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PGA DFS Picks: The US Open

The FedExCup Championship

PGA DFS Core Picks: The US Open

Last week, I shared my PGA DFS lineup advice for The Canadian Open. If you took my advice… we were winners, baby! I’ll try to stay humble, but I absolutely steamrolled my competition this past week! Let’s keep up the momentum. Keep reading for some of my best PGA DFS core picks for the US Open.

This year, the US Open is taking place in Brookline, Massachusetts, at The Country Club, one of the oldest courses in the United States. The fairways are narrow and the greens are the 2nd smallest on tour. This will require both driving accuracy and hitting those tiny greens in regulation. Here’s the thing… the wind may play a role in disrupting all of our hard work in researching the perfect lineup.

Every week, I do the bulk of my research in the Team Rise or Fall Member Exclusive PGA Study Hub. If you’re curious about this exclusive member service, use my promo code KIP to receive $10 off your first month of membership. You’ll also receive a $20 voucher to Fantasy Cruncher every single month, where you can populate your PGA DFS lineup for the US Open in a snap! Before I dive into the list of picks for the US Open, here’s a quick video of my research process this week:

DFS Picks $10,000 – $12,000

Scottie Scheffler ($12,000 on FD and $11,300 on DK)

I’m back on with Scottie this week… IF you can make it work for you. I’m finding it a hard pill to swallow at this price to play Scottie in my lineup. I have full confidence that he’ll be great, as he is in every major, but that price! Ugh! This is the US Open, so we have to bring our A-game. It’s just going to be difficult on either platform to have a solid build that features Scottie Scheffler. I’d love to see your lineup if you manage to work him in!

Xander Schauffle ($11,100 on FD and $9,600 on DK)

Schauffle is rarely on my radar, but he is this week. With an accuracy of 63% off the tee and 69% Greens In Regulation, he’s exactly what I was looking for. Take into account his ability to scramble and save the hole 68% of the time… I won’t be sleeping on Xander this week.

DFS Picks $8,000 – $10,000

Matthew Fitzpatrick ($10,400 on FD and $8,500 on DK)

Remember the pattern in his data that I discovered last week? It was spot on. Fitzpatrick came in 10th last week and if the data pattern holds true, he’ll be in the Top 15 again this week for the US Open. Not only am I looking at the pattern… but he’s also an accurate driver and excellent at making the greens in regulation. This will be an important factor this week.

Sam Burns ($10,500 on FD and $8,300 on DK)

Sam Burns has played very well the last 3 weeks. He’s fairly accurate off the tee, hit with accuracy 59% of the time. Despite this, he’s hitting Greens in Regulation 70% of the time. He’s a good scrambler, but not so great out of the sand. I expect good things from Sam Burns this week though.

DFS Picks $7,000 – $9,000

Sungjae Im ($9,800 on FD and $7,600 on DK)

SungBAE ❤️ Has been playing well, only missing 2 cuts in his last 10 showings. He’s been in the top 20 (21st) in 7 of those 10 showings. What I love most about Im is that he has a complete set of tools in his tool bag. What do I mean by that? His driving accuracy is over 65% and he’s reaching the Greens in Regulation 70% of the time. Not only that… but he’s a fantastic scrambler, saving the hole 69% of the time (from the sand 59%).  Lastly, he’s consistently gained strokes in all categories and has shown positive growth in his bogey avoidance. I’m high on Sungjae Im this week, if you can’t tell. 🙂

Other Players on my Radar:

Shane Lowry

Corey Conners

Mito Pereira

Russell Henley

Tom Hoge

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Closing Words

Please continue to follow my picks week to week, so we can grow together! You can catch my weekly blog post here and my weekly video on the Team Rise or Fall YouTube channel, every Tuesday. I hope that I helped you out a bit with these DFS core picks for the US Open. See you next week!

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