Keizer. Mahomes gave him great reviews coming out of camp. He is $200, essentially free worth a shot or two in MME for a dart with zero ownership. Rickey Seals-Jones is listed as their #3 TE on the depth chart.


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