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NFL Week 7 GPP Picks for FanDuel


It’s time to break down Week 7 GPP picks for FanDuel. I’m going to give a couple of plays of each position while trying to build lineups that correlate very well. This means at a minimum we’ll want to have a quarterback and pass-catcher from the same team and at least one player from their opponent. Six out of seven Milly Maker winning lineups this season have featured a quarterback with two players from his team and one opponent. Keep that in mind as you build your teams this weekend.

I’ll be using trends from our Milly Maker Report series and stats from our NFL Study Hub as I try to fit the puzzle pieces together for life-changing money. Let’s go!

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Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan and the Falcons are the #1 team in our NFL Study Hub Stack rankings. Atlanta and Detroit have a game total of 55 points, and the Falcons have a team total of 29.5. The Milly Maker Report showed us that over 75% of Milly winning quarterbacks came from games with the five highest point totals on the slate. Atlanta/Detroit has the second highest game total on the slate so stack them up.

Aaron Rodgers

Danica Patrick’s ex-boyfriend threw out a disaster of a performance (5.8 fantasy points) last week against Tompa Brady and the Bucs defense. I’m looking for A-A-Ron to bounce back in a big way against the Texans defense. The Green Bay/Houston game has the highest total on the slate at 57 so this is a pretty good starting point as you build your lineups. Also, the Packers are the second ranked team in our NFL Study Hub Stack rankings.

Running Back

Aaron Jones

I like Aaron Jones in stacks with Aaron Rodgers or as a one off in your lineups. He’s facing the league worst defense vs. running backs in the Gameflow tab of the NFL Study Hub (Derrick Henry running all over Houston might ring a bell) and he’s a receiving threat. Jones is the third most expensive running back this week at 8.5k but, running back is a position that’s worth paying up for.

*UPDATE* Jones landed on the injury report with a “questionable” designation due to a calf injury in practice. Keep an eye on this if you plan on using him this weekend.

Kareem Hunt

If you’re looking for a cheaper running back facing a weak defense in a high total game then Kareem Hunt is the guy for you. Hunt has a 7.1k price tag, he’s facing the 21st ranked run defense, and the Browns have an implied team total of 27.5. Baker Mayfield’s ribs are banged up as well so what better way is there to take some pressure off of your quarterback than running the ball a ton?

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Wide Receiver

Davante Adams

We want to have correlation in our lineups so if you’re using Aaron Rodgers it makes too much sense to use his favorite target as well. Mix in Aaron Jones and a Brandin Cooks/Will Fuller and now you’re cooking with gas. (Confession: I don’t quite get that saying. What were we cooking with before and what if I prefer cooking with electricity?)

Kenny Golladay

Speaking of correlation: If you’re using Matt Ryan as the quarterback in your stacks then you want to run it back with a Detroit player. Marvin Jones is hit or miss (Mostly miss this season), TJ Hockenson is ok, so that really only leaves Golladay and his 13.8 fantasy points average facing off against Atlanta’s horrible pass defense.

Tight End

Austin Hooper

Earlier I mentioned that the Browns might want to run the ball a lot with Baker Mayfield having a rib injury. It doesn’t mean they’ll only run the ball. Cleveland/Cincinnati has an implied game total of 50.5, and Hooper is projected for close to seven targets in the NFL Study Hub. You’ll be sitting pretty if he converts one of his targets into a touchdown against the league’s 23rd ranked defense vs. tight ends.

*UPDATE* Hooper is out this weekend. You can pivot to his replacement David Njoku in hopes that he soaks up all of Austin’s targets. Njoku requested a trade this week so I don’t know how that affects his standing with the team and usage in the game.

Rob Gronkowski

I don’t know how much we want to trust “coach speak” but I read that the Bucs want to be less vertical in the passing game while working in the tight ends more. If last week is an indication (16.3 points for Gronk) then there could be a lot of opportunities in Rob’s future. As far as the game against the Raiders goes: Vegas is 22nd against tight ends and the implied game total is 52 points.


Washington Football Team

I don’t want to be a prisoner of the moment but, Andy Dalton looked awful on Monday night against Arizona. Dallas has a ton of weapons so I’m not saying the WFT will shutdown the Cowboys. A few sacks, an interception or two, and Zeke dropping the ball a few times are all in play. This makes Washington a solid play for me.

Las Vegas Raiders

A couple of weeks ago the Raiders gave Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs all kinds of problems. I can see a similar game playing out between Tampa and Vegas. And like the Washington Football Team, we’re not looking for the Raiders to pitch a shutout. A pick six and a few sacks might be just enough to get you over the top.

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