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Will The Toddfather Dominate RMS Classic PGA DFS Lineups?

RMS Classic PGA DFS Lineup

Brendon Todd. The Toddfather. Does he have what it takes to win the RMS Classic? The data points to “yes”. Our Team Rise or Fall StudyHub supports the theory and my favorite course fit tool does too. Will he be in your RMS Classic PGA DFS lineup this week? He’ll be in mine.

My goal isn’t to build your lineup for you, it’s to guide you by using my experience as a sports bettor and the membership tools available at Team Rise or Fall. With that being said… here are this week’s RMS Classic PGA DFS lineup picks (after a word from our sponsor). 

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RMS Classic PGA DFS Lineup Picks

Brendon Todd

  • DraftKings $8.0 (10% Rostership)
  • FanDuel $9.9 (8% Rostership)

“He’s not a bomber.”, you say. Correct and that’s ok. This week’s course, Sea Island Golf Club, doesn’t require our top performers to hit the long ball. It requires accuracy off the tee, an approach game, and some skill around the green. Brendon Todd has all of those things and actually leads in many of those areas. Not only that- he’s pretty great at 3-putt avoidance. I’m going to put the priority on accuracy in my picks this week. The Toddfather is one of the most accurate drivers in the field. And while he is a little pricier than I’d like on FanDuel and has been rostered a bit more than I’d like on DraftKings… I’m still in. 

Matt Kuchar

  • DraftKings $8.9
  • FanDuel $9.9

I know what you’re going to say. I’m biased. I have a thing for Matty Kuch, Mr. Kind Eyes. It’s true. I do. But that doesn’t mean that he isn’t right for this course. He doesn’t hit bombs, which is fine for this course. He’s accurate AF, has a better-than-average approach, he’s stellar around the green, and the guy has been putting. Here’s the bad news. He’s pricier than I’d like to see on both platforms, but I personally will pay it. Looks like I’m not alone either, around 12% of DFS players will be in on Kuch this week too. We’ll need to find somewhere else to differentiate ourselves. 

Justin Rose

  • DraftKings $8.2
  • FanDuel $9.6

Here’s a perfectly safe, perfectly average player, with a healthy dose of successful(ish) event history. Justin Rose is accurate off the tee more often than not, he’s got a better-than-average approach game, and he’s pretty great around the green. Overall, he’s pretty vanilla, but sometimes that’s all we need. Rostership is fairly low at around 7%. Probably because he’s again, a little pricier than we’d like to see for a player who’s not been in the spotlight very much lately. Personally, I’m not sold on Rosey. He just doesn’t excite me. That being said, on paper, he looks solid this week.

Will Gordon

  • DraftKings $7.7
  • FanDuel $10.2

Super crazy salary disparity alert! You know I love these… Will Gordon is just $7.7K on DraftKings and a whopping $10.2 on FanDuel. You’ll find rostership to be hovering under 7% on both platforms as of the time of this publication. What do our friends at FanDuel know that DraftKings is willing to practically give him away for? I can’t resist, so I’ll be putting Will Gordon in on DraftKings as one of my RMS Classic PGA DFS lineup picks. (That was some fancy SEO work, huh?) Mr. Gordon has made 6 of his last 10 cuts, he’s accurate off the tee and averages over 300yrds (not necessary), plus he’s fantastic around the green. His approach though. Meh. I’m willing to risk it. At least in one DK lineup. 

Other Players to Consider

  • JJ Spaun
  • Russell Knox
  • Greyson Sigg
  • Kevin Kisner
  • Sean O’Hair

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