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NFL Top Stacks for Draftkings and Fanduel Week 6

Top NFL DFS Stacks

Hello everyone, welcome to the TOP NFL STACKS article here at TeamRiseOrFall.com Each week I will dive into a few teams that I think will be some of the best stacks of the week.

My goal here will be to narrow down the full slate of teams to a manageable pool we can use and gain an edge vs the field in Large Field Tournaments.

We can also use pieces of these stacks in single entry tourneys, small league play, and even some cash game contests. 

I appreciate you taking time out of your day to check out the article 🤟❤💯

NFL Top Draftkings Stacks Week 6

If you look above, you’ll see our Top 5 projected QB+2+OppREC stacks this week. I believe the QB plus REC plus a bring back REC from the other team is the most popular stack type so we have that set as our default on our NFL STACKS TOOL

You can easily get creative here, and force bigger stack, maybe QB+2+1 Opp or even +2 Opp in games you truly expect to go to the moon. 

These projections and rankings will probably change as we get closer to kickoff on Sunday, so keep an eye on injury news and starting lineups throughout the week before you make any final decisions. If you have any questions hit me up in the ROF VIP Discord chat and tag me @CeeGee and we can chat one-on-one about your process. If you prefer, I’m also easy to find on Twitter @CeeGeeDFS

Macro Stack Settings


Before I get into my favorite teams to stack on this week’s slate of games, I want to go over my general stack settings inside Fantasy Cruncher.

Above you will see 5 basic rules that I apply to every lineup I crunch within Fantasy Cruncher. These rules ensure that I get the type of lineups I’m looking for in my final builds.

You can be more restrictive or less restrictive with you’re stack rules, but, I’ve had good success following these basic rules over the years.

Be sure to hit me up in Discord if you have any questions

Bills @ Chiefs

This game is clearly the safest game on the slate to build around. That being said, is it “the best” game to build around when you consider how highly owned some of these players “might be” on Sunday?

I say yes, build around it as many ways as you can, and worry about getting different in other spots. Donuts says no, he says it will be too chalky, and we can’t win by holding hands with the rest of the field. 

If you’d like to hear more of that discussion check out the video below 

I see Josh Allen sitting in our Top Stack Tool, but, I will be targeting Pat Mahomes + Travis Kelce before Allen in this one. That’s not to say Allen + any of his pass catchers is a bad idea, I just prefer Mahomes + Kelce at home in this one (likely at lower ownership) than Allen + his pass catchers. 

In their Divisional Playoffs matchup last year, Mahomes threw for 292 yards, 4 TD on 29 of 43 passing. His top option that game, was Tyreek Hill, who saw 13 targets for 150 yards and 1 TD. Travis Kelce was next in line with 9 targets, 96 yards and 1 TD. With Hill gone to Miami I’ll be leaning on Mahomes + Kelce heavily here in this matchup. If the Chiefs are going to score 30+ points, I can’t see how they get that done without these two guys leading the way. 

Group Example in Fantasy Cruncher

This group assumes we are locking Mahomes+Kelce and forcing at least 1 Bills player, but, no more than 2 Bills players on the bring back. 

I like the idea of playing 4 or 5 players on the same lineup from this game because I feel like this is the safest game environment on the slate. You could easily make Josh Allen groups for this game as well. They will likely be higher owned than Mahomes groups, but most likely will have just as much upside

In Week 9 of 2021 I used a SEA+TB 3+1 Stack along with 2 secondary stacks, Bell+Williams from the NYJ-MIA game, and a very common RB+DEF stack with CMC and Carolina Defense to round out the lineup.

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Ravens @ Giants

The game above between the Bills and Chiefs will take up around 25% of the QB Ownership on this slate. Naturally, that is going to make a player like Lamar Jackson very low owned. Lamar’s rushing ability gives him access to one of the highest QB Ceilings week in and week out, and, because of that rushing ability we really don’t need to force any of his pass catchers with him. 

For the sake of this article, I’ll for Mark Andrews into my Lamar Jackson builds, because, he seems like the clear #1 option when the Ravens decide to throw the ball. If you would like to get an even more unique roster construction, add Devin Duvernay to your Lamar + Andrews stacks. With Bateman ruled out, Duvernay should see some more action in this one.

Bring it back?

The obvious bring back on the Giants side of the ball is Saquon Barkely. If we’re expecting Lamar to have one of his 40 point ceiling games, the hope is, the Giants are at least “trying” to do something to keep pace. The only way they can “do something” realistically is to feed Saquon on the ground, and utilize him heavily in the passing game. 

Before we continue, I have one question for you…
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Within the NFL Study Hub you will see this week’s NFL Projections for every player.

Ownership Projections are included, along with a letter grade ranting system for every player on the slate

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Bucs @ Steelers

The real concern here is the chance of a blowout vs the Steelers as we all saw what the Bills did to them last week. That being said, in that game, Josh Allen put up 39.16 DK points, on his way to 424 pass yards and 4 touchdowns. Do I expect that type of production from Brady and the Bucs in this one? Not exactly, however, I don’t think 3 touchdowns and 300 pass yards is out of the realm of possibilities here. The Steelers are dealing with several injuries on the Defensive side of the ball and they will be missing 3 cornerbacks and at least 2 other key defensive players in this game. 

If we’re targeting Brady and we’re expecting the Bucs to put close to 30 points on the board, we better include at least one of his main pass catchers, Mike Evans or Chris Godwin in the stacks. These two are the clear top two options for Brady in this offense, so you can safely play one or both of them in a big game stack. 

If you want to get sneaky, take a look at TE Cade Otton, who saw 7 targets last week, and caught 6 of them for 43 yards.

Bring it back?

The Steelers offense is pretty terrible, but, the good news is it’s very concentrated. Meaning, we know where the ball is going for the most part. WR Dionte Johnson and WR George Pickens are great bring back targets here. Again, if we’re planning on the Bucs scoring close to 30 points, we have to expect the Steelers to at least try to keep pace. If they are somehow able to keep pace, these guys will be a big reason why

That’s all I’ve got for today 🤟❤💯

Thank you for checking out the article, I hope I was able to provide you with some value as you begin to build your NFL DFS lineups for this weekend’s contests. Be sure to hit me up in Discord if you have questions. If you would prefer to reach out to me on Twitter @CeeGeeDFS that works too 🤟

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