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NFL Wildcard Weekend FanDuel Strategy Guide


It’s time for the Team Rise or Fall NFL Wildcard Weekend FanDuel Strategy Guide! We made it through the entire season even with coronavirus and just a crazy, crazy world these days. Props to the NFL for pulling it off and props to all of us for sticking it out.

There’s games on Saturday and Sunday this weekend so I’ll breakdown my approach to each day, not the entire weekend. I’m listing a few guys I like for cash games and for tournaments.

Please keep in mind for cash games (Double ups, 50/50s, and Head-to-Heads) I’m looking to beat 40%-50% of the field. That means I’m targeting players with a solid floor and extreme value. I want running backs with a lot of rushes+receptions and pass catchers that will get a lot of targets. I need guys to have the ball in their hands a lot.

When it comes to GPPs (tournaments), I like stacking a quarterback with a pass-catching teammate or two and sometimes adding an opposing player as well.

Before I get rolling I have to mention that our PGA Study Hub is free this weekend. That’s right. Our PGA print-fest starts with a free Study Hub. If you’re not a member of Team Rise or Fall, now would be the time.


Phillip Rivers (6.9k)

Rivers and the Indianapolis Colts take on the Buffalo Bills in a game with a 52 point implied total. Phillip is the third best value at quarterback on the slate, and should be playing catch-up with the Bills offense. The Colts only have two ways to score: Phillip Rivers throwing a touchdown or Johnathan Taylor rushing for a touchdown. I’m banking on Rivers for Saturday.

Chris Carson (7k)

Carson and the Seattle Seahawks take on the Los Angeles Rams for the third time this season. Our NFL Study Hub projects Carson for 18 opportunities (rushing + receiving combined). He’ll need to score a touchdown to really payoff, and I believe he will punch one in against the division rival Rams.


Josh Allen (9k)

Allen is pricey but should be well worth the investment. He’s had an MVP caliber season and now it’s time for him to exorcise some playoff demons. A rushing touchdown and two or three passing touchdowns are definitely in play for Allen. I’m riding the wave until I fall off.

Terry McLaurin (7.1k)

McLaurin is in a decent spot as the Washington Football Team takes on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and their 24th ranked defense against the wide receiver position. The NFL Study Hub projects Terry for nine targets so he’ll have the chances to put up points.


Quarterback: Josh Allen

Wide Receiver: Stephon Diggs

Opposing Wide Receiver: TY Hilton

Allen and Diggs will cost you a little bit of money. That’s because they’re really outstanding options on a three game slate. I don’t think TY Hilton is a must with this stack. With the three game slate I’m looking to get creative so I’m definitely using a QB-WR/TE combo while looking to mix things up with the rest of my lineup. I also like that I can take out Hilton and slide in Johnathan Taylor while looking for value in other places.

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Lamar Jackson (9.3k)

Lamar is the most expensive player on the slate and the highest overall value on the slate in our NFL Study Hub. Jackson started crushing stats to close out the season, averaging 27.9 fantasy points per game over his last four games. Like Josh Allen, Jackson has the potential to throw for multiple touchdowns while also rushing for scores.

Allen Robinson (7.2k)

Robinson comes in as the second highest value at the wide receiver position in our NFL Study Hub. He’s currently projected for nine targets in a game with the second highest implied total on Sunday. If I’m falling victim to box score watching I’d avoid Robinson, but I’m looking for him to play well as the Chicago Bears try to catch up to the New Orleans Saints on the scoreboard.


J.K. Dobbins (6.8k)

Dobbins and the Baltimore Ravens face off against the Tennessee Titans and their 19th ranked defense against running backs. Dobbins has taken over the duties as the main running back and has averaged 17.4 fantasy points per game over his last four games. I’m looking for J.K. to be a big part of the offense in a game with a 54.5 implied total.

A.J. Brown (8.4k)

If you use initials for your name I guess I like you this week in tournaments. Putting that aside, of course I like a main receiving option for a team in a game with a 54.5 implied total. Our NFL Study Hub slates Brown for nine targets, and he’s averaged 16.5 fantasy points per game over his last four games.


Quarterback: Lamar Jackson

Tight End: Mark Andrews

Opposing Wide Receiver: A.J. Brown

There’s no secret sauce or voodoo needed here. I’m targeting the game with the highest implied total on the slate. If you’ve been reading these posts from me the last few weeks you know that I’ve involved Titans games quite a bit. No reason to stop now.

Again, three game slate so we need to be creative. A backup running back or tight end here or there can make all the difference for you. So if I wanted to go all out with Lamar, Derrick Henry, Mark Andrews, and A.J. Brown, I’ll need a low priced second string guy to help me afford everyone. That same player should carry low ownership and help push me to the top if they have a decent game.

That’s all from me for now. Good luck to everyone this weekend. Let’s get this money!

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