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PGA DFS Core Picks: Canadian Open

The US Open

PGA DFS Core Picks: Canadian Open

Last week, I shared my PGA DFS lineup advice for The Memorial Tournament. I was really pleased with the overall outcome of my final lineup. All 6 of my final lineup made it past the cut and into the money. That’s all we can ask for!

Keep reading for some of my best PGA DFS core picks for the Canadian Open.

As per usual… I’ve used the Member Exclusive PGA Study Hub. If you’re curious about this exclusive member service, use my promo code KIP to receive $10 off your first month of membership. You’ll also receive a $20 voucher to Fantasy Cruncher every single month, where you can populate your PGA DFS lineup for the Canadian Open in a snap!

DFS Picks $10,000 – $12,000

Rory McIlroy ($11,900 on FD and $10,500 on DK)

I said it last week, I know, but Rory really is due for a win. With a 75% chance of making the cut in the Canadian Open and a very high 7.6% chance of winning, according to the modeling… Rory is a great pick. Unless you’re planning on going with the more expensive and slightly more popular, Justin Thomas, I’d stick with Rory this week.

Matthew Fitzpatrick ($11,300 on FD and $9,900 on DK)

Fitz stung us last week by missing the cut. But… I’ve discovered a pattern in his data. If you look at the Team Rise or Fall PGA Study Hub, you’ll see that Fitzpatrick has developed a pattern of made and missed cuts over his last 10 events. He’s made the top 15 in 7 of his last 10 showings. He’s made the top 10 in 6 of those showings and the top 5 in 3 of his last 10 showings. Those are amazing numbers! What’s happening in between? It looks like this… 3 top finishes, cut, 2 top finishes, cut, 2 top finishes, cut. I’m willing to bet he’ll have another top finish this week to start that pattern over again.

DFS Picks $8,000 – $10,000

Chris Kirk ($9,800 on FD and $9,100 on DK)

Kirk barely missed the cut in his last showing, finishing in 52nd place. Prior to that, he’s finished 15th and 5th. The data shows that he’s been increasing his Strokes Gained pretty steadily, while his putting has remained mediocre at best. What we want to look at though, is his Greens in Regulation and his Approach. This is a shorter course, so we’re not looking for bombs. We just want consistent play. Kirk has shown a slight improvement in his approach from 100-125 yards. This is good news for a shorter course. He also is currently hitting 66% of GIR.

DFS Picks $6,000 – $8,000

David Lipsky ($9,400 on FD and $7,300 on DK)

To be honest, between the wild swing in salaries on DK and FD, plus the shrinking field, it’s been difficult to find a value player that interests me. I’ve poured over the data and I’ve landed on David Lipsky. Clearly… he’s not a value on FanDuel. I don’t know that I will be able to even put together a decent FD lineup, but on DrafkKings… he’s solid. Lipsky is projected at 53% to make the cut and at 22% to make the top 20. I like those odds. In addition, he’s only missed the cut twice in his last 10 events and has had 2 top 10 finishes in the same 10 events. He’s a good putter and he’s accurate off the tee. I’ll be trying to work him in this week for the Canadian Open.

Other Players on my Radar: 

Tyrell Hatton

JJ Spaun

Rory Sabatini

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Closing Words

Please continue to follow my picks week to week, so we can grow together! You can catch my weekly blog post here and my weekly video on the Team Rise or Fall YouTube channel, every Tuesday. I hope that I helped you out a bit with these DFS core picks for the Canadian Open. See you next week!

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