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Preseason All-Pro Bottom of the Barrel Miami Dolphins

Preseason All-Pro Bottom of the Barrel NFL DFS New England Patriots

Preseason All-Pro Bottom of the Barrel Miami Dolphins

Preseason All-Pro Bottom of the Barrel
Chris Robin @DetroitBeastie

I’ve decided to go ahead and put together a list of players from each professional football team that could have some big weeks during the season at a low cost! So, in a way, I’m using my crystal ball to look ahead into the season, and these are the players I’ve come up with. I have gone over all 32 NFL teams with a fine-toothed comb for this one! I also took it upon myself to look at each roster and schedule!

Admittedly, this is a weird idea, but it is also fun. Given the fact that it’s the summer and we do not know a thing about each roster, I find this idea terrific! Truth be told, I have spent a few weeks going through each team and their schedule. After a few notes and ideas, I came to one conclusion. All we have are the past experiences of these individual players. For example, can we trust Rashaad Penny to stay healthy? Probably not, so let’s study Ken Walker III. The same goes for Arizona Cardinals running back James Connor. So, let’s dig into Darrel Williams. I am sure you see my point in all this.

This is not some groundbreaking article or profound idea, but daily fantasy sports have become a massive part of our regular everyday lives. I love the idea of publishing this now in July and then being able to refer to it throughout the 2022 NFL season. Most of what we do with DFS is based on experience, gut calls, and quick decisions. So, let’s get started on it all a little early!

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Just know I am trying to go through the entire season, right now, and the price tags of each player mentioned in this article. During each week one guy will become a beautiful value! I’m trying to predict that all now, in August! Let’s have some fun!

I am ready if you are! Let’s go through each division in order followed by each specific team! Grab a pen and a piece of paper. This should be fun!



Miami Dolphins TE – Mike Gesicki

Preseason All-Pro Bottom of the Barrel Miami Dolphins

The Fins gave Mike the franchise tag for 2022 and he will be back for his fifth season in Miami. Gesicki had a nice year in 2021 as he posted career-high marks in targets, receptions, and yardage! Yet here we are, and Gesicki still has no respect for his name. This is fine given the fact that his weekly DFS salary will remain low. The reason folks may fade him most weeks could be the four end zone targets (24th at TE) and two TDs (34th) in 2021. Gesicki has more competition for targets this season with Tyreek Hill now a Dolphin, but a dip in targets is not the worst thing given more chances to score in an up-and-coming offense.

Miami Dolphins RB – Raheem Mostert

Preseason All-Pro Bottom of the Barrel Miami Dolphins

Fun fact did you know Mostert’s career 5.7 YPC is tops in NFL history among all backs with 200-plus carries? I did not! That aside Raheem is now in Miami and boy oh boy do they have a crowded RB room! Chase Edmonds, Sony Michel, and Myles Gaskin assuming he’s not cut. So, why on earth should we bother? Look, in no way am I expecting a 200+ carry season from Mostert. He could be active and inactive and active and inactive, but that idea is what DFS is built on. The weeks Raheem Mostert is active he should command our attention. This newly minted Dolphin offense should be fast and effective. Plus, Mostert’s price tag will rarely be an issue. Just saying it now, Raheem Mostert will have at least one monster week this season. Stick with me and we will find it together!

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That is it! Did I miss a specific Buffalo Bill? Let me know!

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