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Rise or Fall: State of the Union

This is the first Rise or Fall State of the Union. Well, potentially the second or even third. I am too tired to remember anything past this morning. I also don’t know if it’s morning so truly this might be a bloody mess of an article.

We have some changes coming to our content, the delivery of said content, Discord, Tiers, and coaching. I’ll use headers for each category so you know what I am talking about even though I am not sure what I am typing anymore. Let’s begin. But first, where am I?

New Coaches

We have two professional coaches coming in to join us! Our friend CeeGee is now our Content Director here at Rise or Fall! He will also be producing content for a special new tier and coaching those members with his expertise at all things DFS, including MME. He’s a great person, he’s the jack of all trades in this industry, and a good friend.

Our next coach is someone who has multiple $100,000 plus victories in 2020 alone. He’s a heavy-hitter in the industry, and yet, he’s humble and kind. He fits right in with the Rise or Fall family. FantasyGuruDrew has been coaching people in a Twitter thread for ages and finally decided to take his kindness and talents to South Beach Rise or Fall.

New Tier

The Ronin Tier is going to be our newest offering. It’s truly for the DFS players that play many different sports and love the GPP life.

Next-level sheets, tools, analysis, coaching

In this tier, you get access to both Drew and CeeGee in a private Discord channel. They will then provide the following in said channel:

  • CeeGee’s Study Hub (specialized sheets and research center)
  • Tiered Rankings
  • Lineup Building Blocks
  • Proprietary Riser Ratings System
  • Coaching and Analysis from both Pros
  • All Sheets and Content from the lower Tiers and includes Fantasy Football access

It will be $29.99 per month and you will be charged the day you sign up and then on the 1st of every month. Click here if you’re ready to rock!

Content Changes and Additions

We are adding plenty of value to our cheat sheets and projections. As we increase our staff, we increase our time we have to put into making everything better as the responsibilities get spread out a bit.

  • We now have EPL projections
  • We now have Bundesliga projections
  • We now have MMA projections
  • We now have KBO projections
  • We now have ownership projections for almost all sports
  • We have finished MLB, NBA, NHL, and NFL projection models!
  • We are adding filters to as many sheets as we can
  • We are going to make as many sheets as we can look like the NASCAR, LoL, and PGA sheet formats
  • We are covering all sports with sheets, projections, coaching, and a myriad of different content pieces

Discord Changes

With all of these additions, we are making a minor tweak or two with the content delivery and this includes Discord.

Each Tier is separated in Discord into their own category. One channel for chatting (example #legends-pga) and one for content sheets and links (example #legends-pga-links

ROF Patreon

Rise or Fall Family

The best part about what we are all building together is community. To me, without our friendships and conversations about DFS, life, and all things in between – none of this would be worth it.

I am so thankful for your support. Your ability to help one another, support me in my dream of making this my career, and the fun factor that you all bring to Discord has been nothing short of special.

This community, you and me, we are family.

Together, We Rise or Fall
Mitch (DFS n’ Donuts)


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  1. Sean Higgs June 29, 2020

    & you change the game yet again!!! SIC content ever one can afford. God bless you sir & THANK YOU!!!


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